BBL Ready for Nov-2014 with Dr. Moises Salama

Hey, Im not new to this Real Self Site but this is...

Hey, Im not new to this Real Self Site but this is my first real profile and I must say I am loving the energy from some of you ladies, this site seems to be very helpful with almost every thing. Well, I want to start off by saying that I originally started off wanting liposuction for my stomach because I've always been comfortable with my body, but up until recently I have gained about 15-20 pounds all in the wrong PLACES.
1. Consultation-Reflection Center -Livingston NJ
The doctor made me really comfortable however I did not feel like he was aggressive with the lipo in the pictures. Also the cost was 7,999.00 and It just was to much money for poor pictures and not enough reviews.
2. Consultation-Body Cosmetica- Bayonne NJ
Now this woman I did not feel like she was very informative on the procedure. It seem like she was all about the money and not all about the look that I was going for. Now first Off she was not a certified plastic surgeon she has her license as a OB-BYN. I was able to find that out after researching her. Also I found out that she had alot of bad reviews from people that she did not deliver their babies properly, they were uncomfortable. Thus, that just turned me away completely from getting any thing done with her. And even after I declined getting the procedure done with her she pushed the issue of the lipo so bad that she called me several times with multiple voice mail messages stating how she would go down on the price from 1,295, per area to 700 per area. By than I was more then turned off by the doctor and any of her services, I was totally disgusted and did not want that doctor with out the proper credentials or customer service to perform any work on me.

Check out the links to the doctors that I have researched ladies, although my experience was not the best, this is a warning from me to you, for you to take precautions on these specific doctors. Perhaps your experience might be different from mine. This is not to down play any doctor, these are just my real life experiences.

*Key of advise ladies, don't just aim for a cheap price with a doctor, make sure you do tremendous research before they perform any work on you, because once you change your look it is permanent. Happy Healing Ladies XOXO

My official wish pics

Here are some of my official wish pics :-)

Its official Im going with team SALAMA !!!!!

New Booty

Projection pic of how I want my but after surgery :-)

Yall betta Watch out after my BBL !!!! Im gunna be a Problem

Get ready Ladies !!!! :-)

Booked my date for Sept 2014 with Dr. Salama

Hey BBL Sisters I booked my date for Sept 26 2014 with Dr. Salama and put my deposit down its in 7 more months i cant wait to my new body I posted some pics up of how my body is i had to gain 15 pounds because i did not have enough fat, now the doctor says I'm perfect, I told my boy friend that I'm getting liposuction but he doesn't know that I'm getting a BBL. I'm to scared to tell him and to scared of what he might think. so this is my little secret.

new pics of my journey

I had to gain 15-20 pounds for surgery and I hate the weight on me. I am so anxious for my date in September, I swear it almost cant come fast enough!!!!! Team Salama

15-20 weight gain for surgery

salama ready

November can not come fast enough

Wow so my date has been booked since, January 17,2014. I have about 6 more months before surgery. I am very scared and nervous about my results I want a lot of projection some reconstruction of the hip area and a veryyyy flat stomach and i'm confident that salama can make my dreams come true. my only worries is that the recovery will be very painful. At first I decided that I was going to link up with three woman to a hotel and go half with a rental and everything but. Im not sure what my recovery process will be and i want everything to go the way it should when Im down there makes no sense for me to be healing with three girls that just had surgery I will definitely need a nurse. So I decided to just stick with the recovery house I know it will be alot of money but I know it will average out from what im paying for the hotel/car/food and everything else i will need. cant sit so idk who would be driving us around. I just don't see much logic behind it so Ive decided the recovery house it will be, ill feel a lot more safe and secure. should anything change ill make accommodations. lord knows how bad i want this surgery and I just want to wake up from surgery safely as god should allow me.

My current weight gain 140 pounds dr salama

Updated new pics,,,,READY FOR SALAMA

so my current weight is 140 but naked, which means Ive lost about 6lbs. My weight use to be about 145-146 but i guess from all that Ive been going through, with lost of appetite i haven't been to encouraged to eat. Well as you all should know I do eat healthy during the week to maintain my weight at 140lbs. However, on the weekends I tend to eat whatever comes to mind, sort of like a cheat day, or two lol. I'm about 5 months until surgery and I must say I am excited and ready to commit my self to getting my new dream body. I think about the SX everyday and how much my life will soon change!, well as for now ladies im out ! feel free to comment below and anything XOXOXO happy healings!

How many CC's do I need

Im not sure how many cc's I need because I want more projection in the rear, but i know for sure that my stomach will be flat which will already make my but appear even bigger than what it already is. So im concerned on how many cc's will satisfy my big booty crave. My but is already a nice size so I was thinking maybe 1000 cc's tops lol hopefully my body will retain 60% of the fat.
Also ladies doing squats and lounges before surgery allows your muscles to retain the fat in your but. So ill start tomorrow. Also ladies how many CC's do you think i will neeed for surgery, my waist now is at a 27 & 1/2 which means im looking for a 25 24 waist bitch call me crazy but this is what i want, oh and I know my Boyfriend will be calling me back lol

Thoughts After Surgery

My thoughts after surgery and after the healing process, I plan on having epic weekends with my cousins BIGBOOTYJUDYYY/ and friend shout outs BIGBOOTYJUDYYY. on the weekend i plan on taking trips to Vegas/Miami/Atlanta/philly/mexico and guest appearances at clubs, shyt if miracle watts and lira galor can do It i dont see why I cant. Im just saying if im spending 10k on my body i better work to pay it off !!!!! so no harm in flaunting, I can almost feel the Hate :-* XOXOXOX Happy healings

Salama you better work !!!!!!

Official weight gain bbl sistahs let's get it

Weight gain nĂºmero dos

Weight weight weight n more weight

Wish pic of all time

Weight gain


boyfriend doesn't know a thing about the bbl

okay ladies so i've been planning to have this surgery for over a year now and i am nervous, scared and excited, but one thing i must mention is that my boyfriend does not know anything about the surgery!!! as crazy as it sounds i'm whiling to hide this procedure from him forever. If he becomes suspicious of anything i will continue to deny it but this surgery is something that i am doing for myself and a gift to my self so i don't think its anyones business to know or try to find something to hold against my head if we become enimies i've been trhough way to much in my life to start over on anything, this will be a new start for me, for now i'll just ell him ive been in the gym doing squats working out eating right lol who cares im taking this SX surgery to the grave bitch!!!

advice for ladies who are heavy weight!!!this is not gastric-bypass surgery this is simply a body reconstructing surgery

Hello ladies i have some advice for a lot of you real self women who are over weight and think that you will come out looking like your wish pics(beyonce,k.michelle,keyshia dior,black chyna). As good as it sounds, unfortunately you will NOT. So my advice to you ladies: will be I encourage you all to loose the weight. I know plenty of women have had children in the past and it could seem merely impossible to loose the weight, well it ISN'T, change your eating habits, exercise, eat healthy and make sure to get your full 8hours of sleep. with good time management and great family support and RS BBL Sisters as well you can have a successful weight lost journey. Now I have recently stumbled across several pages with woman posting pics that are unrealistic to their body type and figure. the surgeons can only do but so much to help you but you must remember also that this surgery is for body reconstructing and NOT a weight lost surgery, the bbl simply helps reconstruct and contour your figure. so i would suggest to loose some pounds to have the best results. its good that you ladies have courage to post your pics and share your experience with others. Also be mindful that everyone's body type is different and you may see some people with different wish pics with the mindset that they will look like that when realistically it would be almost impossible for the doctor to go beyond the lipo limit so you don't want to put your self in harms way because the doctor damn sure isn't going to loose his license (his 12 yrs of schooling). so get a large waist corset and exercise the fat off. you can be sure that if you go in fat, you will come out fat and hippy that is not cute ladies. this is not gastric-bypass surgery this is simply a body reconstructing surgery so don't spend thousands on dollars trying to get the surgery when you have to do your part otherwise you will waist money (THOUSANDS OF IT)and still be over weight ladies lets be smart, and loose the weight, I coca_colashaped approve this message lol vote me for SX Mayor !!!!

life isn't always so sweet after all

So life isn't always so sweet after all, so after reading sisterless review about her sister whom had passed away due to Dr's malpractice and unsanitary issues, this young woman had lost her life from this BBL surgery, I'd like to send my deepest heartfelt condolences to her and her family, may Allah be with her! Please read her review as death is a risk of plastic surgery!

4months pre op

New pics in bra and panties

New pics of self yuck

This morning pics

clear pics of my body

hey ladies here are some clear pics that i posted today and Saturday of my stomach, thanks for the nice boobs compliments i really appreciate the love and support I've been getting from you ladies. SX (surgery) is in about 4 months and my boyfriend wants to come with me to miami but im like hell to the naw, this is not a vacation, I told him im going to Miami to get my stomach done he has no idea bout the whole BBL Procedure and I wont dare tell him either, well hes giving me money for my plane ticket but apparently thinks im going to Miami to turn up, yeah im going to turn up alright, more like turn down lol im ready for this life change I cant explain how much i think about this procedure.

When I get back home from surgery my plans

When I get back home from surgery my plans are to loose about 10 lbs
I want to go down in my arms and my face my over all weight but I dont want to look super thin, just toned and alot slimmer, im normally much smaller than this though so mostly likely i do one meal a day and juice for the most part, But I might have to do that after at least two months cause in the process im not going to be trying to loose my ass either so that will wait 2 months, I'm so anxious about getting this procedure, I know my life will at least feel like its on track, Im sick of trying to wear certain things that cover my weight or my stomach I like to feel comfortable in the skin that I am in and this procedure will do it, crop tops and jeans nice simple outfits that I want to wear and I can because of how i want to look in it. just saying, that this surgery will be a blessing to me.

Within the next month I plan to loose a solid 5-7 lbs

Within the next month I plan to loose a solid 5-7 Lbs lately I've just been feeling heavy, I'll do some running maybe 3 times a weeks, juicing and one solid meal a day. My goal is to just tone my body up and exercise. I buy fruits and veggies. I just wanna get back in the groove. feeling to sluggish lately.

Wish pics

Im so excited about getting the BBL

Im so excited about getting the BBL I just uploaded some wish pics of my fav girl, If Salama can get me as nice as she is or close enough I would be super happy O M Gee C'mon BBL Cant come fast enough, knowing me I might get scared when I arrive in Miami, but Im going big or Im going Home, Team big booty

all the ass im looking for :-) hip to waist ratio


I know its been a very long time ladies but so much has happened, i must inform you all that Ive been saving for this surgery out of pocket since December, the cost of my surgery is 7,000.00 and right now I have 3 months away from surgery and the balance is about 1,600.00 left to pay which doesn't include supplies, flight reservations food nothing. My biggest worry is that this surgery will not be paid in time and I will be forced to extend my date, for another lord knows how long, This surgery is something Ive been wanting for a very long time and my dreams are finally being answered but its like now Im stuck in this dilemma not knowing if I will pay for the rest of these things in time, but right for the most part I've been continuing my faith in God because without him I would have not even made it this far with paying all of this money, so at this point I will not stress my self any more whats meant to happen will happen naturally, not forced, not stressed it will just happen.
Dr. Moises Salama

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Team Salamaaaaaa baby! Im soo excited for u hunnie!
  • Reply
thanks my love im excited as well, i know he will make me booty-licious that hour glass im looking for
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how are you holding up :-)
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Good luck
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thanks boo
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That's a gd wish pic
  • Reply
thanks boo, i snagged that pic off of someone else's page, im telling you if i can get an ass like that haaaaaaaaaa im gunna have to pray for lawd not to be a conceited ass woman lol
  • Reply
You have a great physique; Salama is going to definitely put you on the map. That being said, I can't wait to hear about how you hide all that a$$ from your guy. This is going to be good! Good luck!
  • Reply
Hey, Donkalicious ill just have to continue denying the new booty until he finally stops asking, I knew it will be difficult lol I'll just make sure I have a come back for ever question. thanks for the support sissy
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Good foundation, I tink u will have good results. I'm following ur journey.
  • Reply
awwww thank you for following my journey and supporting me
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I'll follow ur journey bunny :) ull look amazing salama works miracles. I actually had a lil crush on him after the bbl lol that's how happy he made me. Talk about crushing on another haha
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thanks you baby gurl Im excited three months pre op i cant wait
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I didnt get the procedure yet im about 3 months away boo
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I noticed you said you wanted to lose weight for your arms and your face! Here is the thing, when I gained weight my arms and face got fat but I needed the weight for sx. I wanted my butt to be big so I could lose weight after sx, but he said it won't be big because my skin was too tight :( If you lose weight you will definitely lose weight in your butt as well! If your butt comes out the size you want it and you lose weight you may not be happy. I can't do much about my face but I decided to get my arms done. My butt is perfect for my size and I would be hurt if I lost any weight! Bad thing is I am a gym junkie!!!!
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Your body looks so good I love your results, I think you look awesome, I am still going to loose weight though at least 5 lbs because Ive been feeling real heavy lately. But that's for the advice your great I love the way salama contoured your body.
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Sending u good vibes for your surgery! Thanks for writing a response on mine. I am 7 days post op with Hughes and it's been a rollercoaster ... I can't wait for the swelling to go down. You are absolutely right though this is not a get slim thing it's really just a contouring thing and after that out own dedication very important. I look forward toward seeing your fab results x
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Thanks Luv Bug, Congrats on your journey glad you made it out safe and well, your body looks good :-). Well the Most I am Going to loose is about 5-7 LBS which isnt bad because most of that will be water weight anyway. But I just want to look Smaller my arms have gotten bigger and my face looks a lil chunky I just wanna go down now. Just a few pounds I know Ill be fine
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I want that same ratio! Slim up-top -- little waist -- round bum.
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I personally think your fine, perfect, just right, and yes thats a good suggestion 10lbs would look so great on you. Projections really shows the persons curves, so we will need projection and contouring
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Sweet. Any ideas for weight gaining?
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yes, eat late, eat alot of startches if you can purchase, boots, ensure or sports drinks, If you drink Liqour now is the time to really drink, alot of fried food high and salts and sugars and dont so any excercising, it took me three months to gain my weight.
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Ugh goodness! I'm going the first week of September. I need at least 7 lbs.
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really omg i cant wait to see your results bby im going in november and it is going by fast girl you better gain that weight lol stop playing u'll be yummy if you do
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