Support needed! 41 Years Old, 3 Kids and Ready for my TT, MR and Lipo. -

A week from today I will be recovering from...

A week from today I will be recovering from surgery and I truly can't wait for it!!! I had 3 kids, all natural births, but I had a 3 abdominal procedures in the last few years (tubal ligation, partial hysterectomy and ovary removal) and I has definitely taken a tall on my abdomen... The skin on top of my incision hurts at the end of the day if I don't wear support underwear and sucking it in doesn't work anymore, LOL!!
I'm 5'2" and 124 and I really want to look the way I feel; I'm not someone who likes to exercise, but my eating habits are really good, I eat mostly non processed foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats and non fat products, I really enjoy eating healthy.

I had my first consultation a couple months ago and the doctor gave me the option of only lipo, mini TT w/ lipo and full TT with lipo, which is what I'm going for and he said that based on my body frame and lifestyle I should expect great results.
I already had my pre-op last week and I had my prescriptions for norco and valium, I have high tolerance to pain, so I hope that norco will be good enough, my PS to call him if it wasn't.

So far my concern is making sure I don't get sick on the way home, I'm sure he'll give me something for nausea.
Also, what kind of car have you found it's best? I have an SUV and a sedan, which one will be best to get in and out after surgery?

2 days to go!!

Only two days away for my surgery,feeling really excited about it... Today I have to drink the magnesium citrate, not really looking forward to it, but I know it needs to be done.
I'll need to go pick up one more prescription tomorrow and some supplies, what do I need??

I can't sleep...

OMG, surgery is just a few hours away and I can't sleep, I'm usually really calm whe it comes to surgeries, but I guess this time it's different since it will be sorta life changing....
I've got all my meds and supplies, instructions for my kids ( they're older 12, 19 and 22) they'll be cleaning the house, doing some last minute grocery shopping and getting the couch ready for me.

I hope I feel OK to post tomorrow, wish me luck!!

Day one PO and so far, so good...

Yesterday was surgery day, it almost didn't happened as the AC went out at the surgery center; we would have to reschedule if they couldn't get the temperature below 74 and OR temperature was 79 and my PS didn't thinks it would have been safe to proceed. Thankfully they AC was repaired and surgery finally happened almost 5 hours later...

Everything went well, I was happy to find out that my hysterectomy incision was removed and that an inverted T incision was not necessary.
Recovery was not bad a all and after one hour I was able to go home.
When I got home I was able to eat some crackers and get plenty of water; pain is not as bad as I thought or people told me it was going to be and it could be to the fact that I have a high tolerance to pain and that I've been really good with my pain medication.
I wasn't able to get a full night of sleep, even though I took a Valium I kept waking up, not sure why but it wasn't pain related.

Today I started to fill a little more pain in the incision area and it could be that the anesthesia started to wear off, any thoughts??
I only have one drain and I had to empty it twice yesterday, but today not much fluid is coming out, should I be concerned?

I'm not feeling really hungry yet, ate some crackers and a banana, I'll see if I can handle some food tonight.

I've been walking a little every time I need to use the restroom to avoid blood clots, it was either walking at least 3 times a day or getting daily shots, of course I chose the walking, LOL.
The compression socks are really uncomfortable and they make me so hot, I need to wear them for a week as well as the binder..

I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.

Day two PO and some challenges

Last night I was able to sleep a little better, but I was feeling really nauseous, I was so afraid of throwing up, I had some hot tea and I've tried to relax...

I only woke up twice and pain wasn't bad at all, I keep a really good pain med schedule, I'm not feeling really hungry and feeling nauseous doesn't help either...

This morning was a little challenging, my husband and my kids are awesome, but my husband was upstairs sleeping (he works nights) and my daughter took my youngest to school and stop at the grocery store to pick up some stuff, well I needed to go to the bathroom really bad and I've tried to get up by myself, I couldn't and now I'm in more pain than before, I just hope I didn't mess things up... I was really upset and frustrated that I started crying all by myself. Soon after my daughter came back and helped me, I guess it doesn't help that my lower back started to hurt too... I'm using a backrest pillow and a neck pillow, the travel ones and pillows under my knees, I wish I could lay on my side...

I'm not getting a lot of discharge from the drain, is that normal ?

3rd day PO, still not very hungry...

Pain is much better, I would say almost gone except when I get up, but it has improved tremendously. I can't getup by myself and not even talk walk straight, howlong does it take to start walking straight?

No BM yet, I've been taking my stool softeners twice a day; I'll start with the milk of magnesia tomorrow and see of that helps... I have not been brave enough to look at my incision or take pictures, I'll do that tomorrow.

I started watching Modern Family and it was not a good idea, it was too funny and laughing hurts so much.

I'm barely having any fluid come out of my drain, it's that normal? My next appt is Tuesday morning.

Seeing results and shower adventure

Well today I was finally able to take a shower and I must say that. I didn't think it as going to be so physically challenging, everyone was right about sitting down while taking a shower, luckily my shower has a bench and made it so much easier... I was able to wash my hair and it feels so good, I feel human, LOL!!

I removed all the dressing except the steri strips of course, it's hear to know what the end result would like like since there is some swelling; I'm a little scare that I don't see a wits definition, I had lipo in the flanks too... I know that I have to be patience, but in a way I have mixed feelings. The incision is a little higher that I wanted it to be, but I knew that would be an option and a trade for the inverted T Incision and removing the hysterectomy scar...

I have my appt this coming Tuesday and I'm sure my PS will be able to give me some heads up as far as the looks... I know is hard to see I the pictures but I see some budges at the end of the incision; specially the left side, I hope it goes down...

Any feedback would be appreciated it!!

Before and after

One week and drain out!!

Well today it's been a week since my surgery and my first PO appointment , everything went really well... As soon as my PS saw me the first thing he said was " you're walking too straight" , he wants me to keep walking hunched over to avoid adding pressure to the incision and make sure it still thin.
I was able to see my new BB and it looks great, he did a really good job!!

Obviously he warned me to be patient as although I'm healing really well right now there's still lots of swelling.

The side from were my drain was coming out is more prominent than the other side but I hope it will go down now that the drain is out.

My whole abdomen and around my BB still really numb, not sure how soon that will go away.

I still have to wear my binder for the next 6-8 or buy a good shape wear for when I go out or work, any suggestions??

I can resume driving in one week, YAY!!

So far so good!!

Feeling sick...

The last couple days have been a little more challenging, I've been experiencing evening nauseas and throwing with heavy headache, actually last night it was a migraine... I used my nasal migraine treatment and went to sleep...
I'm feeling much better this morning, but still a bit nauseous, also I'm experiencing pain/discomfort at night from the abdominal binder... I hope to feel better this weekend to be able to go to Target or Macy's to find a good Spanx so I don't have to wear the binder all the time and can switch during the day.

My next appt is on 9/9, so far I'm healing well and only feeling pain/discomfort on my sides (flanks) I think this is probably due to the fact that anesthesia is wearing off and that we're the lipo was performed, anyone else went through this??

My PS told me I can resume driving next week, so we'll see how that goes; I'll try to start sow and with short trips!

Have a great weekend!!

Better day

Today I felt much better than the last couple of days; I slept in my bed last night for the first time and sleeping wasn't that good, I get really uncomfortable at night with the abdominal binder, my tummy gets really hard at night; maybe for being on the same position for a long time??

Here's an update picture, I don't notice much dieference from day 5 to today, my right right side still looks bigger/bumpy than the left side, could that be because that's were I had the drain coming out at the end of the incision? My next appt is 10 days, so if it still the same I will bring it up to my PS.

Let me know if Ny of you had the same issue.

Have great weekend!!

Two weeks PO and tape allergy/rash

Today it's been two weeks since my surgery, I had an appt with my PS and I was able to drive myself, thankful it's only 7 miles away for home, but it was good for the first drive after surgery.

I'm healing well except that the last few days I've developed and allergy/rash around my BB due to the tape and a little around the steri strips, he removed all the BB dressing and some of the steri strips and recommended that I start using NewGel silicone strips, which I've already ordered today!!

I've mentioned to him my concern about the bulge on my right side and he quickly said that he noticed to after reviewing the pictures from my first PO appt and said that it should go always as the swelling goes down and is too early to tell, but worst case scenario. If it doesn't he'll do lipo in 3 months at no charge.
I've also noticed some skin pinching on my incision and he said it will go away as skin will contract and swelling goes down.

I like how my BB looks, I'm just a little concern that the shape is a little vertical, but I hope it will get better, maybe I'll start using the marble trick.

Now I need to order another CG; I'm having a hard time deciding which one to order, any suggestions will be appreciated it.

Take care!

Belly Button close up

Meet swell hell... :(

Today I've been up and about a lot and although I was really flat whe I woke up around mid day I could feel the swelling creeping up; my CG felt tighter and tighter as the day went by...

I finally removed all my steri strips as I was getting more burning sensation under the tape and today I received my scar treatment silicon strips too that I will start using tomorrow.
I was so pleased when I saw my scar, it was just what the my PS told me it was going to be; I was so scared of it being thick and uneven... I know it takes time to flatten more and heal, it still has some scabs that I'm will come off soon.

I'll take it easy tomorrow.

Scar treatment

Today I started my NewGel silicone scar treatment, I have say that's very comfortable and it doesn't bother me at all. I've ordered a new CG that I hope to get soon, I went to walmart yesterday and bought the flexees control shapewear and I got a medium since de small looked really small but when I got home and tried on it was big, so I'll have to get the small; I just wanted something to transition from my current bulky CG.

Will it change?

Overall I'm very happy with the results of my TT, tomorrow it will be three weeks, so I guess I should be more patient. I was really hoping for more wait definition and although the lipo to the flanks was included in my TT procedure now I'm wondering if I should have paid for additional lipo...
I totally forgot to take my measurements before my procedure so it's hard for me to know how many inches I've lost... I know that at three weeks there's still lots of swelling, I will discuss my concern with my PS on my next visit...
It's just me or does everyone go through the same emotional ups and downs?


Long day...

Today it was a long day, I had a work meeting and I was out driving and sitting for a few hours, I was pretty straight this morning but around 3pm I was back to the hunched position and I felt that my CG was going to burst, I couldn't wait to get home and loosen it up a little...

I've also stop by Marshall's and found a support griddle, I wasn't really looking as I'm waiting for the Marena that I've ordered online, but it was $12 and I couldn't resist such a great deal, I've tried on at home with some clothes and loved it, it doesn't provide the same support as the post surgery CG but it's very close and I like how my clothes looks!

Mixed feelings...

During my teens years and young adulthood I was alway thin and petite, after my third pregnancy and turning 30 my body rebeled, then I knew u needed to do something and I did, I've lost 37 pounds, after that in a matter of 10 years I had 3 abdominal surgeries and my abdomen was never the same and I was soooo good at hiding it and disguising it; when I told/tell people about my TT I almost feel that I had to justify it or convince people that I really needed it, as most people tell me I didn't. I'm sure if I walked around flaunting my muffin top and my early pregnancy look they would have think differently, now I wish I was more secretive about it.
Have any of you had to go through the same thing??

Today is 3 weeks and 3 days from my surgery, I still wish I had more waist definition, maybe I need to be more patient and wait for the swelling to go down, do you think it can look better in a few weeks/months???
I had to stop my scar treatment for a few days as the middle if the scar had a small oozing, I put some local scar medication and it's much better now, but the scar is not as flat as it was in the middle, I hope it flattens out more, I've tried some maxi dressed and the scar bump can be seen... I'll share this concern with my PS on my next visit.

I hope everyone have a great weekend!!

It was true!!

I've read a lot of times here that swelling get worse in week 3 and it's sooo true!!

I want to thank everyone here for the encouraging words!! I know and u keep telling myself that I have to be patient and it will look better!

I revived my Marena Stage 1 compression garment and I really like the fit, I still need to try it with clothes on and for a few hours or all day to see how comfortable it is. As far as support I can say it's much better thang the maidenforn griddle; the compression binder it's much better for when I'm at home as I can put it really tight and customize the the pressure.

I'm planning to lose 10 pounds, so I'll ask my PS when I can resume exercise, I'm really good with food management. I'll be posting results every week.
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Who was your PS?
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I think you look great! Nice flat tummy--and that's with the swelling! Good job! Trust you'll have success with the weight loss! Hang in there :-)
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Best Wishes on the weight loss.
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Which compression garment did you use.
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I'm using the Marena 3 panels abdominal binder that I was given by my PS; I bought the Marena Stage 1 compresion garment: I've ordered mine from because they take returns, doesn't; I've ordered the small and the fit is perfect.
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I think you have a phenomenal result, really! I know it's easy for us to see our own flaws much more clearly than other people see them, but I think you look so so good! Be patient, it just gets better and better!!! :)) PS, I didn't realize you'd already had your surgery when you asked the question on my page, sorry for telling you information you already know LOL!!
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Oh, Justprettyful...I can appreciate how you feel. I, too, came pretty good at disguising my weight--wearing clothes the right way, standing for pictures...turned the right way, walking where possible with large items (purses, books, backpacks) in front of my protruding tummy. Thinner people really have no idea of all the tricks. Having gone through what you have with your deliveries but have been challenging. I've never had any children but watching your body not bounce back to the trimmer "you" must have been difficult. I remember talking with my mom about wanting the surgery and she told me, "Oh, you don't need it." I tried to calmly explain to her my reasoning and share with her just how I felt and the tears started flowing (I am not normally a crier). It wasn't until my mom saw the raw emotional that she saw how deeply affected I was and how important surgery was to me. Unfortunately, we can't be that transparent with everyone. You are still early in the recovery and your body will be changing for some time to come...months. I'm 7 weeks post surgery and have been disappointed recently by the "baby bulge" that I've been left with. Early on in my recovery I had emotional roller coaster rides that really sent me flying. It was VERY difficult to be so slow to bounce back and not see the changes that I anticipated. Other RS ladies were very patient and said, "It will come." I share that with you now. It will come. Some days will be better than others but overall you'll see improvement. I decided that for now there is nothing I can do to change how my body is handling recovery so I will do what I can to help my body and give it the time needed. Do not be discouraged...this is something that will take time. I trust you'll have a good weekend too.
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Tomorrow is my mommy makeover, thanks for your journal it's helped me tremendously!
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Good luck with your procedure!!! I'm sure everything will go well... Make sure to relax and to take care of yourself. Try to get some sleep tonight!! LOL
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Walmart has a cg by maiden form for less than $14.00 Bucks :) Good luck!
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What type of compression garment did you ladies us initially. .I'm needing to furnish my own and just am not sure
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You are looking great. Your bb looks like it's the original! Very cute! I'm post 6 wks and although my bb is a little red I love it. It's about 3-4" higher than it was originally. I can actually see it when I look down! Hope the rest of your recovery is uneventful!
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Who was your ps? Your results are looking great!
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I think you look great just two weeks out! I am three and just started my gel strips three days ago. My ps said to use them 12 on 12 off. He said they needed some vitamin E oil and some air. Do you have to leave urs on all the time? I know these will work because I had a small scar from an elbow surgery years ago and I was seeing a ps for laser treatment and he put tape on the scar and gave me a roll and said to wear it ac it so it will flatten and go away. And it did! So this is the same concept. I'm glad you were able to drive and are feeling better. Keep healing!
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I just looked your pictures and you look amazing! Are you still hunched over? I'm much straighter this week, but not 100%, I hope to be OK by the end of the month as I have to travel for work; that's going to be challenging as I'll be as 6 weeks and my PS doesn't want me to lift luggage, I have to figure out something.... My PS told me to wear the strips during the day as much as possible but to leave them out at night, so I would say that's about 12 on 12 too. It's good to know that the strips worked for you, they are not cheap but not extremely expensive either, but I never used them before so I'll see what they do for me!! I'm feeling better, but sleeping is challenging, the CG garment is really uncomfortable and I get a lot of spasms at night, my PS told me loosen up my CG at night, I hope that helps. Keep posting pics if your progress, you are healing wonderfully!
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Congrats! Your results look good so far and belly button looks great!
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Thanks Bella Besos! Your arms look so good, I'm not happy with my arms either, although I'm only 120 my arms look so fat in pictures; I've learned to keep them away from my body when I take pictures; I hate exercise but I will start working out my arms as soon as I can and give myself two years to see if I can improve before I move to the next step, hahahah!
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Thanks! It took me 5 years before i decided to do my arms. I didn't feel they were that bad but after my car accident i didn't work out for 16 months and gained 12 lbs and my arms had to go and abs next! lol. If you want it done go for it. :) Have a Happy Thursday!
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It will get better. I had no real pain from the procedure but holy cow... Walking killed my low back!! I kept up w the Tylenol and it really helped. Rest while you can.
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Thank you, it's encouraging to know that I'm not the only one... I didn't have pain until I've tried to get up by myself, no my right side is hurting... :(
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Keep walking a small lap around the house after you use the potty and make sure you eat well to keep your strength up and that will help with healing, I didn't have much pain at all but took the Percocet at night to sleep the entire night. I figured sleep was what I needed to get better. I'm just a week out and walking more up right and I'm showering without any help tho I still use the chair. I had only one drain for my TT too and it only needed to be drained twice a day. So you are good. Sounds like you have it all under control! Keep resting and feeling better!
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You are almost there! I say come home in the sedan. I put a pillow and a towel to sit on in the car. The pillow helped beh my back but I originally thought it would help w the seatbelt! I, too have a high pain tolerance and didn't take any pain pills in the hospital stay and only used Tylenol when I got home. I did take Percocet and soma at night before going to bed only cause u wanted to just sleep well all night long. My biggest pain was walking and how it hurt my low back so keeping up on the Tylenol helped w that. I am still napping a lot and rest is very important. It's a big surgery and you want recovery to go well so take it easy and if u need the pain pills ---take them! I didn't bruise much at all and I was prepared for the worst. I did wo a walker but I did use the shower chair and that was well worth it. Good luck with everything and have no worries, take every day as it comes and it will all work out. Keep us posted on your progress!
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I came home I my mom's Toyota Highlander. It wasn't hard to get into or out of. I didn't feel sick at all but was clear with the nurse anesthetist that I usually get sick from anesthesia.
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I also get sick from anesthesia. Had bad dry heaves after my c section
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