Goodbye 10 year old Saline implants; Overs 34A to 34C/D. CC and capsules removed.

Hi Ladies, I have been looking at this website for...

Hi Ladies, I have been looking at this website for the past 6 months and feel that I have become a stalker of boobs! I am 37, and I have saline implants over the muscle for the past 10 years.I am around a 34C - 34D. I had them done when back packing (don't ask!) as I was so embarrassed by my lack of any bust, esp in a bikini. I also looked very skinny as I was so flat (34 AA). My boobs were a laughing matter to my family and friends (not nasty but they used to take the mickey) and I used to do a boob collection for new boobs when we were out!

Anyhow, 10 years on and one child later I have had enough of feeling like I have rocks in my chest. I find it difficult to sleep as I wake up in pain if I lay on them and I've really just had enough of them and the pain. So far seen 3 surgeons, Mr Adrian Richards who was nice and told me I would be a 34A, but at £4,000's I feel it is too much money and I can't afford it I saw another one who said that I would be fine but he would lift my nipple and lastly I have seen Dr Rezai who initially thought I had come for an Augmentation and proceeded to measure me until told him!! He told me that I have no breast tissue and as I have no problems with my implants I would be having surgery unnecessarily and to wait for stem cell surgery. Despite this he has agreed to remove them if I wish and he did not pressure me into making a decision and I felt he was being honest and was not motivated by money. He is £2,600 and has very good reviews. I notice on here that a lot of people have used Dr Karidias and that they have had good results. I have an appointment with him mid November. I was jut wondering whether I should just go ahead with Dr Rezai as I have paid enough in consultations and I just want them out or should I wait and get a 4th opinion? Thanks in advance, I will update with photos etc.

Hi, I have just returned from seeing Mr Karidis...

Hi, I have just returned from seeing Mr Karidis and I'm more confused than ever. He was nice, slightly rushed though and informed me that I would be left with flat, empty boobs as I have no natural breast tissue (tell me something I didn't know!). We then discussed keeping mine in or replacing them. I left there thinking about having them replaced (WTF!!) how did that happen as he only said it as an option. Anyway, I'm so confused my head is spinning, he also said have them removed and if I am not happy I can have them replaced (i'm not rich!). But I suppose I was hoping for him to say ' yes you will look great!' after all he is in the business to make people look and feel better.

Ladies pleeeaaassse help me!!!!! I'm starting to chicken out.

Hi Ladies, Well I'm all booked in for the 17th Dec...

Hi Ladies, Well I'm all booked in for the 17th Dec. I had a good 2nd consultation with Dr Rezai, who gave me a few options and left it to me to make a decision (no easy task!). I felt no pressure, and he has said that if I have them removed with no replacement to leave it for 6-12 moths to see how I feel, and how my breasts are. I did have the option of replacement and I have thought about this but I will still need further surgery and when does it end? I could leave the implants that I have in for a while longer, but they are going to have to be replaced again soon. So really it's a no brainer; My left breast is sore and I wake throughout the night in pain if I sleep on my front. I am terrified of what I am going to look like. Don't get me wrong I don't like implants but I have enjoyed having some shape. I am also worried about what people will say when my boobs have disappeared? I keep hunching over now trying to avoid people noticing that I have any - bit late now! Ironic, really when you think about it, I've spent my life trying not to look flat, then not to look like I have implants and then not to look flat again!!!

I've changed my date from the 17th to the 22nd...

I've changed my date from the 17th to the 22nd Dec, as I have no one to have my son. Could anyone advise me whether I will be okay for xmas day? My PS said not to drive for a week, but I will have to drive on Xmas day for 130 miles (should be okay?) I keep getting really cold feet!! Anyhow uploaded some photo's not too great pics but I can't find my camera. Made me realise how horrible they are, saggy and different shapes!

Hi, Does anyone know if any good support bras...

Hi, Does anyone know if any good support bras after surgery? Also any good treatment for the scars. Getting very nervous now, and keep thinking about replacing! However, I have to keep focused on my reasons why I want removal. Not long now....4 days agrgh!

My operation is tomorrow and I am having major...

My operation is tomorrow and I am having major doubts. The pain in my breast has stopped since I had my IUD removed! They are still sore but not as they were, I've also starts wearing a Genie bra which helps. I've not been sleeping all week thinking why did I want them removed? I suppose it's like the end of a relationship when you only look back on the good times!! I am thinking that I'm the age women start to get breast implants for their breasts after children and I'm doing the reverse. As you can see I'm getting myself into bit of a state!!!

Thank you so much everyone for your support. I had...

Thank you so much everyone for your support. I had a real wobble but i'm back on track! Nice glass of wine in hand. i have updated my photo's as my friend has just taken some (the others were by me) and I wanted everyone to have the before and after photo's as I know how much they have helped and informed me.

All done and I'm flat as a pancake and boobs are...

All done and I'm flat as a pancake and boobs are looking sorry for themselves! When I came around my first thought was I'm so happy to be me again. Spoke to my surgeon who said implants were intact ( can't see how they weren't as they are saline). My left breast had CC and my implant was stuck to breast tissue. No wonder I had pain as Everytime it kept moving to the side it was touching my nerves or something along those lines; I'm a little bit away with the fairies after anaesthetic! Well as said on here before by others trust your own instincts as I knew the left one was not right and gave me the most pain. All the surgeons I saw said I would be fine to leave implants in as there were no problems. I am do pleased I have done this and this site and you ladies have been amazing. Thank you x

Well today I've slept loads and these only minimal...

Well today I've slept loads and these only minimal pain where the stiches are. I've got a tube grip thing round my bust which is pushing them in. Been told to keep this on 4 a week but I'm wondering wherever a support bra would be better. I'm going to be honest here, I'm not having a good day, boobs are empty and flat as! Nipples and tiny bit of boob that I have are all sagged to the bottom. Feel like I may have made a big mistake but hopefully it's just because it's early days. it's a weird mixture of relief and loss and I'm not the most patient person. Sorry to be negative probably just in shock! xx

Hi ladies, can anyone advise me whether I should...

Hi ladies, can anyone advise me whether I should keep my compression bandages on or get a support bra? my surgeon said to leave it on for a week, I've had to cut into the bottom as it is so tight and was causing me difficulty breathing! I've got a terrible result; not been as lucky as you ladies. I am completley flat with a bit of skin with my nipples on at the end. Does anyone know how I. can try and lift this skin do that it retracts?!! I can cope with being flat but not deformed. Haven't stopped crying. I'm just wondering if my surgeon did enough or if it's the support I'm wearing or just because I have no breast tissue at all! x

I have found a code for MACOM bras for 15% off...

I have found a code for MACOM bras for 15% off online it's mybreast if anyones looking at ordering one. Every penny helps!

I have updated some pictures and it's not pretty....

I have updated some pictures and it's not pretty. I have taken off the support bandage today and put on a MACOM bra, I don't even fill a small, I should have gone for a XS. My boobs are very empty and flat. The top of my chest is so flat and all the skin hangs to the bottom. Please don't let this put anyone off - I had no breast tissue before implant and was this flat but obviously with breasts up in their right place. I had implants over the muscle for 10 years and had a child. As you can see on here others have had great results. I am wondering if my surgeon could have done more to try and lift them? I don't want to re implant, but I think I will have to, I can not live with them like this. I don't even have enough breast tissue for a lift :-(

Just an update as my last post was quite negative....

Just an update as my last post was quite negative. Today I saw my surgeon and he was great. There was none of the 'I told you so!' not that I thought he would but you know. He told me more about my op and that the implants were intact, I had CC in my left breast and the implant was attached to my breast tissue, so I was wise to remove. Also, he removed all of the capsules. He said that I can now take off my bandage and wear a normal bra with no wire and to cover the stitches. We discussed fat transfer and an up lift. He said i could get a 2nd opionion but my nipples are in the right place it's just they the implants pushed all my breast tissue to the bottom so they look saggy. I know im not suitable for a lift as i have nothing to lift. lol. Regarding fat transfer, he said it may be a problem as I've got no fat to take. I feel I have plenty on my backside!! Anyhow, he advised me to come back in 4 weeks for further check up and not to make any decisions for 6-12months as the breasts will change. I am so pleased I picked him as a surgeon as I feel he is honest and not after money and also did a very good job. My boobs (to be) are changing daily and I've managed to find a good padded bra with no wire. A nice AA, how have my noobs not grown in 10 years?!!! Its funny. I will update photos soon so as not scare anyone from deciding to explant as I am pleased not to have those bags inside me anymore.

Tried to edit last post but I can't - sorry I'm on...

Tried to edit last post but I can't - sorry I'm on my phone, so lots of typos boobs are now noobs! That's a nice word for a mixture of no boobs!!

Hi Ladies, Well, it's been 2 weeks since my...

Hi Ladies, Well, it's been 2 weeks since my operation and I have noticed change. I am still flat (I was before implants) flat at the top (concaved) and saggy, but not as much. I guess this would have happened anyhow through time and pregnancy. My left breast is saggier and this is where the implant was attached to my breast tissue and the one that I had pain with, so that's understandable. I keep saying sorry to them for what I have put them through!! Overall, I am pleased with how they have changed and I also can not believe how good they are considering that I have had implants for 10 years over the muscle. If I had more breast tissue I would be over the moon - but I guess I was born to be flat!!
I feel much more comfortable in my clothes and although my implants were not overly huge, they were for my frame and they also felt horrible. Its now funny to feel my boobs wobble!!!

I hope that they do continue to change and fill a little but who knows. I am keeping on the tight sports bra in hope! I have also got pain in my left breast so I am now taking the antibiotics that I was given to take after surgery, which I never (naughty me!). I also have some lumps in both breasts (again more the left one) but once I can start to massage hopefully this will disappear. I think the worst part of this whole process is deciding to explant, then the few days after surgery as my poor boobs looked awful. But time is a healer and I am amazed at the body's ability to change. Also this siite and you ladies have really helped and supported me - Thank you.

Well, there's nothing like a child's view to tell...

Well, there's nothing like a child's view to tell it how it is! I was in the bath with my son this morning and he said 'oh mum your boobs look sloppy and sad!' This is the first time he's noticed that they have changed; I laughed it of and asked how they looked before and he said 'happy!'
He's got a point, the left one is so much lower than the right and there has been no fluffing and when I have my sports bra off for 5 mins the are so saggy, empty and any breast tissue goes straight to the bottom. I'm so glad I'm single at the mo. I'm going to give it one more month and reasses. I can deal with being flat, in fact I like it, but flat and empty is a NO for me :-(

Hello all, Just an update. Today is exactly a...

Hello all, Just an update. Today is exactly a month since I explanted. I have had mixed emotions, sadness and at times regret and panic. However, I am finally getting there :-) Mine were overs and I now understand that they do not bounce back as quickly as unders but I have seen positive changes. I have tried to get a photo full on, but I can not get a good one with my phone. I will ask my surgeon to take one tomorrow. The one I have uploaded is the left which still looks sorry for itself, nipple is still flat and it is lumpy, but it's getting there. The right is fine (flat but fine!). When I see my surgeon tomorrow he is going to show me the way to massage them and look at the lump - I think its just scar tissue and will disappear. Bless my surgeon, he's been excellent and the after care has been great. The fluffing fairy hasn't visited me-maybe I should put some money under my pillow!! I am still wearing tight sports bra's though so this could be the reason. I too scared to take them off as they droop!

I have considered fat transfer and I discussed this today over the phone with a surgeon but I do not feel that I want to mess around with my boobs or body anymore. Plus it is so expensive and who knows what the future holds, he said that it would last up to 10 years or more....and would need top ups...what? more surgery and further expense in the quest for boobs. No thanks. I am what I am and I can think of better things to spend thousands of pounds on. I have finally come to the conclusion to stop focusing on my boobs and get on and live my life! I am healthy, they are healthy and all mine. Thanks everyone for all your help and advice through this journey- it's been greatly appreciated. Anyone thinking of explanting I hope my ramblings have been of some help xx

Well things are settling down and perking up on my...

Well things are settling down and perking up on my right side but my left is still looking very sad for itself! I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced lumps after removal? My right is fine but my left has thick, quite big and hard lump/lumps, kind of like a grissle feeling. I have seen my PS and he said everything was removed so it shouldn't be the capsule. It may be scar tissue and to massage. I'm not convinced, has anyone else experienced this and did it clear by its self? I may have to see my GP, it's not painful but can be sore and I feel it's adding weight to the tissue and making it sag. I've been self diagnosing myself, the drama queen that I am and so far I think it could be a Hematoma but not sure!! Thanks in advance xx

I've updated profile so it's easier for women of...

I've updated profile so it's easier for women of the same stats etc to try and guess outcome. Update; things are improving and I'm very very happy! They have perked up and I'm def glad I no longer have implants. I have more breast tissue than before implants now (not much!) and I wonder if I'd never had them what I would be like. The left is slightly smaller-that's the one with bad CC, it was a different shape in the end with the implants in and was far further south than my right even then! It feels very jelly like at times. I'm still wearing supports bras - guess I feel secure in them and couldn't care less about their size, even squashed. I dread the thought of them growing as they may sag more! ha! I have been massaging-thanks swedishmary who advised me and it's helping. I am taking fenugreek and using the oil- supposed to firm and promote growth-not bothered about growth anymore just want dents in left boob to go. All the ladies contemplating explant, do what you feel is right for you and this site and the women on it are great, they know 1st hand more than the surgeons sometimes. I've updated photos-not great as on camera phone but gives some idea of the change that can happen. They do change. Horray!! :-) x

Ladies, we are setting the trend! Just opened the...

Ladies, we are setting the trend! Just opened the paper and victoria Beckham has gone from a 34DD back to a 34A! Big fake boobs are so last year! x

7 months later

Hi Ladies, Hope you're all well. I just had a look at the site and there are lots of new women, so hello!! It's great to see. Overall I'm happy that I explanted, it was definitely the right choice for me. I am flat as, and my nipples cave in at times but it's not nothing that can't be fixed. I will wait until the year mark and then do something about them. My understanding is that there is not enough breast tissue to support the nipples so the excess skin or the top of nipple can be lifted to rectify this. I am hoping that I won't need to (but I dare say I will!). I am doing a lot of exercise to build up the chest muscle to help them. I have considered fat transfer, but its too expensive but it would probably solve the issue, again I'll wait and see. I've just been trying on bikinis for my holiday and its amazing how they have changed from when I was flat 10 years ago-or I'm more confident. At times I have thought if I had just re-implanted I wouldn't have had to go through this journey and i'd have some boobs!! Then I just remember how they felt and the pain that I had in the end.
It's so nice to cuddle my son close and to sleep in any position, I feel so free when I sleep now and so much lighter. Implants are big business but I can't believe that big fake boobs are still in demand!! Each to their own, I wish i'd known in my 20's what I was doing to my body. Gone on a bit of a rant there!
I've taken some photo's but they are not too clear or great but they may give an idea. My poor boobs walking around with those heavy bags for 10 years, if nipples that won't behave is the outcome, I feel that its a result really. No muscle just skin to support them. I'm sorry boobies!!
Name not provided

My PS, had been a star. The after care has been great. At my worse, when i asked him about new implants (as i hated my results after, he told me to wait six months to a year and then decide. He is genuine and put me at ease and I'm grateful I chose him. He's not a surgeon obsessed by the big boob look, in fact I came across him as he is known for the natural look. When researching surgeons he had brilliant reviews for implants. Hard to find a surgeon just for explant. He also has a good sense if humour which helps when you go from a C/D cup to an A! Also I panicked and changed dates etc, he called me direct to discuss with me. I can't fault him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi, your skin looks like it retracted really well - have things improved even more ?x
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They look really nice afterwards, you must be so happy :DD
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Hi, had my consultation with dr richards today. He was really nice and said I would be a 34b. I was a little shocked to be honest. He said I have a lot of natural tissue. Can't wait until the 3rd, he said the pain will be minimal. I will wake up in a surgical bra which he's providing. X
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Hey, have your breast changed since 7 months pics? X
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That was the same for me when I got them done. Do you miss the implants?
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Think I'm going to have a day case too. Really vant wait to meet him. X
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I stayed as a day case. You will be fine for Xmas. The worse part for me was the anaesthetic it made me feel awful.
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Also did you stay the night or was it a day case?
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Ok thanks- meeting him on 15th and already paid for the op on the 3rd- just want these pips out. I want to start trying for another baby too. Not sure how soon after I can get pregnant. Hope my breast look as good as yours - I was a full 34a before my implants. Just a bit nervous with Xmas coming up, I want to be healed.
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Have you not met him yet? He's lovely. It's not painful at all in fact it can be done under local. You will be able to drive quite soon after - I did a few days after. just watch your stitches. No he doesn't use drains, I don't know of any uk surgeon that does. Just make sure you are compressed after. Your in good hands and he will let you know exactly what to do.
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Also what did he tell you in terms of what to expect? Also does he use drains?
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I am in the uk- this website is amazing. I'm meeting him on the 15th and having the op on 3rd dec. when will I be able to drive? Also is the pain similar to getting them done? X
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I think your in very good hands. I really liked him but he was expensive. If you are in the uk and want to chat to me about what to expect etc you're welcome to inbox me and I can give you a call. I know how horrible the build up is!! You'll be absolutely fine though x
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I'm having mine done with adrian richards, what did you make of him?
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Thanks- love your post on here. Yours have changed so much in the 7months. X
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Yes the lumps have all gone. I think I could wear a underwire after a month. Your PS will know. They do change loads so if you're not happy at first hold in and wait x
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Hi, also have the lumps gone now?
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That's the same size as mine. When were you allowed to wear under wired bra's?
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I think they were 280 overs x
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Thanks, also what size were your implants?
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You look amazing.... I'm getting mine explanted soon. How do they look now?
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Hi, I'm having trouble with the nipples but overall they are okay. Obv I'd love more but I'm not built that way! I love not having implants though, it's so lovely to sleep on my front! Good luck you'll be fine x
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You look so great! They really suit you small - you look so petite and beautiful! :) thanks for sharing your story! Only a few days post op but keeps me motivated reading how far you've all come! Thank you!
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Your healing photos give me hope! I'm much smaller than I was pre BA and I only hady implants for 9 weeks! Hoping the fluff factor doesn't skip me. You look gorgeous!
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You look amazing! I hope to do as well!
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