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I have been thinking about getting this proceure...

i have been thinking about getting this proceure done for awhile now and finally did it after A LOT of research and reading reviews. I had it done yesterday (tuesday) on my lower stomach and love handles that i just couldn't get rid of since my 2nd pregnancy 3 years ago (i even did boot camp for several month with no change). I was very nervous after reading some of the reviews on here saying it was very painful, so this was my experience....

I went in for my consultation and took the before pictures, i decided i wanted to continue with the procedure so i made the appt. for a couple days later. On the day of the procedure the nurse took me back to the room and asked if i had any questions and gave me a gown and cozy socks to put on, when i was all ready she placed the cold cloth on my stomach(we did this area first) and warned me of the intense suction, when i was ready she turned it on and it was not half as bad as what i was expecting, i had no pain from it at all, i think it just felt like someone was pulling on my skin, it was uncomfortable for about 7 minutes then i was fine and just watched tv for the rest of the hour. Next was the love handles, she asked if i wanted to do them at one time or seperate, i chose together to save an hour. I layed on my stomach and she attached both of the applicators and sat for the hour, i was very comfortable and glad i did them at the same time. The massage afterwards was not bad for me, i was numb and could barely feel it, although the first few minutes after the massage when the skin starts to warm up felt uncomfortable, similar to the feeling when you are outside (in winter) and your fingers are really cold so you warm them under water. I do want to add one thing that i have not read on anyone elses reviews, during the last 5 minutes of the treatment the machine started pulsating in a way, it is kind of hard to explain, it just sucked harder for a second then went back to normal, it did this several times during the last 5 minutes, i hope that makes sense lol.

Today is Wednesday, the day after my procedure, and i only have alittle bit of discomfort. I slept fine last night, on my side most of the night with no discomfort. i am bruised on my sides but the sides are just fine with barely any discomfort or pain in them, it is my stomach that is alilttle uncomfortable when is touched. I am expecting for the pain to get worse in the next few days so i will try to post every few days. I also took before pictures that i will post in a couple weeks when i start seeing my results so they can be comparted to something (i hope i can be patient enough), i'm so excited and just can't wait :)

Day 7...well it has been 1 week!! I started have...

Day 7...well it has been 1 week!! I started have alittle bit of itching under my skin (hard to itch) at day 3. It isn't bad at all though, it is only itchy a few times a day. The "pins and needles" feeling started on day 4 not hardly at all for a couple days but last night (day6) it started getting worse, more intense and painful (not unbearable though) it is hard to explain the feeling of it, it is more like a sting or a rug burn feeling. it comes and goes but it is mostly around/under my belly button. i am also still swollen a bit, numb and tender to the touch. I got to thinking, i haven't had any itching or burning in my sides so i hope this doesn't mean it isn't going to work there :/ but maybe its just because the stomach is more sensitive. Something that helps me is everytime i feel a sting or burn i just tell myself thats another fat cell dying away. I started wearing jeans again yesterday but it was to painful to have them buttoned so what i did was took a rubber band and wrapped it around the hole to where the button goes and looped it arond the button so it was elastic and stretched when i move around, it helps a lot, i was starting to feel like a bum wearing sweat pants everyday. Well thats all the update i have for now, i will be back in a week with more to tell :)

oh yeah one more little note. My doctor called on day 3 to make sure i didn't have any questions and to make sure i was doing ok. I thought that was awesome for them to take time and call there patients to make sure everthing was good. (they already had me set up a 3 month appointment before i left when i was done with the procedure)

It's been 2 weeks now!!! Ok so the...

It's been 2 weeks now!!! Ok so the stinging/stabbing pain is completely gone now. It got worse on days 7-9 and then i woke up on day 10 and had no pain at all (except for the bruise like feeling if you press on the area). I am able to wear jeans now (the normal way lol) with no discomfort at all so thats a plus :) I have lost just under 2 inches around my waist, i feel like it is more in the stomach though and not in the love handles, but i'm not going o be disappointed yet because it has only been 2 weeks, i was not expecting any results at all at this time. I am still a bit numb but not nearly as much as i was before, i read on some other reviews that people stay numb for about a month. I m not going to put new pictures up quite yet, possible next week but i might wait for my 1 month mark.

Today has been 3 weeks. I started having this...

today has been 3 weeks. I started having this weird tickling/tingling feeling in my stomach, it almost feels like someone is rubbing a feather across my belly....idk how else to explain it. I am definitely noticing a difference in my stomach, it seems like everyday it gets alittle smaller. Nothing in my love handles though, i hope it is just taking alittle longer and it will work because the only reason i wanted to do this was because of them, but im not losing hope yet, its only been 3 weeks. Well thats about it for this week, im hoping to post pics next week :)

4 weeks- nothing new to update except for the...

4 weeks- nothing new to update except for the pictures :) i'm not having any new "symptoms" and feel great. I didn't realize any results in my love handles untill i compared my before and after pics, but in my stomach i notice a lot, i feel like the pictures don't show the difference as much and they do in person. Either way so far i think this is worth it. I probably won't post again until my 6 week mark and i will post new pics then too :)

I forgot to mention yesterday that i haven't been...

i forgot to mention yesterday that i haven't been working out because i wanted to make sure, if i was losing inches, it was from the procedure and not from me working out. So now i will start working out again and hopefully that will help me slim down more :)
Allure Medical Spa

i only gave the doctor bedside manner a 3 star because the day i could do the procedure the doctor was not in and i wanted to do it still, I would highly recommend this location, they were all friendly, answered all my questions, gave me free gifts and made sure i was comfortable in every way.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey there, would love an update, to find out if you think this is a good, long-term procedure!

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Hey there Kirsty! :) Hmmm....yes. I pause when I say that b/c I'm not 100% happy with the results. Would I still recommend it to others or get it again?? Yes. The reason I am not completely happy is b/c I feel I look lumpy. I do feel the results are long term though! I do feel better about myself and feel I look better in clothes too. I think if I were to get another procedure, that would help even me out. You can tell I have access skin in some areas too. ...Which I guess is good! I'm curious as to the other peoples results and how they're doing long term! Would love to hear from everyone! :) Kirsty, I'm not sure I was a help, but if you can think of any more questions, please ask! :)
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Reading your experience is definitely helpful! RealSelf is all about sharing as much information as possible, so that people can make a well informed decision and your experience is part of that.

Are the lumps something that you think will disperse with time, or are they here to stay, do you think?

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Unfortunatly, they are here to stay. I brought this up to them and they showed me pics of my before treatment and I guess I was unsymmetrical to begin with...I just never noticed it!! haha I got the procedure done in the 'muffin top' area. ...And the more I thought about my results after I posted my last response, the more I thought...."yes I am happy I got it done and I do like the results!'. It's a lot better than always wishing those areas were gone and doing nothing about it. But now that that area is done, I need to get it done on my waist so I actually have some curves again! And yes, I do think it is permanent. And about my extra skin...I wasn't prepared for that. No one mentioned that could happen. Maybe it happened b/c the fat disappeared so fast?? But I always ask myslef...'would you rather have a few wrinkles of access skin, or would you rather have your fat back?' I always end up happy with the extra skin.... ;) So are you thinking of getting it done??
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I've considered having it done in future. At the moment I'm getting weight loss surgery, which will need to be followed by a Body Lift, etc. But it may be something I have to think about having at a later date.

I'm glad it worked well for you though. If it's nto too much excess skin, maybe it will tone up with time and exercise?

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Let's hope it does! ;) And BEST OF LUCK to you! Please keep me posted! :)
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Thank you, I will! :-)

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Missy in Michigan-results are good (I think!) at this point! I can't say that I noticed a huge difference already, but it's only been a month and a half. How are you doing???
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thanks for the information very helpful, had the procedure done last week, very painful especially at day six, never felt so much pain its unbearable for me & over the counter pills don't work.

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Hang in there vivalato!! The pain is bad around those days. If you havent discovered yet, putting a cold pack on that area actually helps. :-/ It does get better. I would say at day 10 you'll be good. Just tell yourself that this will be worth it, b/c it will be!!! :)
To Steph620, takeabreak and are you guys doing? How are the results at this point??
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Takeabreak-yup, completely normal to feel bigger because of the swelling. I had my procedure done on 5/25 and two days ago was the first day that I didn't feel bloated. It gets better-I promise!!!!
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I had cool sculpting done 3 weeks ago. Haven't noticed any changes except maybe I feel BIGGER?? Hoping this will go away and I will start to notice at least some small improvements before too long...anyone else experience this??
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missy in michigan i hope you are doing good with the procedure :) did you go to the one in shelby or livonia?
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I DID IT!!!!!!! :D I hope I'll be happy with the procedure. ....I had no idea how much fat I really had!! lol It gets sucked up into that machine and you can see all of it!! ha!
It wasn't as bad as I antisipated....which is a very good thing. On the phone when I made the appointment they told me that they would give me a pain pill....but in order for me to be able to take one, I had to have a driver. So I begged my mom to take me, it was an 1.5 hour drive.....and when we got there they wouldn't give me one!! :( I was there for a little over 3 hours so I felt really bad for my mom!! :( They told me I didn't need one....turns out they were right, thank goodness!!
I did go to the one in Shelby Twp...what a nice place!!! And yes, I thought the staff was pretty nice there too!! The bad part is, is that I planned on paying $1,900 but ended up paying $2,900. :( ...But I guess that's even good b/c I got more treatment area done. ...I still don't understand how they came up with that still seems like $500 too much.....but I'm sure they're right. ...I just hope I'm not going to regret it!!
But far, I'm experiencing everything you said I would.....SO THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so thorough!!! I plan on writing everything down so I won't forget so I can pass the word along too!! :))) Oh...and THANK YOU for thinking of me! ;)
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i'm glad everything went good for you. Why was your price $1,000 more, did you get more done? i had my lower stomach and love handles. I hope you get through the next couple weeks easy and quick, once you get to the 4 weeks mark you should start to see some results :)
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Thank you! ;) I'm feeling pretty good right now. Yes, I got more treatment done. they talked me into it. lol i was going to get even more done but I had to stop myself! haha I wanted my thighs done but I have never seen any pictures of those. I wonder if the results are good. A friend of mine wants to have her thighs done and I don't know what to tell her. Have you seen or heard what the outcome is for those??
Thanks for the encouragment!! Keep posting on your outcome!! :))
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Congrats! :) I am glad that it went well and you are feeling pretty good!! I actually asked about getting my thighs done, too! The only treatment area that is FDA approved is the stomach, love handles, and back. The nurse shared that I could try it on my thighs, but there is absolutely no gaurantee because it hasn't been approved for that area of the body. Bummer for us!!! Keep us updated Missy in Michigan!
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i was told that sometime this year (i think at the end of the year) they will coming out with a thigh/arm attatchment. The thigh results are hit and miss, i think because the attatchments are just not shaped for that area
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I will look forward to hearing more about this! Thanks for the tip! :)
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Thanks Jen!! :) Yes, it did go well! I think I will probably do my thighs at some point if I like the results of this. I'm so hoping I will!!
Are you guys dieting or exercising or doing anything at all different?
It's day 5 for me and I'm in a lot of pain. I couldnt sleep last night and I just called the office and had them call me in a perscription for a pain med. Did you guys have to have any??
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I just started excercising again, i wanted to wait and see if i was seeing results from the procedure before i started working out because i wanted to make sure the results were coming from the procedure and not from excercising. I didn't have to take medication for pain, my pain started around day 5 also and the worst days for me were 7-9 but on day 10 the pain was pretty much gone. Just hang in there because there is an end to the discomfort. Keep me updated :)
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Positive thoughts will be coming your way! :) My procedure was at 9 a.m. exactly 2 weeks ago on a Friday. :) Yes, some people end up having multiple treatments on the same area to improve their results. I really wish I could press the fast forward button to see what it looks like 3 months from now. Let us know how it goes!
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so you can do more treatments on the same areas?
my appointment is tomorrow and I am getting quite anxious. Thank you BOTH for your encouragment....and as embarrassed as I am..i think i will do before and after pics too! Think of me at 9am girls!!! ;)
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Missy in Michigan-I agree with steph620. The first 8 minutes were uncomfortable, but once you get through that, you are fine! At the end of the procedure the nurse massaged the stomach skin, which was a bit odd feeling, but not painful. She explained that that helps to kill off additional fat cells. Keep telling me that because that's what i want to hear! I am feeling GREAT 11 days post procedure and do not regret it at all!!!

steph620-wow! you can totally see the results in your stomach! I wish I would have thought to do before/after photos. They did them at the office, but that's it. Guess I will have to wait until my three month follow up. :) Are you planning to do additional treatments?
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thank you, i am excited with the results i got so far, i am hoping they keep getting better in the next few weeks, im not sure if i will do more treatments, i will probably wait for the 3 months to be up and go from there. I do have a feeling i will want to do my love handles again though, i guess time will tell :)
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