Vaser Lipo of Upper and Lower Abdomen and Flanks--also Some Practical Advice for You!

Well, I already made a very long, detailed post...

Well, I already made a very long, detailed post about my experience so far, but somehow it was lost and I am not up to writing it all again. But I will summarize: I am 36, a size 12-14, had stubborn abdominal fat after having a baby four years ago. I opted for vaser lipo and found a great doctor and staff (these days nurses and other support staff are just as important, so let's give them props). I went home with a little more pain than I expected (I'll tell you why in a minute), and for the first 48 hours I felt very fragile. I would call it tenderness more than pain, because it doesn't hurt all by itself, only if touched or while moving. So you just have to move very slowly and carefully at first.

The compression garment is a mixed blessing--it makes you feel secure but adds to the pain too. Now here's something I wish I knew ahead of time, so heads up if you're considering abdominal lipo of any kind, especially if you won't have much help. Go around your house and assess all the things that are below waist level, and consider if they need some kind of attention BEFORE you go to surgery. Empty your wastepaper baskets, put down some extra large bowls for your pets' food and water and fill them up, put a new roll of toilet paper on the roller, consider any items you may want to use in the next week--if they are down low, put them higher. Bottom line, you will be unable to bend over or squat for at least a few days. Even if you aren't in much pain, the compression garment will make it extremely difficult. That thing is no joke--it's not like gauzy bandages, but more like a Victorian corset. Also, prepare to leak lots of bloody fluid, maybe even on your floor (I did).

I am now nine days post-op, and pretty impressed with my results, although of course I still have some swelling. I am most pleased with the flanks. --I didn't even go to my consultation intending to have them done, only the abs, but when the doctor suggested it would be much better to do the whole "tire" (my words, not his), I considered it, and then the billing employee informed me it would only cost an additional $200 I was like "heck yeah"! My hands can still remember the big hunks of hip flesh I could grab.....and now they're just gone! I do have areas of the hard, ripply kind of swelling that I've read many people complain about, but I am confident it will get better with time, compression and massage.

Today I realized a lot of the numbness is gone, which is a relief. Two days ago I had my first follow-up and here's why I had such extra pain the first few days: the doctor says I had some of the toughest fat he's ever had to deal with, in fact he had to get out extra equipment. It doesn't surprise me at all, I've always been extremely densely built, both muscle and fat, which is why I weigh much more than most people guess (presently 193 but not that big and no sagging whatsoever, even before the lipo). So, since he had to jab extra hard, that explains the bad tenderness. But that started getting notably better on the third morning, and on the fourth I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for a full 30 minutes (only 2.5 mph, but better than sitting on the couch, aye?).

One final note--when the doctor noted my hard ripples the other day, he said I needed to wear my garment even TIGHTER! Then he and the nurse proceeded to put it on me as tight as it could possibly go. Oh man, I'll be so glad when this is all over, but so far I'm quite sure it's worth it. I will submit before and after photos asap.

Rhys Branman

Very experienced and reputable. Friendly, open to questions and so far it appears he did an awesome job on my body. The only gripe I'd have is that I didn't see him after waking up from anesthesiology, before going home. It would have been nice to hear if everything went okay, and I left not even knowing how many incisions I had or exactly where they were. The surgery hospital (where he provides his procedures, not at his own practice) had excellent staff to take care of me, but like I say, it would have been nice to see him for just a couple minutes before leaving.

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No, at my last visit the doctor officially said the lack of seromas meant I could stop wearing it. But truthfully I hadn't been wearing it very much for the previous weeks anyway.
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Well, I'm about 5 and a half weeks post-op now, and continuing to see improvement. The change has uplifted my spirits so much that I've been able to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan and the pounds are coming off all the areas besides my midsection. It's much easier now that I can run again. BTW, I smoked for 20 years but quit nearly 2 years ago, and at this point my lungs have healed so much that I can run for much longer than ever before, or at least since I was a kid. Anyway, the lipo--okay, the swelling is such a weird thing. There are still some pretty big areas of it, but it's funny: they rest on and crease around my ab muscles, so they look and feel rather 6-pack-like. The tenderness is still there but diminished greatly. Basically, if I sort of slap my tummy it hurts a lot more than if I were to slap a different area, BUT the tummy is no longer too tender to bend all the way over or wear jeans, etc. And like I said, I can run now, which was just way too painful a few weeks ago. Basically my life is about 90% back to normal, I can do everything I could before but have to be just a little bit careful not to bump my midsection on things. One thing I'm a little concerned about is the incision scars--they are still pretty visible, considerably darker than the surrounding skin. Hopefully they will lighten more in the future. But even if they don't, my goal was never to become a swimsuit model, just look more proportionate and fit comfortably in my clothes, and that's exactly what's happening.
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Are you still wearing a compression garment?
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It has now been one full month since the vaser surgery. I had my third follow-up visit yesterday. By the way, all my follow ups are free of charge--I don't know if that's the norm but I'm very glad. Lord knows I've spent enough money! They still haven't snapped my 'after' photo yet, maybe at the next visit, two weeks from now. I'm very tickled with my results. Basically, this is just me ten years ago. I always had an hourglass figure before, but once the 30's crept in and then I had a baby it was like BAM!--blubber gut. But not anymore. I still have a big butt and thick thighs, same as I have since I was 11 years old, but the difference with them is that they respond beautifully to diet and exercise when I make a real effort, whereas that tummy tire wasn't going anywhere, and believe me I'd been trying really hard the past few years. Even experts agree that belly fat is the toughest to lose, basically it doesn't fight fair. I've lost about five pounds since the surgery (the surgery itself doesn't result in much measurable pounds loss at all). I still have tenderness in the area but it's not nearly as touchy. Matter of fact, yesterday I was able to run on the treadmill for the first time since surgery! Granted, I didn't lift my feet very far off the ground and went only 4.1 mph, any faster and the shaking was too painful. There is also still some hard swelling but it is shrinking fast. Skinny clothes, you will come out of the closet and see the light of day soon!
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Thanks for the info. Good suggestions. Really helps people (like me) who will be going through it shortly.
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