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Only 18 days until my new boobies. im 24 years old...

Only 18 days until my new boobies. im 24 years old a mother of 3 children im 5ft3 and 120 pounds. ive been considering breast implants for years i used to be happy with the size of my breasts but i guess this is what having hildren does to us. im currently a 34b very empty tho due to previous pregnancys, i would love to be a dd. my surgeon has suggested 445cc extra high profile implants which im happy to go with. only thing im struggling weather to go for overs or under the muscle my surgeon said i can have overs or unders but unders will give me more of a natural look which i want but it takes longer to recover. any advice please.

Hi tulula, Good luck! Which surgeon & clinic did you go for? I'm also thinking of have it done. I've got a 6 years old little girl, my once very small breasts disappeared altogether after pregnancy and breast feeding! Thanks, Lan

Yes, our lovely children wreak havoc on our breasts!  :)  I have heard many women say that overs are easier to recover from, but I wouldn't worry as much about that as your doctor would know what would work best on your body for the long haul! Do you have help set up for your kiddos when you are recovering? Looking forward to your updates and maybe a photo?!  :)

Good luck , you are gonna do great! .. I have unders and let me tell you something u should trust your PS cuz its ok to listen what other people have to say based on their experiences or what can or cannot happen when going through this . I think if your looking for a natural look you should have in mind the possibility of going under the muscle , in my case my recovery wasn't that long just few days and as you can see on my pictures i had no breast tissue b4 , now I'm feeling great, of course is not about me or anyone else , its your decision and your body.You can have similar stats to someone or whatever but believe me that doesn't give similar or equal results to anyone.But well You still have a lil of time yet! Thats kind of a good thing (no its not lol) be patient, wish u the best !
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