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I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 15. I...

I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 15. I am currently 34H (UK) and around 150 lbs. I have managed to lose weight over the last few months as I was 175 lbs in January. Initially I wanted to get to 145 lbs before the surgery but that's looking very unlikely :-(. I'm worried my stomach will be more noticeable once the girls are gone!


I just had a reduction 3 weeks ago and my tummy is slightly more noticeable but I think it will be easier to exercise now that I don't have those things bouncing all over the place. So far I am so happy I did it.
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I've wanted this for so long so I'm trying to just think of the positive!
Hello I am scheduled for Oct 29 so I hear you :) keep calm and a few deep breaths if you wake up in the middle if the night thinking about it; it's a major event so nerves are normal! I have a tummy also but found that limiting the amount if sugar/carbs very good and east for losing a few kgms as well as doing some exercise.
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Full story

Hi guys. My first post was rushed so I'll give you more of a background.

I'm 26 years old and I have had large breasts since 13. I've always been unhappy with my shape as I have soooo much boob and no bottom :-(.
I'm due to have my surgery in a week and I cannot wait however I don't want to get too excited as I know the scars are a consideration as I'm having the traditional anchor scar. My surgeon prefers this method for me as I'll get a better shape.

I am so glad that I have found this site as the only other person I can talk to about it is my mum as most of my friends don't know I'm having the procedure. I don't want to be talked out of it.
Anyway I'll leave it at that for now

Speak soon lol


Ldn, don't be nervous. The waiting is the worse part, honestly. I had the anchor scar and I've had very little pain. My surgery was on the 16th. I am healing really well and just sitting around watching the telly. My surgeon said if I did nothing but rest for 2 weeks after the surgery I would have a great recovery. So far, so good. I am so excited for you. New you -- here you come! :-)
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Hahahah try mugcakes so yummy and guilt free - look up "clean mug cake" I made one the other night with just an egg half banana almond meal coconut organic cocoa powder and vanilla essence - yum!
And congratulation on your weight loss already! That's a great achievement !!!

I made it!

Hi guys!!
I had my surgery yesterday and right now I'm laying in my hospital bed.
Let me give you a rundown of what happened....
I got to the hospital at 7am and got checked into my room. I had a chance to relax and my mother and I watched some TV. Mr Ng came to do his drawings at 8:20 than the anaesthetist came an hour or so later.
I got to choose my lunch and dinner after surgery and being a major foodie and having spent £2000 on one night I wanted my money's worth! Lol. Unfortunately that didn't happen :-(
When I was in the recovery room my right breast got swollen and it became apparent that I had a haemotoma. I had to go back to theatre to have it drained. I lost a lot of blood and I am to have 4.5 litres before I leave. I am currently having my third litre. I also have a catheter which is great as I'm normally too lazy to go toilet anyway lol.
When I FINALLY got back to my room I had half a tuna sandwich, a few bites of a salad and some rice pudding. So much for my feast of steak and chips! (Chips= fries for my Americans)

I haven't seen my breasts but I feel soooo light. My surgeon really takes his time with stitching so I anticipate decent scars.

Will check in with you guys again when I get home xxx


Oh I'm sorry to hear about the complication but sounds like your in great hands! hoping you recover quickly from now
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Oh yeah I forgot to say

I hit a weight loss plateau three weeks ago and stopped weighing myself. However when I was admitted the nurse weighed me in and I was only 3lb off my target weight. Yay me :-)


Hello, hope you are doing well and well done about your weight loss. You should be ecstatic once you fit into all your small clothes - trying on tops is THE BEST :)
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Well done you, I am also in the UK and meeting my surgeon tomorrow with a view to surgery within 3 months. Second time round for me, had a reduction at 19 37 years ago!!!! But so excited, friend had her reduction last saturday and has been going for walks daily since with no real pain.
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Hiya! Thanks for the comment. Are you having your surgery round your way?

Sad about my boxy breasts

I'm only 2.5 weeks post surgery but my breasts look really boxy. I'm only 26 so to have misshapen breasts at a young age is devastating. I wish I done more research and gone for a surgeon who uses the vertical technique. I'm sitting here in tears...they are such a weird shape


Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit low. Give it time, but most of all, compare with your pre-op photos. You really needed this surgery. I'm sure if you put up some post op pictures everyone will think you look great. I think we all look at other pics of the perfect breasts and wish for that, but when I look at some of the pre-op pictures, and people with really huge, saggy, misshapen or unequal breasts, I feel lucky in even my pre-op state. You've done brilliantly with your weight, just start thinking about all the lovely things you'll be able to wear next summer. Chin up,
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I was just having a bad moment

I think it was due to PMS that I had a wobbly moment earlier. They really are not bad and I look slimmer which is what I wanted. It's still early days so hopefully they will take on a more natural shape :-)


Thank you :-) xxx

2.5 weeks post op :-)


You look amazing!!! It doesn't look boxy. And if you think so, in time it is going to drop and shape normally. :-)
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Hang in there girl! You look fantastic. I have had emotional days too so I know how you're feeling.
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Your breasts look fabulous!
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Hey guys

Thanks sooo much guys for your kind comments the other day I was down. You really helped :-).
Just to let you know healing is still going well and I'm yet to get any zingers lol.
I went back to work on Thursday and I work long hours at 8:30 to 6:30 on my feet. I then had a company conference to attend this whole weekend so I am knackered! On Saturday at the conference there was a party until 3am but I was in bed by 11!

Also just wanted to sat my breasts were not as boxy as I first thought and my left breast had totally changed shape and become a more natural round shape already! Lefty is still a little boxy but I'm confident it will take on a better shape as time goes on. I'm so glad I done the surgery and Mr Ng is an artist!!!! :-)


So happy your recovery is going well!!!
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You look great, glad things are going well and helpful to know that shape etc can change a lot on the first weeks. Sounds like you are working hard! Hope you find time to shop for some noce new things for your nice new shape.
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