Vaser Lipo Upper, Lower and Flanks Sat 24th May Liverpool - GB

I will be going into the NU clinic in Liverpool...

I will be going into the NU clinic in Liverpool this Saturday for my procedure, I will post pictures later of before and after and give updates to how its going. This site has been invaluble in making my mind up about going through with this procedure.

Thanks to other posters on here for giving me their advice and experiences.
Thanks for starting a review- can't wait to see your before pics.  Good luck!

2 Days to go Pre Pictures

Well its 2 days to go, Im booked in on Saturday. Im not nervous at all, quite looking forward to it.
Glad you've started a review now. Can't believe were both gonna be in at the same time. Gonna be so interesting to see how we both recover with swelling etc nice to have someone to share the journey with who will be feeling identical to me. Still cannot believe tomorrow is our last day with these pouches!!! I'm gonna be holding mine all day so I remember what it felt like forever!!!
Yeah should be good to see how we both get on with the procedure. Hope i can walk round this summer without breathing in lol, are you going to be putting any pictures up?
Yes I plan on documenting daily to help spur me on and keep spirits up. My MLD therapist will be the first to take garment off so she will be there the first time I take it off so will do a pre therapy photo 1.30 Sunday and then an after therapy photo. I'm like you not nervous in the slightest but just uber excited now to get it done. I've been looking at my belly all day thinking wow it's gonna be gone this time in two days. It's a surreal feeling!

The Night before.

Hi, well its the night before the big day,. ive got everything i need think, Arnica tablets, Arnica cream, paracetamol, loose clothing for after the treatment and my beds got plastic sheeting on it with absorbent padding.
I dont feel nervous at all, the feeling ive got is more like the feeling you get the night before you start a new job, strange but true.
Ive got to be at the clinic for 11am, so i will update tomorrow after the treatment. Wish me luck.
Good luck!!!
Good luck for tomorrow sweetpea, just packing my bag etc now, feels bizarre!!! Won't sleep tonight I don't think eek. Let me know when you're out and ok!!
Thanks, good luck to you too. Slept as normal last night. Im just leaving to go now. Mines at 11 so wont be long now. Update you later.

All done in just over 2 hours.

All done now 2000mls removed, I just having a coffee after the procedure. The Staff were brilliant, ( Dr Vlok, Lyndsey and Marie) chatting to me all the way through
, explaing what was happening the
news too Quite abit of leakage at themoment, which is a good thing One word excellent, will update later

Home now

Im in no pain as yet, procedure finished just after 2, the only slight pain i have is just above my belly button to my rib cage. My chest, stomach and flanks are a bit bloated due to 5 ltrs of fluid pumped in, so i feel biggerbthan when i went in at the moment. This will go down in time. Having a bit of leakage which is only natural.
Dr Vlok saidvhe was very pleased at the way it all went, so sounds fine to me.
Sorry for the previous update, i missed some text off it as i was still feeling a bit hazy with the diazapan.
Sounds like we had exactly the same experience. Was far better than anticipated!! Just very sore around my boney rib age so he had to change usual incision place to around my side a bit more as my bones stuck out too much and fat was very fibrous around that area he really struggled a while. All in all I enjoyed the day!! I'm a weirdo. My skin looks horrid but will attach soon. He ended uo giving me a 5000 procedure instead of 3k as I sweet talked him into hi def!! So recovery a lot longer than anticipated have to have ten massages now and wear foams and belts etc and garment for 12 weeks but should be worth it. Trying to sleep on belly really hard my rib incision KILLS ack. Good luck sleeping tonight. So proud of us!
Yes around the ribs is abit more painfull than other areas, he said he went abit further with me, but i was only getting vaser and i think he went onto vaser med, so all good. I slept fine, just had a bit of pain in the right nipple incision., but i took some paracetamol and it went straight away. The only problem ive had is the leakage, but this is expected as he used 5ltrs of lidocaine solution and what ever its mixed with. Your stomach really swell with that, i now now whst it feels like to have man boobs, but thst soon drains away. It feels like my stomach and flanks are smaller but i still have fluid and a bit swollen so it can only get better. More updates soon.

1 day Post

After a very good sleep, i woke up as normal, not in any pain really. It just feels like ive over done it at the gym. Still got leakage, but thats normal ad long as you keep changing your pad im sure itll stop in a day or too. Im taking Arnica to help with the bruising, but dont know if ive got any as i haven't looked as yet. Im still bloated with the fluid but im told this will absorb or come out, then the swelling will come. I feel thiner but that could be the compression garment which to be honest is very comfortable. I will update tomorrow.

1st day pictures

Have you showered yet? I've just updated mine and done all my dressings etc, felling pretty good! Xxx
Not showed yet, but changed dressings, they said not to shower for 2 days. Where your incisions still open? The 2 by my groin are slighty, but the leakage has slowed. Im in more pain tonight getting up off the couch is a little tender but bearable. Hope your ok.

2 day pictures

Hi its now been 2 days since my procedure, i have slept fine both nights, with just minimal discomfort which is expected. Ive just had a shower and took a look for the first time. I dont have much bruising at all, but I am still swollen. Just put some shorts and didnt have to breathe in to fit into the but i have got my garment on underneath. Will update later. Heres some pictures anyway.
Lookin good spud!
Thanks looking alot better than it was, should get better as time goe's on. Ill see if exercise will get rid of my back area or ill get that done too, but this will at least kick statt the process. Hope your feeling good and glad you got it done.
Has your itching phase commenced??!! I'm going insane here!!!

3rd day

Feels good today, getting less discomfort, but some bruising, but no leakage today. Im going for MLD massage on thursday so should know more then.

4th day

Its been 4 days since the procedure and the brusing is going down, only minimal discomfort, im not taking any pain killers and im sleeping fine and still wearing the garment. I'm going for my massage tomorrow so i'll know more tomorrow how it looks.
How did you get on with MLD? Just to let you know I was talking to my therapist this afternoon about you and she was saying as there are only two MLD qualified in the Liverpool area you can contact her if you want advice or some massages from her. She is based in ormskirk and travels to your house, I am in Formby but there is also another called Fiona who is the Sefton park side of Liverpool therapist. Just if you were struggling as they are vaser trained. I can message you information xx

6th day

Had my MLD massage yesterday, it felt very nice, even though it was a bit painfull with the heat at times. I still have some bruising and swelling, but not in any pain at all. Just the odd sensation at times, but its only been a week so im quite supprised really.

8th Day

Bit swollen today, but not in any pain. Had my 2nd MLD at home this was nice and more for defininition The therapist use an electonic device whichI held, but she has the other end attatched to her, so when she massages you it vibrates where shes massaging. It felt really good and gave me some shape. So upto now everythings going to plan.

11th Day

Still a bit swollen, but feeling good no pain, just abit of discomfort from the garment and belts im wearing. Its got to be done so ill just have to put up with it. Ive had 2 MLD sessions and the 2nd one was painfull, but well worth it as shes working on my shape. Ive got another one tomorrow and ive been told to take 2 pain killers before to ease the pain lol. Looking good though.

18th Day

Still got some swelling, still feeling numb in certain areas but no pain at all, just strange sensations under the skin when i take my garment off. It feels good though. All my cuts have healed except for one, seemed abit infedted, but put some cream on it and its fine now. My sides are coming in nicely and my lower abs too. Ive still got the garment on with foam padding underneath and 2 Everlast belts on, not good with the weather were having at the moment. Ive got my 5th MLD massage tomorrow, Upto now it seems to be going well.
Dr. Vlok

Excellent clinic, staff were very good couldn't fault them. Dr Vlok and his medical staff. He was great from the first time i met him till after the Vaser. He explained everything to me and and answerd any questions i had before, during and after my procedure. Very relaxed and comfortable experience at the NU Clinc, Rodney St, Liverpool. I have not had any after care as yet so can not givebit a rating as yet, but im sure it will be 5 stars.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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