cast off!! very swollen!

I've hated the way my nose has looked since the...

I've hated the way my nose has looked since the age of about 9 or 10. I hate people looking and me from the side and I feel like it's made me socially awkward throughout my teen years! I had my first consultation with my surgeon back in July. He is a well known surgeon in the u.k so I feel confident with him. I've arranged for my surgery to be on 12th December. I will have my 2nd consultation next month, but I'm extremely scared about the blood tests you have to get before the surgery, the general anesthesia and just generally being in a hospital. I always start to panic and feel faint when I think about a needle or if i'm in a hospital. I'm also scared about throwing up blood after waking up. Is there anything I can do to calm my nerves?

I'm starting to feel pretty excited for my surger...

I'm starting to feel pretty excited for my surger but I'm just still scared about those blood tests and the IV needle! Any suggestions on how I can calm my nerves?

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't throw up after my rhinoplasty. You might want to ask your surgeon about anti-nausea pills to prevent this. While you're at it, you can also ask for anti-anxiety meds for just before surgery. Just keep your eyes on the prize and remember this will all be worth it. You might also want to check out this list of supplies to get for your recovery.

Thanks for the comment! Yes, I will definitely ask about the anti-nausea pills and anti-anxiety meds! As the date is getting closer, this whole experience seems so surreal now, and it's quite scary! But like you said, it'll be worth it in the end!

The surgery still just doesn't seem real and it's...

The surgery still just doesn't seem real and it's only 2 months away!! I feel like I will chicken out at the last minute, but I know if I do, I'll regret it! I want to do it now. I can't live with my nose any longer! Has anyone got any advice on how to relax on the lead up to the big day?
Opps, I accidently put my updated review in the comments! Please ignore :)
The surgery still just doesn't seem real and it's only 2 months away!! I feel like I will chicken out at the last minute, but I know if I do, I'll regret it! I want to do it now. I can't live with my nose any longer! Has anyone got any advice on how to relax on the lead up to the big day?

So I forgot to write the date of my 2nd...

So I forgot to write the date of my 2nd consultation last time! It's Tuesday 6th November! This surgery is getting very close!!! Just under 2 months now. I do have a fear that I'm going to faint at some point in the procedure and I don't know how to deal with the faint feeling. Does anyone have any advice? Did you faint when you had the surgery?
I am getting excited now though, I just want it over an done with!

So it will be month soon until my surgery!! I'm...

So it will be month soon until my surgery!! I'm excited but it's just NOT sinking in that I will actually be having a rhinoplasty and now I'm worrying about the recovery. However my second consoltation is on Tuesday 6th, so hopefully it'll ease the anxiety.

I had my second consultation last Tuesday (6th...

I had my second consultation last Tuesday (6th Nov) and it went okay. Although it was a bit rushed and lasted only for about 20 minutes, I got to see the digital edit on the computer software again, I received a list of tablets and pill to take before and about an MRSA test and the dreaded blood tests! I'm not allowed Garlic 2 weeks before!!!! Never heard of this before!
The digital edited photo's were great. My nose will not be to small, but in proportion with my face, the bump will be removed and the bulbous nostril on the right side will be flat and the same as the left side, which is completely normal. I will try and get those digital editied photo's sent so I can upload them onto here!
I've been reading plenty of other people's experiences of their rhinoplasty's and I'm a little calmer, however, I have asked for Vailum to calm me down, which I will take the night before and the morning of surgery. As well as this, the surgeon said I can have gas, as I am only 17 and extremely frightened of hospitals and needles. Has anybody had Valium or gas before their rhinoplasty? I would love to hear your experiences!
This whole experience seems soo soooo so surreal and It's only literally a month away! I don't think I'm mentally prepared yet! :/

I have just uploaded some photos of my current...

I have just uploaded some photos of my current nose, but being as stupid as I am, I've uploaded the same photo 5 times!! haha.
I will upload the other photo's now :) I hope it works.
I'm writing this to you because you said you felt socially awkward. I understand. I lived that way for a very long time. I'm 52, and my son will probably have surgery to get his ears pinned back when he's old enough. My advice to him, and to you, is that you want to live your best life. If there's a part of your body that you don't like, and you can change it through a common medical procedure... then you should go for it. The cost of being self-concious about yourself for years or decades is a very high price to pay (emotionally, psychologically, and socially). If you have chosen a surgeon you are comfortable with, and have seen his/her before & after pics, and have clearly said/shown what you are looking for, then you should just relax now. You've done everything you need to do. BUT make sure you have done all that before choosing a surgeon... You don't want to be a surgeon's first nose job, you want someone who's fixed lots of noses, just like yours! Hospitals look intimidating because they're sterile (which is good because they're clean), and anesthesia sounds scary, but it makes things possible without pain, like dental work and births of babies. It is very common. If is a new experience for you, then of course you will be anxious, but remember that anesthesiologists ARE medical doctors, and he/she will stay with you the whole time. So you will be in a hospital room with two doctors. That's a safe place to be.
Thank you for your kind words. It really makes me feel a lot more relaxed about the surgery now, especially about the general anesthesia! The surgeon I have chosen is possibly the best nose surgeon in the U.K. so I have faith in him. The review's I've read of his rhinoplasty's are all positive which is a very good sign. :)

Omg... it's 1 MONTH TODAY!!!! :O I'm starting to...

Omg... it's 1 MONTH TODAY!!!! :O I'm starting to get really excited but at the same time I'm still really really really really scared! It just does not seem like it's real! But if I don't chicken out, I know I'll be pround of myself afterwards. I just want it over and done with now :)
Did anyone else feel exactly like this before their surgery? It would be great to hear some similar experiences! might help calm my nerves!
Keep busy. Maybe plan a new haircut to show off your new look? Perhaps spend time outdoors - look for one beautiful thing in nature each day to help you celebrate "beauty", leading up to your own. If you live in the city, you could visit places that are beautiful and inspiring to you personally - florists, ribbon shops, museums, shoe stores? Who knows? But if you have a daily goal, such as spotting something beautiful, then each day is a new adventure. That might help you keep your mind off your surgery! Also, as I said before, the birth of every human on this planet involved pain, blood, doctors or midwives... ask any mother (or maybe you are one?)... the pain is instantly forgotten the moment the baby is born. It will be the same with your surgery. Focus on the outcome, not the getting there.
That's excellent advice!

Blood and MRSA tests are booked for a week...

Blood and MRSA tests are booked for a week tomorrow - Wednesday 21st November. I'm so scared! I also got my edited before and after photo's sent, so it's made me quite excited now! I'm also kind of looking forward to taking valium.. I heard it really relaxes you, which should be good for me!
Next time I'll update will be after the blood tests.
Wish me luck :)

Yesterday I got the Valium tablets, and I'm...

Yesterday I got the Valium tablets, and I'm actually kind of looking forward to taking them hahah. I need to get the Bromelain and Arnica next week which should be easy to get.
Just one concern is eating the night before surgery. What would be some good things to eat the day before to fill me up and to prevent nausea?
Am I allowed water to take with the Valium tablets with the morning of surgery?
If you have Valium before surgery, what did you feel like, did you have worries at all? And what time did you take them the night before and day of surgery?

Had the blood tests today which went well! I was...

Had the blood tests today which went well! I was pretty calm and didn't feel faint at all!... very proud of myself :D
I also went to the hospital where the surgery will take place and it was like a hotel.. pretty nice! Feel a bit calmer about the surgery now after people telling me I'll be fine but i'm still a bit nervous about the G.A. :(. Now it's just the wait for the big day. I just want it over with and to carry on life with a nicer nose! :)

2 WEEKS TODAY!! :O omg!!! so close. I have to...

2 WEEKS TODAY!! :O omg!!! so close.
I have to start taking my bromelain and vitamin c tablets today! It's all becoming reality. I just want it to be over now so I can carry on with life happy and confident. (I hope)
Still quite scared though, mainly because of the fact I might not wake up or it'll go wrong or I might miss my old nose or the new tip of the new nose might turn up and that people will notice!

OOOooh it's SOOOO close... in 48 hours i'll have a...

OOOooh it's SOOOO close... in 48 hours i'll have a new nose!
The anticipation is killing me, i'm extremely nervous and scared, but excited at the same time. Strange feeling.
I just need reassurance that everything will be alright and GA isn't as bad as you think. I really don't want to chicken out, and i'll regret it so much if I do. I have to keep saying to myself i can't :(
Wish me LOTS of luck! :)

I hope the Valium works too!!

I hope the Valium works too!!

So tomorrow is the big day. Everything has become...

So tomorrow is the big day. Everything has become so real, and i've been pretty calm up until now. I can't wait to take that valium, I just hope it works. I just want to get it over with now, but the nerves are kicking in big time. Every other persons experience i've read has been very positive, so I'm praying to god that mine will be too!!
Does anyone have any last minute advice? I'd appreciate it. Wish me luck! :)
Good luck from California!
Thank you very much! It went well :)
Hey Girl!! Our surgery is on the same day!! I'm so scared! but I know everything will go ok. Good luck and take deep breaths:) I'll be praying for you!!

Everything is done. I was pretty scared this...

Everything is done. I was pretty scared this morning going down to surgery! I took 2 valium tablets last night, but they didn't really do much. I took one this morning, it made me feel sick. I got to the hospital at about 8:30am and went to the OR about 9:15 or something. I was extremely nervous. I had the choice between gas or a needle GA and chose needle because apparently it was quicker. The needle didn't hurt .. I was just scared of being 'shut down'. I was out within 2 seconds! When I woke up, I was in the recovery room and it honestly just felt like I'd woken up from a deep sleep. No pain, just a bit tired.
I stayed there for about 30 minutes and went back to my room. Felt a bit tired, and had a bit of nausea. The nurse gave me something through the IV and I felt better within about 30 minutes, although this made me really tired. Apart from that, I haven't been tired at all/ I drank a lot of water too, which helped because it made me need the toilet which got the GA out of my system. I have a bit of a sore throat but it's not awful - yet.
I'm just praying that the rest of the recovery is easy and smooth. I don't want to feel nauseous again, it's a horrible feeling. Eating is pretty tough so far, could only really eat soup. I'm hoping this will get better.
Swelling isn't too bad so far. I've got a a blacky/purple bruise under my left eye. I feel very conjested and stuffy and swallowing isn't good as it makes me sort of blow my nose.
Another thing I'm quite worried about is that my surgeon said my nose was difficult. He said it could possibly cave in where he removed the cartilige on the right side when I'm older.
To anybody who's thinking about rhinoplasty or going to have it, it isn't really as bad as you think. The GA wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The nausea isn't so nice after, but I guess not everyone has that. But i'm only 17 and terrified of needles, so if I can do it, so can you! :D

Feeling very tired now, but can't sleep at all! I...

Feeling very tired now, but can't sleep at all! I keep waking up every 5 minutes having mini panic attacks because I can't breathe through my nose I also felt myself leaning back at one point.
Did anyone else experience this?
A huge round of applause & congrstulations on making it through. The worst is over and all that's needed now is rest and time to heal. All the best recovering. Remember to breathe deeply and think happy thoughts to help stay calm.
thank you very much, I will try to breathe deeply and stay calm :)

Have to say, the first night was not fun at all....

Have to say, the first night was not fun at all. Waking up every 10 minutes gasping for some water!! I hate not being able to breathe through my nose but I've got to live with it now.
I really don't want to take the gauze off either because of the bloody side nostrils. Ahhhh, it's digusting.
How long does it typically take to gradually start breathing through your nose again?
Will try and upload photo's soon...
I had the same problem. I could not leave my bedroom because I was either drinking every 5 minutes or going to the bathroom because of drinking so much. I went through two 24 pack water bottle cases in less than three days. Not kidding. I think it took about 4 days to start somewhat breathing through my nose and not drink as much. However it all depends on whats in your nose right now. I didn't have any stuffing or splints in my nose but the cast was so tight that I could not fully breath. When the cast came off is when is when I was able to breath better. Hang in there it will take a little time to get back to normal. I say two weeks and you will feel way better. Make sure to post your photos and keep us posted. Congrats on going through with this.
Ah okay! Hopefully be breathing will get better because they took the splints out just after surgery 2 days ago.. and luckily I have dissovable stitches in. Did your nose get sore around the nostrils at all?
Yes it did and it still is 5 weeks later but not as much anymore and not all the time like it was in the beginning. I had stitches that had to come off when the cast came off and I had dissolvable once too. Just hang in there it will take time. I am still very impatient about my results. Some days I love my nose and others I find things wrong with it and ask my doctor questions via email. With this surgery you have to have a lot of patience which I do not have. :( My doctor said to me that 6 weeks is when a lot of swelling comes off which I can see now being 5 weeks. It is getting better for sure but my tip is still swollen. They can later inject your nose with steroid to help the swelling to go down but the surgeons don't like doing that before 8-12 weeks and some even 3-6 months. So no worries what you have is very normal its just people are different and respond to things in a different way. You and I seem to have similar issues. Also I could not eat for almost 4 days as it hurt for me to even chew and I had no appetite at all. All I wanted to do is drink water.

2 day post op wasn't so nice. I felt a lot of...

2 day post op wasn't so nice. I felt a lot of pressure around my nose and it was sore. I took the maximum amount of pain killers allowed and threw up. It was horrible. It made my nose feel a bit funny inside. The another annoying thing is that my nose sometimes gets trapped air in it. Sometimes I can breathe through it and sometimes I can't. It's also becoming itchy too :(
Ahhhh I just want this cast off on tuesday!!

Today I've felt much better! Sleeping hasn't...

Today I've felt much better! Sleeping hasn't actually been a problem, however my lower back/bum extremely hurts and gets so stiff and achy. I keep having to go on little walks around the house.
I'm just wondering when I will get my sense of taste and smell back? Is it when the cast comes off?
I can't wait to eat properly again! I love my food haha
Also, when the cast came off, were you able to chew properly again? Or was it still a bit numb?
1 more day until the cast comes off :) yay
Haha you are asking the same questions I was thinking while having these problems but never posted anything and tried to keep things private. They are very good questions! Ok eating properly; probably not for a good two weeks and after the cast removal. However you will have a stiff upper lip for about 6 weeks, less or more depends on what was done to your nose and if its open or closed surgery. Smell and breathing will not start until after cast removal and following maybe a week or less depends on how well your surgeon cleans you out and how much you get stuffed up but once your cast is off you should start smelling things lightly and it gets better as time goes on. Sense of taste, I am not sure it should be probably within a week. I don't think I lost that all together I was just not hungry and could not eat anything but soup for several weeks. I could not even chew a small sandwich, which was pretty sad. Remember time is on your side and that is what you are going to need in order to get through this. Six weeks is what all surgeons say is the biggest hurdle to get through. I am going to be 6 weeks this coming Wednesday and I have to say that I can finally smile and laugh without feeling like my nose is going to come off of my face while I do that and my tip is starting to feel soft and less stiff. The tip however is still swollen and I still wakeup everything morning with my nose swollen and by mid day its better and one sides swells up more the other. Its frustrating but I keep reminding myself that I am still less than 6 weeks post-op and I need to give more time. I am visiting my surgeon next Friday right before Christmas and hoping he can tell me what I am seeing on my nose is either swelling or can be fixed without a revision. I have not posted anything about my surgery other than the fact that I was doing it but I will at some point. So keep in mind swelling is never even on your nose so things may look a little off or a lot after cast removal that is normal. Also you may look like an avatar to yourself once the cast is removed and that is normal. That look does go away but it did freak me out. It took about two weeks to have that looking better but the swelling will be pretty persistent. However you and your doc are the only once that will tell how swollen your nose is but others are not going to be able to tell unless your nose changed by a lot. So don't freak out and good luck. Your cast should be off within 5-10 days depends on your surgeon decision.
Thank you so so much for a detailed reply. It's so great to know other people have had pretty much the same experience! I get my cast off in 2 days (tuesday) so I can't wait to get my smell back but i've come to terms with the fact it will be extremley swollen for a couple of weeks! I don't think i'll be too bothered about that, well I hope so. It'd be great to see some photos of your new nose. I will try and post pictures later this week :)
You are very welcome. I wish I did the same as you and asked questions instead I was freaking out and calling/emailing my doctor and his PA. I am sure they think I am the most annoying patient. ;) I will post my picture after I see my doctor this coming Friday. I need to get an idea about some of the imperfections that I am seeing. My situation is a little different my nose was broken in March of this year so the surgery was to fix it and modify a little. I love love my profile its the best I have ever had almost perfect to me. However I am not too happy with the front view of my nose. I am still seeing something that were there before and I am not sure if that's the allusion from before or what. But over all my nose is better than it was before I am just perfectionist and kind of want things perfect especially when I had to pay this kind of money out of my own pocket. ;) Once I know for sure I will post pictures and my update. Hang in there you will feel a lot better after the cast is removed and even more so in two weeks. :)

Thank god the cast is off! It was such a drag. The...

Thank god the cast is off! It was such a drag. The last 2 days it started to itch where the stitches were which was extremely annoying.
Having the cast off was not a plesant experience. It felt as if my nose was being torn off my face. OUCH! The stitches also hurt but not as much as I thought they would. When the nurse cleaned the inside it hurt a bit too. Not all the gunk inside of my nose has gone because it's mostly dried blood and swelling so I can't breathe properly yet. I can smell a little bit and taste a bit too. A little better than it was.
When the cast came off, I looked into the mirror and my nose looked smaller. It looked very swollen, but it was smaller and neater. I don't look much different to how I was before, I just have a neater looking nose, which is what I wanted. But who knows, the swelling will go down and it might look a lot different. But it's nice.
I still can't move my upper lip, but managed to eat a sandwich which was nice because I've missed eating my favourite foods :)
Personally, I think the worst part of the whole experience is the anticipation before hand and the week with the cast on.
I will upload some pictures later or in a few days!

The surgeon also said it was a very very difficult...

The surgeon also said it was a very very difficult nose to do. He's done it but i'm scared I'll need revision surgery when I'm older.
At the moment I don't know what to think about it all, it's all a bit too much to take in. It's such a strange feeling.
How are you doing? Its been awhile since you last posted. I hope things are going well.
Gosh, I hope you don't need revision surgery later on! Why do you think you might? What was the difficulty with your surgery?
I hope you are doing well. Post some pictures of your new nose. I bet its beautiful. :)
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