Mirvaso - or How to Make a Small Problem Much Much Worse. London, England

Hi I tried Mirvaso for mild rosacea. Nothing...

I tried Mirvaso for mild rosacea. Nothing happened for about 24 hours, after which my face felt completely on fire and was really red in the areas I had applied the cream. My mild condition had become something much worse, with bad flushing, and an appearance of all the things you'd use this treatment to fix, which were not there before. The following 12 days were filled with anxiety and sleepless nights over what I had done to myself. It is nearly two weeks later now and things have calmed back down again mostly, though I am unsure yet of any longer lasting effects.

My skin type is very pale - this may be a part of it.

Do yourself a favour! Be VERY VERY careful with this stuff. Better still - don't risk it. I'm amazed it got NHS approval.
I was told to use mirvaso and eildel together by a dermo who I just went to, which I think has a similar and somewhat positive effect. The results are "meh" so far, but my skin is clearer and I think it's taking effect. I found it felt a little hot/burning using it as well so I use it very sparingly, like barely enough to spread across your face with a little cream and I think it is starting to work (it's been a few weeks). Using just a small dollop with some cream I'd say is the way to go. In sync with the organic cream from Irvine Cali sounds compelling and think I might try that, and again - very sparingly. I have mild redness, and have found that these small doses can go a long way. Less is more and keeping your face clean in the process I think will see eventual results.
Welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

After the side effects had calmed down, did it make any positive differences to your rosacea?
Nothing positive at all. I have an uncomfortable feeling that my face is redder than before. I am not fully certain that the side effects have completely gone.
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