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HI everyone, I had a closed tip plasty with...

HI everyone,

I had a closed tip plasty with Dr Van Canneyt on May 12th 2012 and wanted to share my experience for others thinking about having work with him.

While the shape of my nose has improved the septum is still deviated which is pulling my tip over more to one side. I'm very disappointed by this as they told me they could straighten it fully without the need for an open rhinoplasty. Also one of my nostrils is higher/larger and they seem to big for my face.

The service at Elyzea is a joke. I only saw Dr Canneyt once before the operation for 5 minutes, when he introduced himself and drew two circles on my nose. You definitely get the sense that you're on a conveyor belt, They kept pressing me to leave only 20 minutes after I'd woken up from the op! I ended up being sick in the cab back to the hotel which was not the nicest experience.

I've expressed dissatisfaction with the result from the beginning and have been given an array of excuses by Dr Sue Dechamps. First she said my septum couldn't be completely straightened but that the deviation of my nose was due to swelling and not a deviated septum. The next excuse was scare tissue for which she suggested massage. Now, she's told me it's due to "skin memory" and that no matter how many operations I have it will always be uneven. This has already been discounted by several surgeons I've had consultations with and I'm very disappointed by the way she's tried to brush my concerns off.

Overall, despite the surgery making a minor difference in my appearance my experience with Elyzea has been mostly negative and I wouldn't recommend them. I rushed into surgery as I've been wanting my nose done for years and couldn't afford Harley St prices, but part of me wishes that I had at least had a few more consultations first before jumping into it. Now I have to have another operation to correct their mistakes.


I genuinely feel for your bad experiences from this surgeon, though a few things need to be clarified regarding both surgeon AND clinic which I am going to share on every message board that includes either of them. Elyzea are aware that this "Doctor" has nothing but bad feedback against his name, thus do not provide the surgeon details until you have paid the £400+ deposit, therefore making it less likely for you to back out of the procedure, on the chance you may have done a bit of internet research etc. I am unable to use specific names at this stage Sue to legal proceedings I am initiating against them, but the lady you will meet at your consultation will attempt to give the impression that she is the surgeon, I think she is even wearing a white coat (appalling), but this is to stop requests for actual surgeon details. There is no need not to give the surgeon details at the time of the consultation due to them only have this one guy operating there (previous surgeons apparently left due to unacceptable working conditions). I believed at the time of the operation that it was just myself that made the assumption that it would be her that performed it, but speaking to a couple of other separate parties it appears that they too were completely under the false impression that she would be operating. Really, this is unacceptable on every possible level. They hide behind this Belgium law about the surgeon rather than the clinic having to take responsibility, even though the money was paid to them. This is still unacceptable on a UK Trading Standards level if they are selling this business in the UK, no matter where it is being performed. I have now read about people getting REALLY f&cked up by them, even being awarded payouts by English courts, though still they refuse to even give a basic refund due to this nonsensical Belgium law. I will keep you updated with the outcome of this. No longer after a refund as such, just want them closed down (in the UK at least) to stop them doing this to anybody else. If they just did an unsatisfactory job it could be explainable, but when they only do half of what they were paid for due to their severe over scheduling/greed and leave people in utter peril, something needs to be done.
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I don't see what you don't like about it, I think it makes your face look a lot better. Your doctor seems to have a great aesthetic.
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I had a consultation with Sue Dechamps and was a bit disspoibted it wasnt the surgeon doing the consultation she told me if i go a head with the surgery my surgeon would be Dr V Canneyt, when i got home i did some reseach and couldnt find anything on this surgeon which made me look else where, i kept getting good feedback on Dr Oelbrandt so i emailed him direct and arranged the consultation with him direct, im 7 months post op now and i'm so happy with my nose and the service that i received from him & his staff. Sorry to here you had a bad experience. I dont think your nose looks that bad x
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Re: Update 1 Year Later

I just wanted to give everyone an update on my situation. I was in LA recently and decided to have consultations with several of the most experienced rhinoplasty revision specialists in the world. I found out that not only did Dr Canneyt not shape my nose in any way, but he's removed ALL of the cartilage from it which has caused it to collapse. In order to correct this problem the surgeon will have to remove cartilage from my rib as well as my ear, put it BACK in my nose and then reshape it completely. Anyone who's ever had revision work done will know that due to the higher risk factor there's a much higher fee for performing the surgery.

I was always concerned when at my follow-up appointments Sue said that they'd removed "all" of my cartilage, as it's there to keep the nose in shape and stop it from collapsing! In removing it (a lazy way of slimming my nose down perhaps?) it's causing me serious health issues which are going to cost me a hell of a lot money to have fixed!

Before having these consultations I met Sue to ask about revision, even though I would never let them touch me again. She suggested I speak with Dr (I can't believe I just wrote that) Canneyt but that he would most likely refuse to do any further work as there's nothing more that can be done to improve the shape of my nose.

I'm so upset about this as it just seems like a never ending nightmare!


Your nose may be bad but its not noticeable to me and probably many others because you have so many other beautiful feautures.
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Thanks, that's sweet of you to say. Even if I was happy with the shape I still have to have it corrected as it's slowly starting to collapse.
Thank you for sharing your story! I am sorry this has happened to you, i have heard bad things about both surgeons and actually all UK surgeons (I'm English and it has put me off surgery in this country). Even with Harley Street there has been lots of complaints due to none of them seem to be rhinoplasty specialists. Do you have a date set for your revision? I really wish you the best of luck, please make sure that your revision surgeon is a rhinoplasty specialist, it will be the only way you have a great, long-term result. Please keep us updated and good luck!
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Update - 20.11.13

I had a meeting on the 20th of November with Sue to tell her how I felt about the results from my procedure and to inform her of my intentions to have revision work carried out with a specialist in secondary rhinoplasty. She was insistent that I see Dr Van Canneyt and this time said that they could open the nose up and improve the shape of it, bring the tip down and reduce the nostrils (all of which had been recommended by the surgeons I had consultations with).

In a way this has put my mind at ease, but given that all of this should've been done during the initial procedure and the less than desirable result from that, I'm very anxious about letting them touch my nose again. My main concern is that because this correction will be free of charge that they won't take as much time or attention to detail in crafting the best nose shape possible. I'm worried I'll be left with another poor result or possible complications.

I've attached photos so you can all see how my nose looks 18 months on. Any advice or recommendations are welcomed!


please, share any experience with dr. Patrick Levie!! Thank you
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There is a slight bump(i assume that is the deviation) on your left side. Aside from that, the shape of your nose is great. Seeing as how most of the required work is structure wise (to prevent from collapsing) what do you feel is needed to provide the best nose shape possible?
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Firstly I would like the bump removed to give it a symmetrical look, plus I would like the tip brought down and my nostrils slimmed so they fit the space between my eyes (the general rule of thumb for nostril size in the practice of cosmetic surgery).

Nearly 2 years on...

Just had a passport photo taken today so thought I'd share what I think is the best quality photo I could get of my nose from the front. While I'll accept it's not horrible to look at, you can see there's still no definition and it's collapsed on the right side due to the cartilage being removed. Elyzea did offer to correct it but I don't have any confidence and will wait to have a revision specialist carry out the work.


You look handsome. I like your nose. Everyone does not see you vision of what it should have been. Also the flaws you pointed are hard to see clearly from the pic. I think you look balanced, and natural. The nose fits your face. I could share a cup of coffee with you ;)
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He sounds like he is advertising for Dr van Canneyt due to so many people complaining of the bad surgeries they had with him. I went twice for certain surgeries and now he simply avoids me as I recorded him saying that I should take further surgeries. Run away or take him to court.
I demanded to see him so Sue instructed the receptionist to book an appointment for me and send email confirmation. I never received an email and when I queried what was taking so long she said she had emailed me confirmation but that I had missed the appointment. So shady...
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