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Possible Cause of Stroke and Near Death - London, England

30 hrs post-injection, had difficultly swallowing...

30 hrs post-injection, had difficultly swallowing & was talking w/ a lisp.Wasn't better the next day, so went to hospital the next day for suspected allergic reaction. A week later, went into cardiac arrest. Was on life support for 1 wk & stayed 5 wks. It was a brain stem stroke & lucky to be alive.

It has to be said that strokes can happen to anyone, of any age, and no matter their level of fitness. I am in excellent shape and intend to stay that way for as long as I can, but strokes run in my family. There are no guarantees.

It sounds like you had a TIA that randomly coincided with the belotero injection. The difficulty swallowing and lisping, which I assumed resolved, sound very much neurological in nature, not so much like an allergic reaction, and fit very well with the subsequent CVA. Neurogenic stress could (rarely) cause cardiac arrest. It really sounds like a very unfortunate situation (stroke) that coincidentally occurred after an injection. There is no mention of respiratory compromise, so it really does not sound like allergic reaction at all.

Sorry, I'm just seeing these comment SO much later than they were posted, but feel they deserve a response regardless! :/ The docs later decided it wasn't a 'allergic reaction' to the injection. Being doctors, they were hesitant to conclusively say that the injection actually caused it, simply because there's not a machine that tests for that. But they tested me for every other POSSIBLE cause of a stroke and couldn't find one, leaving them to assume it was the 'likely' cause. I would have no health history that would cause a TIA on its own - I've never smoked, I've been a vegetarian since age 19, I do yoga daily, never been overweight, basically the picture of health. It's the only cause that actually explains it. My stepdad called the company who manufactured it to ask them about it. They said it 'could' cause it, but that would be like winning the unlucky lottery of the world. :/ He also called a neurologist friend who explained to him how every part of our body, besides the skull area, filters the blood before that blood goes into the brain. So his likely explanation was that a small pocket of it didn't dissipate, got into a blood stream and then dumped into the brain w/o being filtered. The injection was in the chin and the stroke was in my brain stem, so definitely in the same plane of my head. And the fact that it was a brain stem stroke explains the problems with breathing. Hope that helps.
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I've had Juvederm/Restylane before w/o issue, so I wasn't worried when I bought a KGB deal for this. A nurse did the treatment who had solid experience. I know I had a super rare reaction but I'll never do it again. It scared the hell out of me. I'm having to delay completion of my MSc b/c my brain isn't cooperating as before. I don't know if I'll ever feel the same as before again, even though I know my stroke damage was minimal compared to others. I'm really lucky to even be walking and talking.

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