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After reading all the info on vaser lipo and the...

after reading all the info on vaser lipo and the so called minimal swelling, gentle, non evasive treatment i went ahead. apparently i was told i could go back to work the next day....not so!! i looked like id been in a bad car crash for the first few weeks and was beside myself with worry.

but.....3 months on, and im finally seeing results, im so relieved cos i thought id made a big mistake, swelling was horrendous and no signs of improvement for quite some time..yet i am only now seeing results. slowly but surely its all going into place, my crooked smile is returning to normal and my neck and chin looks so much better.

i was cursing the day i had it done...but only now am i seeing real improvement., so dont give up...bear with it and the results u expect so quickly do eventually come!! would never have had this procedure done because its taken so long and its made me depressed...only now, am i seeing a difference...3 mths later. so i guess it does a way are u going bk to work the following day, as they say...but its working now thank god!!


I agree sonnyday don't know what these lipo's are that people are dashing back to work. I had Tumescent lipo my smile is also "crooked" it is like my right lower lip is "pulled" up that is the side also with hard lumping swelling still, much less then the left. I'm really concerned by my lip what did you experience? Was it just very gradual improvement? How long did it take? Is it back to normal now? It's only been just over two weeks so I know I need to be patient but it's hard be I'm really freaked out that it will stay this way. Thanks in advance
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honestly know why yr worried...but believe me Have2stopbeing vain!!...its worked!! my smiles come back and my neck/chin area has significantly gone. it took since february to now, so dont give up hope, i never thought it'd work cos i was a mess after, but it has.
Thanks I appreciate that.. I do see results but holy cow it sure does come SLOW

A brief update on my previous comments. Well, I...

A brief update on my previous comments. Well, I had the vaserlipo done 2yrs ago this coming April....even though i went through the mill with the after effects, I have to say it was the best thing Ive done. No regrets whatsoever. So to anybody out there whose had it done, and like myself, wished at the time i hadn't....bear with it. I'd say it took at LEAST a year to settle down. You'll be pleased.

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