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A Teacher Learns a Lesson: It Didn't Work for Me

I thought I was the prefect candidate for this...

I thought I was the prefect candidate for this "no risk, no down time, great results" procedure. I needed to lose 10 pounds that I recently gained. I am usually a slim person, but menopause caused some weight gain. (I wear a size 8, I usually wear a size 6).

It didn't work for me. There is a protocol that is required during the six series treatment. -A protocol not advertised - a protocol that would produce weight loss and inch reduction on most people without the procedure. I believ that the results are due to the protocol, not the Zerona.

This might be a major misrepresentation here and am currently thinking about my husband filing a class action suit.

I went to a medispa in Baltimore MD that offered a deal on Zerona. It seemed appealing because it was minimally invasive and I didn't need to take any time off from work.
I had eight sessions targeted on my back and abdominal area. I took a  supplement, recommended by the doctor administering the treatments, that was supposed to "flush out the excess fat" in conjunction with the treatments.
$2000 and eight zerona treatments later I did not have any results. At best I may have lost an inch.
I was subsequently deployed to Afghanistan otherwise I would have sued the medispa. I wish I had the energy to still go back and take them to court.
I strongly recommend going with liposuction. It may be more invasive but it's not that much more expensive and you are guaranteed results.
My time and money is important and I cannot get either one of those things back.
I am sorry to hear you lost out like many of us. But the fact that you are serving our country ad's a bit more than being out the money. It's a shame but we are honest people and believe what people tell us. We really wanted this to work, I know I did. But as we all know it actually can't work. The laser isn't strong enough to penetrate the skin. There is a doctor on here telling people facts about the Zerona. He has no interest or any reason to lie about his findings. I hope that the spa that did your treatments refunds your money.

You are all so right. It is a big scam. When I scheduled appointments they scheduled at same time every time, Mon, Wed, Fri for me at 2:00 so the same tech would measure and position beams. I have had different people every time. I asked one lady is there a set distance they should be away from body. She said 6 to 8 inches. She looks at me and says that looks right doesn't it? I said no that is more like 4 inches, the beams are longer and cover more area farther away. I measure my self every time too. The measurements are bogus. I think they purosely go 1/2 inch up on all the areas the first time so all measurements after that will get smaller from the other tech. I also have light beams flying all over the room boncing off the mirror. Isn't that bad for the eyes? I'm very unhappy and still have two to go. I think I seen this on Dr. Oz or THe Doctors show , I need to find out and write them a letter. I'm sick of these companys scamming people all the time.
susan stevens tanne md

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