Vasar Lipo to Upper/lower Abdominal, flanks and pubis. . Liverpool, GB

Hi im new to this blog so hello everyone... I...

Hi im new to this blog so hello everyone... I wanted to share my experience of vaser liposuction. . Im 5ft5 and weight 10st 7lbs although I am happy with my weight.. I have a tubby belly I cant seem to shift and a promonant mons pubis.. this is due to being over weight as a child and loosing weight as an adult which left me with pockets of fat im un happy I said I am the weight I want to be but there are no exercises that will tone and define the pubic area.. so with lots of research I decided to go with nu cosmetics in liverpool who were so welcoming and helpful I didnt feel embarrassed infront of the staff I had s cconsultation with Dr Vlok who is absolutely lovely and cant do enough for you.. my surgeon took lots of before and after photos which I will upload as soon as hes emailed them to me

day 1

I was very lucky that dr vlok sculpted my flanks for free as he wanted me to be totaly happy with my end result.. so I was really thankful.. after the procedure I stood up off the bed and I was leaking everywhere via the 6 incisions I have.. getting into my garment was very difficult I had sterile pads put on my wounds but I was leaking through them.. a tip would be to bring adult pull up pads with you so all fluid will be retained.. anyway I couldnt get into the garment nu cosmetic purchased for me ( macom 03 medium).. I brought an all in 1 body suit (maidenform.. from jd williams..sg233.. £12) with me which I found held the padding in place..
When I got home I put on an extra compression garment ( from jd williams..ipanema corset.. sc510 £22) and compression knickers ( macom, medium 2046 [ £36.90])
I had to keep changing my padding due to leakage.
I put a waterproof double bed sheet on my bed (tesco £3.50) and layed bed pads down and it did the trick.. I lay on my stomach most of the night as I wasnt in pain I was just feeling hemmed in by the garments..

day 2

My hubby put some arnica gel on his hands and massaged me all over pushing out excess fluid which I was grateful for, it was a strange feeling being swollen and a bit numb.. I was advised to not shower for 48 hours but I felt smelly and horrible in a wet garments so I had a quick shower (with non purfume soap) and put my garments into the wash.. and popped my spare garments on ( macom 03 £90). Ive started to feel tender around my ribs but nothing unbearable ive not needed any painkillers but I am on antibiotics for 7 days to prevent any infections.
I will try and take a pic with no garment tomorrow so you can see the difference from my pre op pic.

day 3

Feeling tender today esp when sitting or bending.. im keep walking around and massaging myself. . I can see the difference but im still swollen I cant wait for the end result.. im researching local lymphatic drainage massargers so hopefully I can book an appointment asap to avoid excess swelling. . Over all im still happy I had the procedure done
Dr Vlok

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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How soon did you start the massage after your surgery? How many sessions will you have?
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I started has massages as soon as my wounds closed over. Ive only had two so far and massage my self every day with Juniper oil.. im going to have around 10 mld massages in total
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Where did you get your compression garments? Are they comfy?
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Hi compression garment fromm I find there ok to wear. Its been 4 weeks 3 days since I had vaser and I feel I need a new tighter garment. But im buying spanx now
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Thanks this is great timing, I'm going to nu cosmetics Liverpool in October for vaser
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Great im glad my post helped.. what areas are you having vasered?
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I am having my upper and lower abdomen and flanks done and I'm very excited, Dr volk too. Have you lost much weight? Did you get the result you wanted and how much fat do they take out?
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Hi sorry for late reply ive been on holiday. .I bet your excited dr vloks lovely he makes you feel comfortable. .erm its early days yet so I can't say whether ive got my ideal figure yet as I still have swelling. . But I can see a slight difference in shape all over and I feel more confident. . I will let u know in oct as that will be 3 months post op and at least 80% off my swelling should have gone by then.. ill post new pictures then so you can see the difference.. he took a litre of fat out. . Good luck keep me posted x
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Ive not lost must much weight. Bit I only had a litre of fat remoremoved.x
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Oh yeah forgot to say.. nu cosmetics ordered my main garment for me and charged me £90 from macom but I went onto macoms websibe my self and they only charge £56 so make sure you order your own.
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hey the mld massages are so hard to book i called like ten places and five of dem were like no v dont do it and others were like v r fully book (even after 4 weeks) then i finally found a tradition place who does like 25 pound per 45 mins sessions which i fount was v cheap xxx babe im due nxt month for vaser i was confused as to whether u defo have to do ultrasound therapy as well post vaser?
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Hi hun Ive finally found a mld therapist a few miles from me she charges £35 for an hour which is reasonable. . Im having it done tonight which im looking forward to as ive swelled up lol.. I was advised by my surgeon to buy an ultrasound massager from amazon at £118. But ive not bought one yet its a bit pricey But Its up to you if you want to have ultrasound. . I dont know if it effects the healing process or not.. but for now im getting my husband to massage me and im going to keep up with the mld massages.. what areas are you having vaser done on?? Good luck x
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babes im having done on full stomach, supposedly its upper/lower abdomen and posterior abdomen basically if u gon on my profile iv started a review u can see :) and yeap u r absolutely right ultrasound only helps inflammation for wich i have bough a massager from amazon worth 18 pound not 118 cuz trust me i hav bought machines worth 400, n returned dem cuz its jus a price tag dey all the same. :) how many massages u booked in for love?
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n same is wid mld iv been told prices like 60 pound per session wich is horrible i was lucky that i found one place like 2 miles from me n 25 pound for 45 minxxx :)
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Thanks for starting a review!  We can't wait to hear all about how your recovery goes and see your after pics.  
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Hi jill thanks it will add as many photos as I can.
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Loving all your updates, thanks for keeping us all in the loop.  Can't wait to hear more.  I'm so glad you are happy so far and can already see some results :)
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