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I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 15. I...

I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 15. I am currently 34H (UK) and around 150 lbs. I have managed to lose weight over the last few months as I was 175 lbs in January. Initially I wanted to get to 145 lbs before the surgery but that's looking very unlikely :-(. I'm worried my stomach will be more noticeable once the girls are gone!

Full story

Hi guys. My first post was rushed so I'll give you more of a background.

I'm 26 years old and I have had large breasts since 13. I've always been unhappy with my shape as I have soooo much boob and no bottom :-(.
I'm due to have my surgery in a week and I cannot wait however I don't want to get too excited as I know the scars are a consideration as I'm having the traditional anchor scar. My surgeon prefers this method for me as I'll get a better shape.

I am so glad that I have found this site as the only other person I can talk to about it is my mum as most of my friends don't know I'm having the procedure. I don't want to be talked out of it.
Anyway I'll leave it at that for now

Speak soon lol

I made it!

Hi guys!!
I had my surgery yesterday and right now I'm laying in my hospital bed.
Let me give you a rundown of what happened....
I got to the hospital at 7am and got checked into my room. I had a chance to relax and my mother and I watched some TV. Mr Ng came to do his drawings at 8:20 than the anaesthetist came an hour or so later.
I got to choose my lunch and dinner after surgery and being a major foodie and having spent £2000 on one night I wanted my money's worth! Lol. Unfortunately that didn't happen :-(
When I was in the recovery room my right breast got swollen and it became apparent that I had a haemotoma. I had to go back to theatre to have it drained. I lost a lot of blood and I am to have 4.5 litres before I leave. I am currently having my third litre. I also have a catheter which is great as I'm normally too lazy to go toilet anyway lol.
When I FINALLY got back to my room I had half a tuna sandwich, a few bites of a salad and some rice pudding. So much for my feast of steak and chips! (Chips= fries for my Americans)

I haven't seen my breasts but I feel soooo light. My surgeon really takes his time with stitching so I anticipate decent scars.

Will check in with you guys again when I get home xxx

Oh yeah I forgot to say

I hit a weight loss plateau three weeks ago and stopped weighing myself. However when I was admitted the nurse weighed me in and I was only 3lb off my target weight. Yay me :-)

Sad about my boxy breasts

I'm only 2.5 weeks post surgery but my breasts look really boxy. I'm only 26 so to have misshapen breasts at a young age is devastating. I wish I done more research and gone for a surgeon who uses the vertical technique. I'm sitting here in tears...they are such a weird shape

I was just having a bad moment

I think it was due to PMS that I had a wobbly moment earlier. They really are not bad and I look slimmer which is what I wanted. It's still early days so hopefully they will take on a more natural shape :-)

2.5 weeks post op :-)

Hey guys

Thanks sooo much guys for your kind comments the other day I was down. You really helped :-).
Just to let you know healing is still going well and I'm yet to get any zingers lol.
I went back to work on Thursday and I work long hours at 8:30 to 6:30 on my feet. I then had a company conference to attend this whole weekend so I am knackered! On Saturday at the conference there was a party until 3am but I was in bed by 11!

Also just wanted to sat my breasts were not as boxy as I first thought and my left breast had totally changed shape and become a more natural round shape already! Lefty is still a little boxy but I'm confident it will take on a better shape as time goes on. I'm so glad I done the surgery and Mr Ng is an artist!!!! :-)
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So happy your recovery is going well!!!
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You look great, glad things are going well and helpful to know that shape etc can change a lot on the first weeks. Sounds like you are working hard! Hope you find time to shop for some noce new things for your nice new shape.
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You look amazing!!! It doesn't look boxy. And if you think so, in time it is going to drop and shape normally. :-)
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Hang in there girl! You look fantastic. I have had emotional days too so I know how you're feeling.
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Your breasts look fabulous!
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Hey it's nice to see another UK girl on here!! Your breasts look amazing and not boxy at all! They seem to be a really great natural shape. How are you finding the pain? the scars look great too :)
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Hi my fellow Brit! I think I was just having a low moment today. It's the first time I have felt like that since the surgery which was bound to happen. Still glad I done the surgery because everyone says I look slimmer and I can wear things I could NEVER consider before lol. The pain wasn't bad, I stopped my pain relief after 2 days...the itchiness has been the real problem. When are you scheduled?
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Yeah I imagine there are loads of emotional highs and lows after surgery, it's such a big change. You do look really good, and that's great about the pain! I in the process of arranging my date but I'm hoping for 17th Feb! It seems far away but at the same time, time seems to be flying!
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Don't be sad your breast look great!!! I hope mine looks anything close to yours.
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Thanks doll. I was being silly earlier. I hope your surgery goes well. When are you due to have it?
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Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit low. Give it time, but most of all, compare with your pre-op photos. You really needed this surgery. I'm sure if you put up some post op pictures everyone will think you look great. I think we all look at other pics of the perfect breasts and wish for that, but when I look at some of the pre-op pictures, and people with really huge, saggy, misshapen or unequal breasts, I feel lucky in even my pre-op state. You've done brilliantly with your weight, just start thinking about all the lovely things you'll be able to wear next summer. Chin up,
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Thank you :-) xxx
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Hello, hope you are doing well and well done about your weight loss. You should be ecstatic once you fit into all your small clothes - trying on tops is THE BEST :)
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Hey Hun. I had a read of your latest entry and I think we are in the same place's been a bit of a roller coaster! Lol
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Well done you, I am also in the UK and meeting my surgeon tomorrow with a view to surgery within 3 months. Second time round for me, had a reduction at 19 37 years ago!!!! But so excited, friend had her reduction last saturday and has been going for walks daily since with no real pain.
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Hiya! Thanks for the comment. Are you having your surgery round your way?
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Hi, having my surgery in Lincoln on 3rd January 2014. How are you doing???
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Happy healing London gal. You are on the road to pure happiness. I would like to do a little jig. I am so happy but the jig would hurt right now. :-) I am 16 days post op. I bought 3 blouses from Anne taylor yesteday -- size medium. Can't tell you how euphoric that felt.
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Woohoo!!! There is no better feeling than buying a smaller size in clothes!
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OH yay. about the weightloss. I am sorry that must have been scary. Its good you are at the hospital so they can help you. I haven't gotten on the scale yet. I love weight loss - : ) my plastic surgeon keeps telling me this is not a weight loss surgery. LOL
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Haha I think I've looked at this as weight loss surgery too
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That sounds scary - glad to hear you are okay now - that is a lot of blood to loose. take it easy and update us when you can. Glad you feel light!
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Hey I feel fine now but it was scary to think about. Hopefully it will be a smooth recovery from now on.
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Oh I'm sorry to hear about the complication but sounds like your in great hands! hoping you recover quickly from now
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Thanks my love. I'm feeling good right now x
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