I'm 40 Years Old , with Stretch Marks that are 21 Years Old - London, England

Heard about derma roller , as I have had stretch...

Heard about derma roller , as I have had stretch marks for half my life , I decided it was time to commence battle. After using the roller semi hard , a few days later I noticed the skin became dry and started to itch , so I used almond oil to alleviate the itchiness and dryness, the wrinkles I could normally see if u wore a tight top also improved, the stretch marks was definitely changing for the better !
I'm 32 years old !! I have a lot of stretch mark almost all my body , some are old and some are new !! I want to ask how much inch I should buy the drema roller and how to use it ! Thank you
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I brought the 1.5 but I wish it was the 2mm as my stretch marks are long and deep
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