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Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help me. I had...

Hi everyone,
I wonder if anyone can help me. I had my silicone gel implants removed in May 2013 due to capsular contraption, plus I wanted to be natural again. I was absolutely thrilled with the results as everything was going well and I loved my new natural self.
In October I started to lift a lot of heavy items as my husband and I are in the middle of a renovation. Until then I had been very careful giving myself plenty of time to heal. In December my right breast became swollen and hard as if I had an implant again and I was told by my PS that it was a seroma. Since then I have had a guided aspiration on the seroma 3 times, then on the 4th attempt I was told the fluid had become too thick to drain off. My breast is constantly uncomfortable and I am unable to do so many everyday things and I have been told this could take up to 2 years to resolve by my local breast clinic, but my PS has told me that I need another operation to have the capsule removed. I have had 5 ultrasounds this year, 3 aspirations, 1 failed attempt to aspirate, an MRI and a biopsy on a cyst in the right breast. I am also waiting to have another biopsy on a papilloma on the left breast, which may need removing under a general anesthetic and I am at a loss as what to do for the best.
My immune system is up and down as I was diagnosed with CFS in 2006 and I started the menopause last May too - I am 49 years old.
Normally I am a very happy and positive person, but I am really struggling at the moment and feeling very emotional. I would love to avoid more general anesthetic and I'm not sure what to do as I have been told to wait up to 2 years for the seroma to resolve by the breast team at my local hospital and had no mention of further surgery, then on the flip side I have been told by my PS that the capsule and seroma should be removed soon!
I have also been told that it is very rare to have a seroma a few months after surgery and that this wouldn't be caused by lifting heavy items so long after, as I was so careful for the first few months - has anyone else had this experience?
I'm thrilled with my decision to have my implants removed, but very disappointed that a year on I am still having problems.
I just want to know the best way of resolving this uncomfortable issue and to get on and enjoy my everyday life...
I look forward to hearing your thoughts and wish you all the best with your journeys :-)
p.s. I will post some 'after' photos soon - I couldn't find them...

Organised haematoma suction under general anaesthetic 16 months after explant

Hi everyone,
firstly I wish to thank those of you who have given their views, thoughts and wishes and I wish all of you the very best with your own journeys.
I have had a few hospital appointments since my last review and I am still unsure what to do. Luckily both biopsies on my left and right breast were benign which is great news. I have been advised by my surgeon at our local hospital that I need to have my breast cyst and organised
Haematoma removed under a general anaesthetic and then packed with gauze which will be removed at a later stage. On the other hand my PS said that I need to have the whole capsule, haematoma and cyst removed to prevent it filling up again.
Has anyone else had this problem, or this procedure done after explant? If so I would very much appreciate your input/advice/thoughts etc...
Kind regards MCGB
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I'm so sorry you're going through this! It sounds like getting another medical opinion or two might help!
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Thank you for your wishes and you're right I too think that I should get two or three other medical opinions...
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Hi Hun sorry to hear all your problems after explant....maybe the cause of some of these problems are because they left the capsules in? Did you have them removed on nhs or private? I had mine removed recently through nhs after a scan and mammogram to confirm a rupture as far as I am aware the entire things were removed...have my follow up with surgeon next thurs so I will make sure....if I find out any info I will let you know. I do think you should push for more treatment surely it can't be just left you poor thing ....sending soft hugs xxx
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Hi, Thank you for your message and I think you may be right. Unfortunately my PS said that as I had such little breast tissue it was not a good idea to remove the capsules and that I would get a much better result by not doing so. My left one had a tiny rupture so the PS removed part of the capsule and all has been ok on that side, apart from the papilloma which is nothing to do with the implants. Thank you honey that would be much appreciated - I hope all goes well at your follow up appointment. Soft hugs back xx
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Hi again mcgb sorry I haven't got back to you... I asked my surgeon about capsule removal and was told my left was not taken out as the implant was whole but in my ruptured side (right) some of the capsule was removed...she went on to explain that if it's ok in there they leave it as the body repairs over time but if it's a rupture then the bad bits are taken away basically...hope this helps xxxx
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Hi Slbaxter, So sorry for the very late reply....Thank you for your message. I too had a bit of the ruptured side capsule removed (left) and the other (right) left in. I was given the same information as yourself. How are you? I hope you have healed well with no complications and that you are enjoying your 'newself' Gentle hugs xx
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Maybe you could also post this question to the doctor answers section? It sounds complicated :/ Have you considered getting a second/third opinion from another plastic surgeon or breast surgeon? I would think since you had capsular contracture and silicone implants, the surgeon should have removed the entire capsules in the first place. My gut feeling reading this is that leaving an intact, hardened capsule is not a good idea. It also sounds like you're having a lot of other issues with your breasts. Is there a deep emotional issue that you might still need to resolve? Things of that nature manifest themselves in different ways. If I were in your situation and had to undergo general anesthesia for the papilloma biopsy, I would probably elect to have the capsules removed at the same time. I'm sorry you're going through this. It must be so frustrating after the elation of having the implants removed. I just had mine out last week, so I may not be the best adviser, so keep that in mind too :)
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Hi, Thank you for your comment and yes I am on the case with second and third opinions. The PS said that he very rarely removes the capsules as this in itself can cause other complications in his opinion and he also said that as I have such little breast tissue the result would be much better leaving the capsules. Part of the left capsule was removed as I had a very tiny rupture. Believe it or not I have the implants and I can't find the rupture it was so tiny! The left breast has healed very well and feels very natural - I only have the problem with the right one. Bless your heart I have no other emotional issues that need resolving - just menopause hormones flying around which so many of my friends have experienced and said that it's totally thrown them too, without the boob issues on top! Thank you for your kind wishes and well done you for having yours explanted too. I hope that you are very happy with the results and I wish you all the best going forward. Gentle hugs :-)
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Hi MCBG--one of the reasons it is recommended to remove capsules is to prevent seroma so from developing. From what I've read, capsules are usually removed when someone has had implants for a long time and the capsules are thick. So, is the surgeon now saying that removing the capsules will prevent seroma a from recurring?
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Hi, yes I have heard this now, but I have also heard that seroma's can develop after having the capsules removed too, as they usually fill a void after most breast surgery! I'm going to get a couple more opinions and then I will update my review. All the best to you :-)
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