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So far I am down 45lbs from 187 scheduled for TT...

So far I am down 45lbs from 187 scheduled for TT on 4-22 excited, nervous, scared are few of the words that come to mind. I have lots of excess skin from pregnancies that no matter my weight loss wouldn't go away. Now It will forever be gone in just a few short days. I am excited that I will never have to look down and see sagging belly nor will i have to tuck into pants anymore!! But the thing I think I am most excited about is being able to wear underwear again without them rolling down or giving me a rash wear it would rub under the belly and on my pants. I am nervous just because I don't know what to expect after the surgery and scared well because all surgeries we take risks when being put under. In the end I will be so happy with my results that all my hard work and the temporary pain, and the Dr's final touches I will have the body I want!!

less that 72 hrs before new me.

I am getting closer and I figured I would ad some pre belly horrific terrifying pics. Not for the faint. These are battle scars from 3 beautiful babies that are about to he rid forever. Well there will be some stretch marks left but not nearly as many that I have now. Hopefully I am able to get some after pics with in the first few days after my TT w/MR and lipo. Still really not sure what to expect, before I had any children I weighed 97lbs. I don't ever want to be that small again because people thought I has eating disorder. But to be 125-135 I would be alright with that. I am not sure if I will lose any weight from the surgery itself even though my Dr. Told me they would be taking lbs right away as my loose skin is quite heavy. So I will wait and see.

The eve of Surgery

It's really happening....OMG!! My time is for 10:45 am to be at the hospital. I can't wait to be done with this so the overwhelming anxiousness will be gone and I can start the healing process. I do have to stay the night which is fine. I will let everyone get used to me not doing everything for them for a My husband bless his heart is a god send. He took 2 wks off to help me. I will try and post pics when i get home from the hospital for some updates. Talk to you all on the flat side. ;)

1day post op

Well everything went well he removed 5lbs of excess skin and about 2 lbs fat from the lipo. I'm in pain my pain pump had to be taken out this morning because at some point last night the catheters got pulled out so dbl the pain. Haven been able to get up and walk yet. Waiting for the nurses to remove catheter. Hoping to go home at some point today. But in order for me to do that I have to take deep breaths and not get sick from my meds. I was able to get a quick pic when the nurse was checking my bandages. It looks good so far from what I can talk there's to much indents from the garment and the padding he has on under it to really tell. Im gonna get off here and try to sleep cause I didn't get any rest last night in here with nurses in and out all night.


Holy tamole bring on the bruising. 2 days post op and I have major bruising going on. I itch but too numb to scratch it..LOL still waiting to see what I look like under this girdle. Hopefully today when I go to Dr for my dressing change I'll get a peak. In weighed myself last night and somehow gained 20lbs while at the hospital when I know he removed 7lbs of skin and fat. How do you manage to gain? I'm gonna go with the swelling. Haven't had an appetite. Try to eat Lil so I don't get sick from all this medicine.

first post op apt.

So have the binder off. And I still can't see the difference other than the pouch of skin that was once there. Hopefully when some of the swelling goes away.

day 3 post op

Well thought today would be the day to try and shower. WRONG!! The Moment my girdle came off began the hot flashes and faint feeling, and Dizziness. Didn't start out that great this morning either. Missed a dose of pain meds in middle of night and woke up to nauseating pain. Ended up having my husband give me sponge bath laying in bed. Girdle can not come off or I get instantly sick.

day 4 post op

Stopped taking the pain meds as I feel they were making me feel worse. Suffered with fevers all day and night yesterday was a rough day for me. Today only taking 800 motrin from here on out. I'm really dying to get in the shower but after yesterday's ordeal I'll refrain for a few more days. Drain tube still letting out a fair amount of blood and fluid which is to be expected. If I could stay awake for more than a cpl hours at a time that would be great as well. But I can't make it to the commercials on TV shows without my eyes rolling in the back of my head...LOL

1st day out of house

Decided to go for a ride today went to the stores used a cart the whole time, except the store that didn't have one my amazing husband pushed me around in a wheelchair. Feeling a little wore out but not to bad. Also washed my girdle and took a pic of my tummy I have to say at this point I am not happy with my results. Yes I'm swollen but I don't see no shape I look like a box. Awful!! Ugh.. Shouldn't of looked yet.

follow up belly button stitches removed

Feeling much better today after talking to my Dr and asking him questions. Able to move around pretty good. Swept my floor this morning made breakfast and lunch. Except walking long distances in which I ride the cart at the store or the hubby pushes me in wheel chair. I do get a pain in my back after a while. I'm not hunched over almost up straight all the way. A few Lil twinges here and there in the belly. My only issue is the constant laughing my husband is trying to torture me with. ..LOL he said he's healing me with laughter. Which is fine but it hurts a little bit.

8 days post op

I feel great. other than a few tweaks here and there. I still feel very swollen obviously that's gonna be for awhile. although today I have this weird tingling near my waist. I dont know if thats normal or not. (my man package)..lmao my mons pubis area swelling is going down some. still noticeable though to me anyway. I hope I continue to heal like this everyday. I feel great :)

post op day 8

Some pics before shower. Still very swollen

forgot one

Why am I not noticing a difference other than the missing belly butt? I noticed some of you ladies already have a figure.

17 days post op

Had my drain removed yesterday. Panicked thinking it was gonna hurt and I didnt feel a thing, However what did freak me out was when i went to change the gauze that when I removed it there was stuff pouring out like a I freaked and called the office only to find out that's fine just keep changing it and it will close up in few days well this morning it was Phew.. I don't know if I could handle that much longer. Now for this swelling to subside just a little would be grand. I hate this compression garment but at the same time I hate not having it on when I take a shower. The Dr. did say I could get some really snug spanx to wear. Is anyone else experiencing that? Feeling great with compression garment on but when you take it off its still hard to be fully upright? and can't have it off for very long at all? I will post pics as soon as I get my phone back. I broke it and had to send it in for repair :(

4 weeks post op

tomorrow is 4 weeks post and I'm feeling great! Dr said I only have to wear compression garment at night for the next 2 wks, no more day wear. I can go back to Zumba in 2 wks and we are pcs'ing the same time. Healing really good, still lots of swelling though. My man package is starting to go down a lil but still very noticeable to me that's the update here.

4 mos post op

I'm a cpl days shy of 4 months post surgery. still have a swollen mons pubis hate it!! Moved across country, Haven't been to the gym, feel like I dont look any better or smaller. Never had the I can't breathing to deep issue at all or stand straight problem as bad as most are talking about. Still numb from the belly button down. Get really swollen by days end and thats when I feel like I still look the same as before. I will post pics from my phone when I get the chance. Hoping something will start to look up soon.

4 mos pics

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You're so funny! Glad you're doing great! I'm four weeks post tomorrow too. Got the all clear to start slowly exercising. Tried out an elliptical today for a bit. I still feel tired but am anxious to get back at it. No crossfit for a while though! Can't wait to start jogging, but need to wAit 2 more weeks. Dr said I need compression garmet for another wk then can transition to spanx. I seem to have love handles now that I didn't have before. Dr. Says it's normal and will subside. I miss wearing jeans! They're still uncomfortable :( happy to hear you're doing soooo well!
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Sorry Jeans are uncomfortable for you stilI. I have been wearing jeans but ones that i wore prior to surgery and with the compression garment and my man package i feel like i have a bulge...hahaha I was given the ok for spanx last week but i have yet to go buy I am scared to not wear my compression garment because i feel like i bloat the second it comes off and it hurts. I stand straight but not all the way straight cause that hurts if that makes any if i try to stand fully upright it does hurt i try to a lil everyday in hopes that it wont hurt when i dont have to wear the garment. I told the Dr. I would probably keep wearing it even though I dont have to and he said trust me you will be ok and we had a chuckle from that. Sorry Jeans are uncomfortable for you still. and I can not wait for zumba and I want to give cross fit a try.
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Hi! Glad you got to take the drains out. It makes such a difference! I'm with you about the compression garmet. I feel better with it on, but it drives me crazy. I'm 18 days po as well, and see my dr next Friday to have belly button stiches removed. How's your swelling? I feel like a pregnant lady and am pretty swollen by end of day. Can't wait to sleep on my side/stomach!!
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Swelling is awful..Can sleep on my left side fine the right side is still sore from the drain being removed. I had my stitches in my belly button removed 6 days post op. That's weird how your having yours removed 3wks post and mine was only 6 days. All dr's are different. I have no pain in my stomach. I constantly ask if its normal he said yeah everyone heals differently and because i was active all the way up until surgery it helps with a more rapid recovery. The only thing I really get is sore towards the end of the day harder to stand straight.
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You look great....congrats! !
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Thanks renee412
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How's your swelling today? Mine really reduced after keeping that girdle on all the time. I only took it off to wash, and started taking tons of Vit C which will help as well. Stay away from salt, and try to stay positive. Everyone recovers differently. I didn't have lipo, just the tt. Best wishes,
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Swelling is OK in the morning but by night I feel like marshmallow man. LOL probably cause I do a lot during the day..LOL not a salt person and the stuff I do have has low sodium. I heard arnica helps with swelling too. Just have to look for it. Thanks
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I feel the same way as you but I didn't get any lipo only tt lets hope we get better with time thanks for sharing.
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Drains are out as of yesterday! Also 2 days, med free. I feel a million times better. Apparently 2 more weeks with the griddle before I can downgrade to a spanx- but am happy so far with my results. Those first few days were brutal. Keep thinking positive thoughts…or take another pain killer:)
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That's awesome to hear. I'm waiting to wear a different girdle to. This is so bulky. Haven't been on painnmepain meds since 3 days post op. They made me sick. And haven't had to take any ibuprofen the past 2 days. Yay!! Walked not rode the cart grocery shopping today also walked to pick kids up from school. Getting better every day. Although idk if its me or not but is anyone else not feeling anything in the stomach? Cause mine barely hurts. I had lipo and muscle repair. I have a few tweaks here and there but other than that nothing. Waiting to wear some normal clothes idk when I can do that either. I'm sure they will be tight cause of swelling but I'm sick of wearing these damn exercise pants...LOL
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Also how bad did it just with the drains? Mine are suppose to come out Monday but I still have lots of fluid he said when I have 2 days straight less than 30. That don't look like anytime soon for me..LOL
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Glad ur doing better.....Im just over 2 weeks po and I've had a few what felt like shocks in my belly......but I guess that's normal ;)
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Your welcome, I think this damn bulky girdle is making me feel bigger too.
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So sorry to hear that. But, good for you for going out. It's so nice here, but I couldn't get enough energy to even walk downstairs. So tired today. My swelling is bad too, so keep in mind that it'll go down. It had better!! Best of luck for tomorrow. - it's only going to get easier :) (that's what everyone keeps telling me!)
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I hope your starting to feel better. I feel really great. Just waiting for my drain to get removed on monday. yipee!!!
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So sorry to read your not feeling well, just know that everyday will get a little better. Welcome to Flat City!!!! Lol, God Bless :)
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Thanks for the update Cvilla78. So sorry you feel terrible today. My biggest complaint still is the terrible headache I seem to get daily. I've decided to stay off the Vicodin and switch the extra strength Tylenol along with muscle relaxant. Like you, I feel like meds are making me sick. Have you been able to eat? The only thing I can keep down is ensure, but should really try more today. I'm desperate for a shower but don't dare try w/ my drains in. (They should offer that as an option at check ups!) I'm promised a "romantic" sponge bath later which will be amusing with probably both kids and dog wanting to watch! Even our black lab won't leave my side. -starting to ramble, sorry. Must be the lack of Vicodin:) rest well today
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I have eaten saltine crackers and water not much of anything else. Today day 1 no pain med. Just 800 ibuprofen I do feel better as the day goes by. And I did get a shower, and it went great!! I didn't want to get out though. One thing I noticed is that my crotch is swollen on top bad .. I said it looks like I have balls....Bahahaha my husband looks at me and just starts laughing and said your gonna be swollen for a while I said yeah but I didn't want balls in replace of the belly butt!! sorry but that's how I describe it. Not trying to rip anyone's stitches from laughing. Is anyone else noticing that? So as for my drains I Just kept them in the bag they had the pain pump in. Seeing as that came out the first night he told me to use the bag for the drain. Which it is awesome zips up and hold the drain and the little cup that I measure all the fluid in and its not uncomfortable. So I say the pain meds made me feel 1000% worse than needed to be. I think the ibuprofen is working better and Im not popping my phenegen today like they are candy. Havent had to take any. Hoping that today is the first day to the light at the end of the tunnel.
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Sorry to hear that!! Hope all is well from here on out....would like to say that I'm excited to hear that you loss weight and that you're on the flat-side.....hope you get to feeling better.... :)
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I'm sorry!!!!! That sucks!!! On the bright side your husband gave you a sponge bath!!!!! ;) keep up eye on the prize!!!! It gets better each and every day ;) I have to tell you my husband is a saint!!!! I don't know how I got so lucky.....I just love him...He has been so supportive and took such good care of me....I went out and bought him a card" I have to read every single card " if u r ever in hallmark and see a woman sobbing. ..yup it's me!!! Lol...and a little superman plush figure.....I put the letter" s " not only stood for superman Stephen my husband but wrote at least 100 other words that started with "s" to describe him.........He was so thankful it meant a lot to him.i can only hope he knows he's my everything;) with 7 children and our 1st grandson I'm so blessed!!!!!!
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Welcome to the flat side! Congrats on your surgery. Don't get too discouraged this early on. The first couple of weeks for me was a lot of second guessing. All of the swelling will eventually go down it just takes time. I'm almost 2 months out and I still swell. Happy Healing!
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Happy healing!! I know about nausea. I was actually throwing up my first two days. Not fun. I had to stop all prescription medicine for a while and the doc gave me a shot for the nausea. Now it is better. I get a little every now and then. Also with the weight gain keep in mind that they put a lot of fluids in you. More than what they took out. And eventually your weight will go back down
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Yeah, I figure as much with the gain.
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I had my tt the same day! So far meds are really working. Only complaint is numb thumb, index finger and middle finger., hope it gets better soon. How r. U feeling?
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