Ultherapy in UK - Liverpool, GB -9 days post procedure

I am 39 years old and the signs of aging were...

I am 39 years old and the signs of aging were really beginning to bother me. I was looking for something non invasive and was confused with all the various.options out there. I came across this treatment and after much research and questioning I had this done on Tuesday 22nd Jan 2013. As most of the reviews relate to the procedure in America and it is still relatively new to UK, I thought I should share my experience here. I was relentlessly assured that there would be no pain and possibly only minor discomfort.

Don't let anyone delude you into thinking this is the case as it is a very painful procedure and barely tolerable even with high dose ibuprofen, paracetamol and codeine. This definitely requires very strong prescription only painkillers like morphine. I am still very swollen 48 hours later and there is still tenderness esp around the jawline. My face actually looks worse and no benefit seen yet. I am assured that it will improve and I will return to the clinic in 4-5 weeks for follow-up. Currently I'm not happy but will be patient too see it through. I would love to hear from other UK users.

Thankyou and i wish you well. I live in the UK too and will be very interested in how you do.?

Thank you so much for starting your review! Sorry to hear it was actually painful. :-/

Did you have your neck done as well, or face only?

I'm so sorry you had a painful experience with the Ultherapy. I had the procedure done on the 23rd and while it was uncomfortable at times, I did not find it overwhelmingly painful. I took a Xanax and Loratab one hour before the procedure and it must have worked because I was relaxed and not in pain. I also had Fraxel laser done to my face later that day, so my swelling was a result of that mostly. I know it will be at least 4-6 weeks before we start seeing results but I can't wait!! Hope you get the results you are hoping for!!

Hi. It's been 9 days since I had my procedure and...

Hi. It's been 9 days since I had my procedure and I'm still sore, tender and painful around the jawline. There is still numbness too. This has improved though. Although the skin around the jaw does feel tighter I can see much of a difference on photos and definitely no change elsewhere. My therapist assured me that as its a process, I will see results and that the pain is good as it suggests its working and healing, but does that then mean lack of pain elsewhere means it didn't work anywhere else? . I am due top-up treatment in march so I will update again. I'm not impressed so far but am still willing to wait and see. It's very expensive for very subtle change if any. I have heard of the one stitch face lift which an online video suggested good results. I had considered it as an alternative but then thought I'd try this. The expense is comparable but effect seems would have been immediate and definite. Would be nice to know if anyone has had that. Will continue to update
Sorry in my last message was meant to type I can't see much difference on photos. The swelling has gone down and although pain, tenderness and numbness is still there, it has improved.

Hi Its now over 2 weeks since i had the procedure...

Hi Its now over 2 weeks since i had the procedure done on 22nd January and i still feel a little tender and uncomfortable around the jaw, however this is much improved. The area does feel firmer and tighter however overall not much difference seen in my overall facial look. My main concerns were my eyes and my cheeks looking a little saggy, however these areas are no different. I didnt feel that my therapist focused on these areas too much hence i only felt post procedure pain in my jawline. Hope to still go back maybe towards end of Feb for topup. Will continue to update, but would love to hear how others are getting on who have had the treatment. Thanks
Thats a great question about different pain experiences. I had the treatment and did not take anything for it. I am a big baby when it comes to pain, or even drinking anything that tastes bad (no matter how good it is for you). That being said, I was able to tolerate the treatment. Yes it hurt. I was glad when it was over...but I have experienced much worse pain with laser.

It's a few weeks now since I had the Ultherapy...

It's a few weeks now since I had the Ultherapy procedure. I still have some numbness and discomfort around my jaw. I have been taking photos to see any improvements but to be honest i feel my face actually looks worse rather than better. I'm getting quite concerned about it. I have booked in to see my therapist again next week and will update after then.

I went for my top-up treatment and despite being...

I went for my top-up treatment and despite being armed with maximum prescription only pain relief, the treatment was still quite painful. The painkillers which were taken in advance yo ensure they had kicked in, only took the edge off the pain, hence I only just managed the treatment. I'm not as swollen this time, but I guess possibly as the treatment time was less. I do notice a difference to my eyes this time round which I'm pleased about. Just hope it's not short lived. The therapist tells me I should maximum results in about 6 months. I'm really astonished in how some people say they did not have any pain as especially as maximum analgesia only slightly dulled the pain which was still quite significant. I will continue yo update.
I've not had laser but have had Nlite which was uncomfortable. I can usually handle pain but this was very painful especially in certain boney areas
Yes I has my face and neck done

Hi. It's been about 2 weeks since the top up...

Hi. It's been about 2 weeks since the top up treatment where I had noticed an immediate improvement to the eyes, however this was short -lived and everything now looks as before Ulthera. I can't see any noticeable visual improvement. Skin feels firmer but not lifted. Will try and be patient as my therapist tells me I need to wait around 6 months for final result.

Its been over two months since the treatment and...

Its been over two months since the treatment and there is still numbness along the jawline of both sides. My skin generally does feel tighter to the touch, but not visually significantly different still as yet. Eyes appear lifted (less hooded) but little notable difference to lower lids which were a problem area. Will update again.
Hi amber, do you still have numbness around jawline? I had the treatment done 6 weeks ago and still numb. Starting to get bit concerned.
Hi Lee1971cars. Yes unfortunately I still have some degree of numbness although seems to have improved. If the treatment still meant to be working away at 3-6 months then maybe it takes that long for the side effects to settle too. Try not to worry as it is a slow progressive process. Hope it turns out well for you :-)
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