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My Bad Botox Experience and Terrible Doctor - Littleton, NH

I wanted to get rid of my laugh lines and crows...

I wanted to get rid of my laugh lines and crows feet and between the eye lines. However, this made everything worse. I had attended a program at a spa -Fresh Salon and Day Spa in Littleton, NH where a plastic surgeon was giving a talk on Botox and other cosmetic procedures. His name is Patrick Fitzpatrick and he is a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon. He insisted that laying down for Botox injections was fine and was annoyed that I said all my other doctors have said I should remain upright for the injections and for at least 4 hours afterward. Two weeks later, I stupidly made an appointment to have Botox injections with Dr. Fitzpatrick. He made me lie down for the injections and afterward for about 20 minutes. He also told me that it did not matter what I did after the injections that anything was ok there were no limitations. I began feeling badly after getting up from the injections and told the receptionist this. That evening, I remained upright until 3 in the morning to avoid problems but had constant pain in my right eye and awakened this morning to find my right eye was drooping badly and very difficult to keep open in addition to swelling in the areas of the injections on my cheeks and between my eyes. This is horrible and I have wasted my money only to find this doctor made terrible mistakes and has made my face much worse looking with the drooping and swelling.
Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick

He would not listen to me when I repeated the advice I had received from at least 5 other doctors about having the injections upright and remaining upright for at least 4 hours afterward. He is very sure he is right about everything and does not listen to any other opinions. When I called to tell him about the problems, he tried to blame them on my vitamins or other things I take and tried to say it was somehow my fault--not his. He also said that aspirin was not an anti-inflammatory. In other words, he is very misinformed and not open to questioning his practices and procedures.

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I have done Botox 6 times and have never been told to sit up after. I had two different doctors. I get scared everytime I do it because there is always a risk of dropping with any Botox. My doctor told me there are things that can help with the drooping. It's just one of the risks for Botox.
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It sounds like your doctors may have been somewhat irresponsible as well. When you seriously research this subject and ask really qualified doctors they all agree that being upright for at least 4 hours after your shots as well as being upright for the shots is key to avoiding droopy eyelids and other problems. All my previous doctors were adamant about this and I never had a bad reaction before. Some doctors are just not careful enough.
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I agree. This is what I have read many times. I also read not to have facials afterwards (no massaging the face) or exercise. Here are 17 drs opinions http://www.realself.com/question/after-botox-lie. Have you had any improvement?
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I'm sorry you had a bad experience this time.  I was also told to stay upright for 4 hours after the injections.  Do you think laying down for 20 minutes was the problem, or that he injected you incorrectly?

Have you considered seeing one of your past injectors to see if they can do anything to make your results better?  I know sometimes more botox in different muscles can help.  Either way, keep us posted on how you are doing.
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I have never had botox injected while laying down before. All doctors did it with me sitting upright. He injected it much more painfully and I have many marks from the shots which were done entirely differently than any of the previous botox injections I had received. This doctor is very poor and has caused me a very droopy eyelid and many marks from the needles which do not seem to be healing. I have never had marks from the needles before or any pain from the needles previously. This doctor is absolutely irresponsible and terrible. He also swore to me that aspirin is not helpful for inflammation., That is totally wrong as aspirin is an NSAID which stands for Nonsteriodal Antiinflammatory drug. I am seeing a previous injector tomorrow but do not think much can be done to fix this now. However, I will try. Meanwhile, I have been taken for $650 by this dishonest and really bad Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick who is part of Littleton Healthcare in Littleton, New Hampshire. He is really a criminal!!!
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How did the appointment go?
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I also think the injections while laying down and the way he injected caused problems. I have numerous marks from the needles and my whole face is drooping and uncomfortable and my eyes are foggy. I am going to see and eye doctor-and a dermatologist to try to look into these problems.
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