Wanting Bum and Breast FAT Tranfer in CIRCUMED CLINC IN MARBELLA - London, GB

I wanted surgery in london the private clinc, but...

i wanted surgery in london the private clinc, but costs are too high i want to go marbella i wondering is breast fat surgery betterthan implants
im a 36b want to be a 36 e
i hate my flat arss after two children at 25 years old
i was a 36d at 18 but became a vegan with a gym freak attidude and lost all weight from the areas....
I think results vary considerably by surgeon. Some doctors are more conservative in the amount of fat they will transfer. However if you find a surgeon that says he can take you from a b to an e run as fast as you can because either he's saying whatever you want to hear to get your money or he's going to mess your body up trying to achieve unrealistic results with the complications others have described. The consensus seems to be the most you can go up in one procedure is 1 or 2 cup sizes at most. I went up two and that was possible because of the extreme deflation of my breasts post breast feeding.
so do u think the improvement u had will last i had two kids saggy skin i was a ee i dont mind my b cup goin up to sizes have u had to go bk for top ups
I'm hopeful the results will last I'm 4 months out from surgery and still holding at a D cup without any additional surgeries.
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