1 year post scar revision & 1 month post dog ear removal - New Photos at end!!

I am 40 years old, had 2 children and was left...

I am 40 years old, had 2 children and was left with saggy loose skin. I had my tummy tuck with muscle repair 10 months ago on 4/8/11. I am very happy with how my tummy looks. I was, however, left with a very thick scar and a dog ear (skin that sticks out at the end of the incision). Most of the scar is very thick and also goes up higher - about 2 inches - on my right side where the dog ear is. The scar is still pink and raised in that area and thick towards the bottom. The other side (the end four inches on my left side) is a perfect, light, thin line and low. My PS said that the reason for the thick red part of the scar was tension and pulling too early in the healing process. On 3/23/12, at 11 1/2 months post op, I will be having my revision surgery. It will be outpatient, I will not be asleep during surgery. The surgery involves cutting out the old scar and stitching back the skin into a very thin line. The dog ear is removed by cutting it out and stitching the skin together. He will also lower the part of my scar that is a few inches too high. He said it is not anywhere as bad as recovery from TT. I still have to be careful as I don't want to put tension on the new scar! I have posted my photos from 6 months post op. I will also post new before and after photos and update as I recover. I am very excited to finally see my after body - yes one year later! I did not realize this process would take so long, but I know it will be worth it!

I went in early this morning for my scar revision...

I went in early this morning for my scar revision and dog ear removal. It went well and now I am home. I took before photos, but will post them tomorrow. I am 11 & 1/2 months post op. So glad to finally get the finishing touches!

So anyone going in for just dog ear removal will not have surgery like this - that is an in office 15 min. procedure. My surgery took place in the hospital & took about 1/2 hr, 45 min. I was asleep. My PS cut out my old scar on the surface, not deep layers, and removed the dog ears. He then stitched it up into a thin line. He also said he was planning on lowering the scar, so I hope he was able to do that, because even my higher bikinis showed the scar on one end and between the thick high scar and the lumpy dog ear, it just did not look good! I am very happy with my tummy tuck though - he did a great job. I havent had a chance to look at my scar because I am wearing a binder & a layer of cotton over steri-strips. I am dying to see it though, but also afraid. My biggest fear is that I will put tension on my scar again & it will stretch out again.

I feel great, a little sore. I am taking percocet. I woke up from surgery a little nauseas and in pain near the incision, but the nurse gave me meds right away and I felt better within 10 minutes. Now I am eating, resting & had my coffee.

My hubby has been home all day and will take care of me and the kids all weekend, so I am so happy!

Apparently this is about a 4 day recovery. I plan on returning to work on Wednesday. But I really have to watch that tension on my scar this time!

I will update and add pictures tomorrow!

It has been 3 days since my scar revision. I...

It has been 3 days since my scar revision. I still have not seen the scar line, so I do not know if it is thin. The dog ear lumps are gone & my hips have a nice smooth contour which I am so happy about! You can see the before with the lump and the after photo with it nice and smooth! I am still sore, but am able to get up and do things. I do make sure to rest though.

I have added new before and after photos and as soon as the steri-strip comes off, I will post photos of my scar as it heals.

I will be 1 week post revision tomorrow. My...

I will be 1 week post revision tomorrow. My steri-strip tape fell off this past week, so I saw my scar line. It is so much nicer looking and very thin! The one side still goes up higher, but it is very thin at least. The dog ear is gone, but I am very swollen now - I cannot button my jeans and I have been eating so healthy - definately swelling! I am also very very bruised & yellow. The one side where my dog ear was is more swollen than my other, so it will go down. I am rubbing neosporin on it 2 times per day, covering it with gauze & wearing my spanx garment because it puts pressure on my scar & keeps it closed. I am back to work & the ladies have been wonderful keeping me from lifting - my job has lots of heavy lifting, but I am able to do other stuff, so that is good. I am glad tomorrow is Friday so I can rest again. No pain at all. Took my last percocet Sunday morning & nothing since then. Just careful how I move & lift so I don't seperate or strain my scar. Very happy I did this! Saw my ps today & he said everything healing great!

I am 2 weeks today post scar revision & 2 days...

I am 2 weeks today post scar revision & 2 days away from being 1 year post op tt. I am still quite swollen & have to wear my compression garment. The swelling is above the incision the most.

I love how thin the line is! The updated pictures do not show as nice as it looks in real life, because I am still red & swollen. It looks worse than it actually is. Also marks on my tummy are from my garment. Bruising is almost gone. The swelling is on my sides as well.

The only part that really bothers me is the scar goes up high on one side still & looks so ugly in a swimsuit. I really hope it fades nicely, I don't know what it is with that side, but it seems to scar worse than my other side (where the scar is lower). Also the dog ear may not be fully gone, it still lumps out from the back. There is improvement in it, but I am hoping it is just swelling. I, again, have to be patient, which is so hard because I thought I would be past this & posting my 1 year bikini shots by now! Instead I am still recovering. I have been keeping my incision moist & covered - as I read that is the best way to heal a wound.

I will keep you updated.

So I am 3 weeks today post scar revision. No new...

So I am 3 weeks today post scar revision. No new photos, but I will take some next week on my 1 month post revision. It is healing so beautifully. My ps did something with my bellybutton - pulled it down or something, because it looks so nice! Before it had a weird look, like a pulled up look to it, strange. Anyway, he told me he fixed it. I really notice it. I also notice that there is no loose skin at all now. I think he pulled that a bit too when he fixed the scar. The last thing I notice is the dog ear IS gone!!!! Yay!! I noticed this week that, although still swollen, the lump has gone down significantly! I know that when it all heals, the bump will be gone.

I love so much the thin even line of my new incision! I still rub vaseline on it 2 times per day & still keep it covered & wear my compression garment. I also try to massage the scar as I heard it is very important in healing well. I did not keep up with that last time, so I am determined to do it this time. I started wearing Scar fx silicone sheets a few nights ago. Since the scar is not an open wound anymore, I purchased one in the 1" x 21" size & cut it to fit my scar. It goes on nice & sticky & stays on all night! I only wear it at night. Every morning that I take it off, I notice that there is better healing with my skin. I will definately document all that. The annoying thing is my camera does not capture it as well as in real life, but I will still post photos. I believe in the scar sheets, have researched them, my ps recommends them, so for the next 3 months (or more if needed) I will wear this one every night at bedtime. They say you wash it with soap & water & it gets sticky again. Some sheets I heard peel off or are hard to use or need tape to stick, but this one is so easy. Just stick it on & it stays put each night. Wash it once a week & it stays sticky. Perfect. Bought it on amazon. com for $44.00. So worth it I think!

So next week you will see my new pictures at 1 month post revision!

So worth it!!! Would do it again!!

I am very happy with my results - I just have had...

I am very happy with my results - I just have had a crazy few weeks. Devastated that my dog was diagnosed with cancer & had to be put down all within 3 weeks. We only had him 2 years. We adopted him at 8. He seemed so healthy until then & it was a complete shock. We made the difficult decision to put him down a week from this past thursday. Dealing with grief & my kids grief. I can't believe how much I miss him. I promised pics, but this is the last thing on my mind these days, so I will post pics when I am ready. I just looked at my before photos & cannot believe the difference. I really will make a point to post pictures. It is really a nice difference from before photos.

It is almost 2 months since my scar revision. I...

It is almost 2 months since my scar revision. I am very happy I did it. The line is much thinner & I know it will fade with time. Right now it is red, which is normal at this stage of healing. I have heard that it is its worst at 4 months & then gets better with time. I have posted new pictures! Very very happy!!

I use a handheld massager on my scar a few times a day, rub vaseline lotion on it & at night use a silicone strip.

I am sorry to have been off this site for quite a...

I am sorry to have been off this site for quite a few months. I think i needed a break from tummy tucks, etc. i will say that although i love my results & do not regret my decision, i am a bit frustrated that both my dog ears are still there & the scar at the bottom (after scar revision surgery) has stretched out again & still looks awful. I just hope that it will fade in time. I must be an awful scar healer! I am due to see my ps this month & will have the remaining dogears removed again, this time for good i hope! It has been a long road & it is very frustrating to still have to hide my dog ears & scar when i wear a bikini - 2nd summer since initial surgery!! ugh! I just want to see a smooth contour when i look at myself. my laptop broke & was without it for a month so i dont have pictures yet, but i will post as soon as i can.

Forgot to add that it has been 1 & 1/2 years since...

forgot to add that it has been 1 & 1/2 years since tummy tuck & 7 months since scar & dog ear revision surgery.

I went to my ps today, 6 months after dog ear/scar...

i went to my ps today, 6 months after dog ear/scar revision & he told me it will probably go down on its own (i really doubt it). i told him it really bothers me & he popped some steristrips on them, gave me a ton of them to take home & told me to come back in february. if they are still there he will cut them out. ugh. 4 or 5 more months of looking at the ugly lumps. very frustrating. i just cannot wait until this revision stuff is over - so 2 years post tummy tuck when i can finally see my final results. since he wont fix it until feb/march i will also have to spend my 3rd summer since my surgery hiding the scar from the sun - it pops out about an inch or 2 from the top of my bikini bottom. oh well, still no regrets at all. i am so glad that my actual tummy, muscles & skin all look good - i am happy for that at least!

I went to my ps today, 6 months after dog ear/scar...

i went to my ps today, 6 months after dog ear/scar revision & he told me it will probably go down on its own (i really doubt it). i told him it really bothers me & he popped some steristrips on them, gave me a ton of them to take home & told me to come back in february. if they are still there he will cut them out. ugh. 4 or 5 more months of looking at the ugly lumps. very frustrating. i just cannot wait until this revision stuff is over - so 2 years post tummy tuck when i can finally see my final results. since he wont fix it until feb/march i will also have to spend my 3rd summer since my surgery hiding the scar from the sun - it pops out about an inch or 2 from the top of my bikini bottom. oh well, still no regrets at all. i am so glad that my actual tummy, muscles & skin all look good - i am happy for that at least!

I posted on my TT review too. I wanted to let you...

I posted on my TT review too. I wanted to let you know how I am doing 9 months after my scar revision. I know I previously posted that I have a dog ear that still needs to be reviewed, so I will update you after I get it fixed. That is just a simple office visit, so it should be fine.

My scar has healed the most this past month or so - I have noticed more changes. It was at its worst 3 - 4 months post revision. It was red/purple. Now part of it is a thin white line & the bottom part is almost skin color & a bit pink. I am so thrilled & loving my results. I have gained a few pounds from holiday yummies, but I can shed it within a week of healthy eating. I eat healthy 95% of the time & exercise daily, so no problem.

I am not using the silicone strips anymore, but comparing to the way my initial TT scar healed, it seems that they made a difference. This scar was not ropy or raised. I wore the strips every night for 6 months. Now I am just rubbing Palmers cocoa butter oil on it a few times a day, that is all. I also often massaged my scar with a plug in muscle massager & I really think that helped break up the scar tissue, causing it to heal faster & flat. I did not do that after my initial surgery. I also did not use good scar strips after my initial surgery, they were cheap ones that were not even thick & rubbery like the one that I used this time. I was able to wash it after a few wearings & it stuck right back on perfectly for 6 months!! So from experience healing a scar 2 times - I recommend massage & silicone scar sheets. I got mine from Amazon - Scar fx - a long thin strip that I had to cut down to size to fit my scar. 1" x 21" size. It was about $45 if I remember right, but lasted forever.

I will keep updating my progress, so look for my update at the end of next month after my dog ear removal!

PS: Look at the thick ropy scar in the first photo! That was almost a year after my TT! Now, 9 months after my revision, it looks nothing like that! I can imagine how it will be in about a year! Also, some may not know but if you double click the photos you can see them larger & read all the captions too.

So as you know, it is almost a year since my scar...

So as you know, it is almost a year since my scar was revised & dog ears removed. After a few weeks of healing I noticed that the dog ear was not fully gone & have been waiting what feels like forever until I can have it removed. It will be my 2 year anniversary since of my TT on April 8 2011. The dog ear was so ugly & stuck out & was very noticable & I had to pull one side of my bikini higher the past 2 summers to hide it. It was protruding very much before the first removal & noticably enough after.

I am so happy to say that this past Wednesday I went in & had it removed. I am of course, a little nervous that it will come back & with good reason. The last time my dog ear was removed I was swollen & it looked like it was gone (see photos) for a few weeks & as the swelling went down I noticed another lump. This has been the longest healing process although I am still 110% happy that I had my TT & would do it again.

This time the procedure was done while I was awake - My PS numbed the area. I had it done in an out-patient same day surgery facility (not in his office like some PS do). I was able to drive myself there & home & even went back to work that day. I have never been awake for a surgery & it was so weird! I felt the pressure of the cutting at first, but it wasnt pain, just a weird sensation. Then felt nothing as he worked on it. Then he closed me up & I was done - I would say it took about 20 minutes total from beginning to end. It did not hurt at all until around 8 p.m. when I swelled up like a balloon & there was a little bleeding & quite a bit of pain. I had a whole bottle of oxycodone (sp?) from my scar revision last year & I took a tablet at bedtime. I also put ice on it immediately. That all helped & I slept fine. When I woke up the pain was gone & swelling down but I packed ice on it all day & wore my compression garment. I went to work, but had to be careful. By the end of each day so far I have been quite swollen, but that is to be expected. I am also bruised. I cannot see the incision line because I have tape over it. You can see by the latest photos how swollen I am on one side compared to the other. I am praying that when that swelling goes down I find a nice flat incision. I really cannot imagine waiting another year & going through another summer hiding a dog ear!! I will do my best to think positive!

I have posted photos & will keep posting more as I heal. On another note, my scar is healing very nicely. You have to look very closely to see a faint white line. The bottom middle is still healing, not a white line yet, but I am sure it will be soon.

3 weeks post dog ear removal. I added a few new...

3 weeks post dog ear removal. I added a few new photos - they are at the end - click to see larger.

I saw my PS last week, he said everything looks good. Scar healed so thin & beautifully, cant even see it! I kept steri-strip on it 2 weeks, maybe that helped.

I do have a lump, but it is hard & is what my PS called a "pocket of blood". It was very large when I saw him last week. I went home that day & used my heated massager on it & the next morning I woke up to it half size smaller! Each day I use the massager 2 times for 5 minutes. Every morning it is smaller than the day before. You can see the lump in the photo at 4 days post op. Now it is very small & I am hoping that it does not turn into a dog ear. Last year at 3 weeks post op, my dog ear was gone, but came back, so I am not in the clear yet! I will keep massaging & hope for the best!

Ok, so 1 month post dog ear removal & 2 years this...

Ok, so 1 month post dog ear removal & 2 years this coming 4/8 since my TT surgery. I am very happy - I can't believe the difference in swelling. I feel that the dog ear is finally gone. The last pictures are how it looks now. I love my curves - love how low the scar is - those marks you see in photos are not of my scar - they are just marks from my jeans pressing on my skin. I am wearing my lowest bikini underwear & you cannot see my scar! The part of the scar on the one side that goes higher will heal & fade & I am not worried at all now. I am massaging it every day & it looks like a very thin light line already. I am exercising again, eating right & starting to see my ab muscles show! I will keep updating as I heal & add a bikini shot soon! Thanks for your kind comments & for following my looonnng journey!

9 Months post 2nd dog ear revision on my tummy tuck

I have hesitated to update my review because I am carrying 10 extra pounds from my usual weight & I keep thinking I will just post update when I lose the weight. Through talking with another dear Real Selfer, I decided to add some photos. I always loved to see down the road updates myself, so here it is...

I think this summer was my worst as far as not looking like I wish in my bikinis/clothes. 10 lbs on me really shows in the flanks, thighs & arms, I am 5'3" so it shows more on me too, even a 5 lb gain shows. I don't look too bad in the photos, but believe me, none of my pants fit & it is visible to me. My tummy is a bit puffy, especially over the top of the scar on my right side. These photos make the scar look worse than it is because of the shadowing in my room, but it actually lightened up quite a bit. My 2 sides seem uneven, but when I lose the weight & am consistent with my workouts, it looks really good. I will not beat myself up over just 10 lbs. - one thing I am lucky about is that if I put my mind to it, I can lose the weight pretty quickly! With the holidays around the corner, I don't want to go into them with extra weight!

I started my workouts again this morning & am going to stick to them! I am also eating healthy & I will post the update after I get to my goal, hopefully next month!

My dog ear did not come back this time thankfully! I am so happy about that.

Hold on for photos - I am having trouble posting them but am working on it..


Here are the photos. You can see my lower belly is rounded & puffy, but in a few weeks it will flatten out. Would you believe I still have a light bruise from 9 months ago?! That is the dark spot you see on my latest dog ear revision - it will fade, I heard it can take up to a year!

1 & 1/2 years since final dog ear removal, 2 & 1/2 since scar revision

I promised an update & was waiting to lose those 15 pounds before I posted, but oh well....here goes: I am very happy with my results. The scar is still visible, but I know it will fade eventually, as it gradually has since I had the surgery.

The dog ear is finally gone! The scar is still light pink & visible over a swimsuit, but it does not stop me from wearing a 2 piece. The left side scar is white & very faint, of course that side is not visible in a 2 piece.

Anyone who is thinking of doing a dog ear removal, scar revision - go for it!
Name not provided

Very happy with results now - did have to go through 2 revision surgeries (2nd only dog ear again), which is very rare, but thrilled with end result & happy to finally move on!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Scar looks soo thin and fading amazing. So happy for you
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Thank you!!
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Thank you for updating!  It looks completely amazing!  I wish my scars would look like that afterward, but it's unlikely :D.  Still, your TT was a year and a half before mine, so I guess there's hope that mine will improve!  I'm hoping that getting rid of some of the excess fat above my scar will also help put less pressure on it, so that maybe it can get smaller?  I don't know.  But your results are beautiful and inspirational!
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Thank you so much for your kind comments! Yes, scars definately get better with time. I would think the less fat, the less pressure on the scar. But hang in there, yours will improve with time. Take care!
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Just found you!  I'm about to do the same thing :).  I have six dog ears (two on each breast and one on each side of my TT scar) that I'm getting revised next week.  Your result is absolutely beautiful!  I sure hope I can get a great result like that!!  Congratulations :D
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Hi! Thank you so much!! I really need to update & will be sure to do so in the next week. It has healed very well & I am so happy. Good luck to you, you will be so happy with your results!
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Thank you :).  I look forward to reading your update!
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Madison, you look fantastic. I am so happy your results look amazing. My cousin and I have a similar scar, would you provide us with the PS info. We are so depressed with our scars. :(
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HI! Thank you so much for the kind comments! I am so so happy with my results - it has been such a long road for me & to finally be happy is the best feeling! I do need to update as my review has not been updated in quite a long time. I am now over 3 years post tummy tuck surgery & over 2 years post scar revision. My scar is still visible, but I heard with each year it will get lighter & that is actually what I have noticed myself, so that is good news. My scar on the side still stuck up a few inches from my bikini this year, but I just let it hang out. It got tan & now still a bit visible, but blends in better. My PS did my original tummy tuck & he did the scar revision as the touch up to my tummy tuck. He doesn't specialize in scar revision though - but here is his info if you still would like it: Bennett Rothenberg, 22 Old Short Hills Road, Livingston, NJ. He did a good tummy tuck & the scar revision looks very good but my biggest complaint is that I had to have the same dog ear removed twice, each a year apart, which caused me to have to wait 3 years for good results & still the scar came up so high on one side that it is visible in a bikini. I do believe it could have been avoided. I would recommend going to a PS that specializes in scar removal/tummy tucks. My actual tummy tuck results are now finally great, but I am not sure if he specializes in that - I know he specializes in breast surgery.
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PS - Good luck to you & your cousin - I know how you feel, the scars stink! But I still will take them over the saggy gross skin I had. Let me know how it turns out!
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Your revision looks great!
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Thank you so much! I really need to update my review as my scar is much more faded & I am really just so happy with my results over 3 years later!
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Tummy tucks arent even worth the scar....
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Yes, you are trading one issue, saggy loose, wrinkly skin that is visible for a scar that will fade eventually & is hidden under swim bottoms. Personally I'll take the scar any day!! All about what makes you happy :)
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Very helpful, thank you
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You're welcome! I will update again soon, healing very well & very happy now!
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This is so helpful to me. So glad you posted your story!
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Thank you!! I have to update my reviews soon. I am going to be 3 years post TT on April 8th!
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Hi again, I was able to post a review of my dog ear revision. I posted the before pics so you can see what I started with before the revision. Hope you have a great day.
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Thanks for the most recent post! You look great, your scar is healing nicely with no dog ear. I have rec'd mixed reviews from various PS answering my question as to if my revision is still showing a dog ear or if i need lipo. Couple of PS's said it's probably swelling and should go down. Couple of Ps's say they see some fat and to wait two months then have it looked at. One said you still have excess and that I will need to have more skin removed in a few months. Yikes! They are all varying in their answers. I guess time is my best answer. I looked at my before pic and looking at it straight on from the side, it looks pretty flat compared to my before pic. I am try to add it to my profile...I don't know how so I will have to figure out how to do that. Talk to ya later.
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Hi Madison, sorry for so many questions. How did you massage your scars? Was it with a tool or by hand? How did you do it? Thanks. I promise this is the last question.
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Hi Madison, I don't know if you are still keeping up with these comments but I hope so. I am 49 years old and had a full TT done 12 yrs ago. I have had dog ears on both sides and my surgeon was going to charge me to fix it so I lived with them this long. I decided to get rid of them and had it done 1 week ago with another surgeon. I have been looking at your pics trying to gage my recovery with the timeframes of the pics you have posted. How long would you say it took for the swelling to completely go down? Also, your 2nd dog ear revision was that only on your left? Cause on one of your pics you refer to your dog ear but it looks like it was on your right? Thanks for taking time to post your recovery and pics. You pics are my go to source for gaging my recovery. Thank you..
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Hi! I swelled for at least 2 months after my dog ear revision. The worst was in the first 2 weeks. I had 2 revisions - first one took dog ears off both sides & thinned scar & a year later 2nd revision is on my right side. That was a stubborn dog ear! Now it is gone, but scar still there, it will take about a year before it fades to a white line. I do have to post pictures & an update soon. It has been 8 months since my revision. I am glad to help & let me know if you have any other questions! Hope you will be happy with your final results!
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Thank you for such a quick response. I want to get back to working out, my routine is 45 mins of cardio 6 times a week and weight training for 4-5 times a week. I was wondering how long you waited to work out again? I have gained 5lbs in a week (this is my 1st week after dog ear revision), I'm also premenstrual so I don't know if it's swelling or premenstrual or both? Thanks.
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Oh I was also wondering...when you have the final dog ear revision on your right side did you also have it liposuctioned? Just wondering why there was so much bruising? My dogear area looks like the one pic of yours (9mos post, when you noticed the dogear was back). However, I am 1wk post revision, can it be swelling?
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