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I'm 35 years old, married for 10 years, mother of...

I'm 35 years old, married for 10 years, mother of two girls, age 7 & 4. I've always been painfully flat-chested, relying on heavily padded bras just to look "normal".

I'm 5'9", 130 lbs, and not quite an A cup. I will be getting saline implants under the muscle. My PS recommended 425 cc, and I was able to try on sizers to see how they would look on me. The high cc number scared me, but with my frame and lack of existing breast tissue they looked just perfect! We expect that I might be a full C cup in the end.

About 2 weeks to go, and I'm feeling the nerves! My initial consult was about 8 months ago, so I've had all the time in the world to think about this and wonder if it's the right decision for me. I'm excited about the end result, but extremely nervous about the procedure and recovery!

The countdown is really on now--ONE WEEK TO GO!...

The countdown is really on now--ONE WEEK TO GO! I've been nesting around the house, organizing and cleaning everything in sight. It feels good to knock out all of these projects I've been putting off, plus it's keeping my mind off my nerves!

I feel a lot more at peace with my size decision. Finally had to stop comparing before/after pics online and just remember how the sizers looked with my body. There are so many factors that go into finding the right look, so it's nearly impossible to find someone just like me who ended up with results I want.

Why is there such a stigma associated with breast...

Why is there such a stigma associated with breast augmentation? The other day I overheard my girlfriends talking about a lady whom they suspected had had "work done". They said, "There's no way those things are real!" and how they'd seen her at the pool this summer and she looked nothing like THAT. They were very negative about it. I would say that my friends were just jealous of the lady, but they have been naturally blessed "up top" and have cute figures and nothing to be jealous of. Needless to say, I haven't told these particular friends about my upcoming procedure (IN 5 DAYS AHHHHH!!!!!!).

Why can't women be happy for other women who want to boost their self confidence by enhancing their figure???? If someone wanted to have their crooked teeth straightened, nobody would talk bad about them behind their back! What's the difference? I wish I didn't feel like I have to keep my BA a secret. There are only a handful of people who I've told, who I trust, who support me and my decision. Does anyone else feel this you're sneaking around hoping no one will find out?

Well, I did it! It's post-op day 2, and I am...

Well, I did it! It's post-op day 2, and I am already loving my results. Yesterday was pretty rough since the anesthesia didn't agree with me. But after a good nap, a snack and some pain meds I was feeling much better by the end of the day. The girls are riding super high, but I can imagine how they will look once they drop and I'm so excited! The arm exercises are helping with the soreness.

Doc ended up going with 375 cc instead of the 425 we had initially talked about. I think that was a wise choice! As tight as my chest feels right now, I can't imagine them being any bigger! Now if I could only fast forward a couple of weeks or so and get past the discomfort. I'm so ready to go shopping for some cute bras =)

Made it to day 4 with no major incidents! Pain is...

Made it to day 4 with no major incidents! Pain is under control, still have no bruising, sleeping well, but the swelling around the top and under my armpits is making life really uncomfortable. I'm trying an ice pack on one side to see if it helps. Moving my arms around over the last few days doesn't seem to be helping. I'm drinking lots of water and taking SinEcch...just have to keep playing the waiting game I guess. If you have any tips that relieve swelling pain I'd love to hear them =)

I'm 5 days post-op. We've all heard of women...

I'm 5 days post-op. We've all heard of women getting the Baby Blues after giving birth, but I'm wondering if I have the Boobie Blues now that I have new Ha Ha's (haha). I've been a total worry wart the last couple of days over everything! The uncomfortable swelling, low-grade fever, crud in my lungs from not being able to take deep breaths and cough, not sleeping well, and what in the world am I gonna do with my 2 little kids (who are out of school this week) now that my mom has gone back home and hubby went back to work? I don't feel strong enough to drive yet, so we're kinda getting cabin fever. Thanksgiving is in 3 days and the plan was to drive 3 1/2 hours to my in-laws and stay a couple of nights, but at this point I just don't want to go. Not looking forward to the car ride or finding a way to sleep comfortably in a house full of people. Not to mention that I'm not supposed to wear any kind of bra until after my sutures are removed. I'd be so self conscious about hubby's family seeing nipplage, ha!

Day 11: I hadn't taken a new pic in several days...

Day 11: I hadn't taken a new pic in several days so I did that tonight and compared it to my Day 2 pic wearing the same tank top. Since the swelling seems to have gone way down, I expected to see a difference in the pics, but they look the same to me. I know it's still really early, but these puppies really need to drop before I can feel normal wearing clothes! I spent an hour in my closet last night trying to find something presentable to wear to church this morning.

Another frustration I'm having is that my boobs seem to disappear when I put on regular clothes (as opposed to the sweatshirts I've been wearing for the last 11 days, lol). I was hoping to see an improvement from the padded bra pre-op look, but so far I'm not convinced even though they look HUGE with nothing on. I haven't gone bra shopping yet (Doc said to go bra-less until sutures are removed), so hopefully a nice bra will round out the bottom area and I will be able to dress appropriately =)

I made it to the 8 week mark (tomorrow), and I'm...

I made it to the 8 week mark (tomorrow), and I'm happy to report that the girls are feeling fabulous! It feels like they're a part of me and not a foreign appendage lol. Since my last update, I've found a great bra that helps round out the shape and improve the look under clothing. My nipples are still low and pointing downward, and most of the volume is still at the tops of my breasts. My PS has recommended massinging (pushing downward on upper part) that I've been doing religiously. They have become softer (yay!!), but I'm still waiting for that happy day when I wake up and see centered nipples =)

During the first month or so, I was really worried about my friends noticing my new loo (I only told a few friends/family). But now I feel less self-conscious and much more confident wearing figure flattering tops. So looking forward to bathing suit season!!

2 MONTHS, YAY!!!!! After taking some new pictures...

2 MONTHS, YAY!!!!!
After taking some new pictures in the same tank top and comparing them to earlier pics, I can see that the haha's have indeed dropped a little. My nipples are looking up a little more, too. I'm tickled pink with my results so far, and loving my D cups =)

I was killing time at Walmart before picking up my...

I was killing time at Walmart before picking up my daughter from preschool, so I decided to try on some bras. I know I know, it's Walmart. But for fun I tried on this little hot pink number with white polka dots and it was love at first sight! I've been strutting around in this thing all afternoon feeling all sexy and channeling my inner Pam Anderson lol! So the moral of the story? Never underestimate the power of a $5 fun bra!

One year later...

Today, it's been a year since my augmentation! I can honestly still say, hands down, that this has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. My breasts look better than ever and feel great!
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What was the bra you said was great? I am getting 375 overfilled to 450 too:) I am terrified its too big for being so active and hopefully going to lose 15 pounds, but they insist its perfect for me....I'm definitely scared. I do not want DD. I love sleeping on my side/stomach and have rough kids. I am worried that overfilling so much will cause them to be too firm
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My $5 fun bra? I got it at walmart, it's just a little cotton bralette. I normally wear a 36D. They are firm, but I'm still able to sleep on my side (don't feel comfortable on my stomach).
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No in a comment before that you mentioned a great bra, I assumed it was for recovery or in between or something, lol. I don't want them too firm:(
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In your 1/9/13 post:)
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My favorite bra is from Gap. It's wireless and it comes in a D cup which is hard to find in wireless. Super comfy! Saline implants are firm. Not too firm in my opinion, have had no complaints from the husband :)
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Ok, thanks. Yeah you said super comfy and supportive, I was like...gotta get that, lol! A lot of my friends have saline and they arent too firm but I read overfilling more than the max recommended makes them super firm and i dont want that, but my ps & nurse are pushing it. Im so unsure and its stressing me out so much im getting sick!! I wish i wouldve went to more consults but I thought he was good. I think I let my friends and the 5 reviews he had effect my judgement bc I definitely dont feel comfortable or listened to. I have severe anxiety so I need a more compassionate group:( too late now already paid in full and 2 weeks away. Also r u a "d" in most bra brands? Because id say preop I have a cup size on you and they are recommending 375 o/f to 450 on me as well and I made it clear I didnt want any brand! The nurse said I cant tell you a cup size they vary from brand to brand but I dont want a dd in any brand! Im too active for big uncomfortable ones
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Tours just look so good and proportionate, but I am not even 5'3"! short and not stick thick and muscular. Ugh. stressful.
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Band size matters when you're talking about cup size. A 36D isn't the same as a 32D, it's bigger. In some brands I need a 34 band size, and in that case a DD fits best. You have to be assertive and take control of your own wishes. Did you try on sizers?
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Yes only the sizers she wanted me to try, she was very pushy. She made me try on 500 even though I told her I know i didnt want it. Then immediately went to 450 and her and my husband agreed thats the look, which thought I was okay with until she told me they were doing 375 o/f to 450. That's way too much overfill and apparently it causes extreme firmness and in most instances scalloping. I am very assertive with them and it gets me nowhere, they just treat me like i don't know anything and that I'm crazy. These people do not know how to work with patients period or maybe thats how they treat people who they know are in a hurry. They keep repeating its elective you dont have to do it, but elective to me just means its not necessary so it should be done keeping my do's and dont's in mind since I'm paying so much for something "elective." I'm going to demand another appointment to have my doctor look at pictures of what I like because this is bullshi*! How can they say you cant tell me what cup size you want but not even bother to listen to what im saying or look at any of the thousand pics on my tablet and phone I brought to BOTH of my appointments. I should've trusted my instinct and went somewhere else. But I had to have it done asap bc of vacation time and I thought I liked the doctor but the more I think about it I realize he never let me talk or ask questions really. I felt rushed both times and all he did is talk and tell me stuff I already knew. I was out of my zone and said I wanted to talk to him again before my preop, which never happened, I saw him after, & the nurse was still there. This place is beyond frustrating I just pray it gets better. I have always bought 36 bands well since I had kids, lol. Your look like you can still be active easily whereas I have a short short torso, like from where my hip bone ends to my breast crease is like 4-4.5"!!!! But I have a broad chest and shoulders, im built so weird! I think I will feel better once he actually listens to me and not his nurses and looks at the pics. I will try yo print them, we were renovating so we dont have the computer/printer hooked up. I even had my VS bombshell bra on and showed the nurse this is what I want...with 20 years experience she keeps throwing in my face toud think she'd be able to say ok well this many cc's will come close to that. And maybe thats what she thinks 450ccs will do but I am against overfilling that much and told her that so instead of moving the implant up size to keep the 450ccs she says she will change it to 425! So I dont understand them or their reasoning. I'm feeling really negative about it all and thats not good to have a bad outlook on something this serious and expensive. I wanted to be so happy and excited like all these other women and I feel the total opposite:( I feel helpless bc I already paid.
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What bra did they have you wear postop? And did you get muscle relaxers?
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Ugh, sounds like they could be a little more cooperative. I wouldn't worry so much about the overfilling. That might give you more projection, whereas a larger implant filled less would be wider and flatter. As for firmness, I can only speak for myself, but I have zero complaints with mine. They're still squishy. I really have nothing to compare them to, though. I had no breasts before, and have never felt anyone else's boobs lol. For me, it was more about how they look under clothes than how soft they feel. But they're not hard by any means. Trust how you looked with your sizers. I'm sure your PS knows what he's doing :)
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My PS recommended wearing no bra post-op. I don't remember taking muscle relaxers, just sinech and pain meds.
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That overfill amount sounds about right. As long as its not over 20% of the implant size they will not be hard. Mine were pretty soft before my revision. Beleive mine are overfilled over the 20% now and that is a huge mistake. They are extremely hard and painful. But you should be good.
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I called mentor and they said it isn't recommended to overfill that much, so I just don't know. I know there paper says max of 425cc, because they said they are going with moderate profile, which I kinda don't understand because he told me I lacked upperpole fullness and from what I read moderate isnt the right implant for that, but since I haven't gotten to talk to him about it, I'm confused. These people are like on their own planet, they do things so different and backwards. He said absolutely no sports bras either, that was new to me too. We're yours overfilled 20% before your revision?
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Thank you:) I felt huge with my sizes but it really did help proportion me. I have a slight muffin top not terrible but I hate it and a huge huge butt! Lol. The sizes made my waist look smaller but I still felt like they were soooo big. I'm just not sure if I can get used to big boobs period with trying to sleep and exercise, lol. I'm glad yours feel good, you got 375cc o/f to 450 right?
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Autocorrect!! Sizers! I wish I could trust him but I never get to have real one on one info sessions and the next time I'm scheduled to see him in DDay! Lol
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Wow no bra? Crazy how doctors are so different. Mine makes you get a Bali double support bra! My friends ps had them take muscle relaxers, crazy how different they all are! I was afraid mine was stuck in historical ways, lol
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They were overfilled by about 15%. And they felt great!! My only reason for doing the revision was because my right side was noticeably smaller. So I trusted my Dr when he said that he can just go back and overfill them both a little. Big mistake!! I didnt know they would feel this hard. I am very upset. But I am scheduled for a revision in July switching to Silicone with a different Dr of course. Hope it goes well for you.
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My rheumatologist will not approve silicone for me, but I know lots of people happy with saline, I pray I will be one of them! I hope all goes well for you, you've been through so much! So my dr wants to fill 20% over, do you think that will still be okay, or too firm? I really don't want real firm. I'd rather feel like I have bags of water then taught water balloons, lol
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Y won't the rheumatologist approve silicone? From everything I've researched, there's no proof silicone cause harm to the body. Plus the implant shell is made of silicone, so you'll have silicone in you anyways and there's silicone in more products that most people are aware of.
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Not sure, that's just what she said to me. I don't believe any of the medical research studies anyway, nothing anymore is safe, they allow too much crap in our air and food and makeup etc. but I know a we people with the silicone and they are just fine although its only been like 2 years, lol.
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I know i have anxiety and am bitchy and stressing out, but I assume many people who pay for elective surgery just want to make sure they are being listened to and are on the same page as everyone that will be involved in the surgery; am I the only one? I guess they are reading my comments and had the surgeon call me to tell me he thinks its best to give me my money back because his staff thinks nothing will ever please me and i wont be happy with the results no matter what. i think if they would just listen and we all get on the same page, I'd be happy and excited like I am supposed to be. How can I be happy and excited about something I don't understand or know what results to expect. I never got to show him pictures i like and wish pics for him to know what I am going for. I'm stressed out beyond belief now because vacation is already set and sitters lined up. I have another appointment with him and his staff on Thursday to see if we can all work it out, but will they really try, can this experience be fixed? I canceled the lipo because I didn't think I'd be happy, but the implants I was excited about. I'm a mess now
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Wow, they look really natural ! Thanks for updating !
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Happy Surgiversary! Glad to hear you are still happy with your results. Have you shared your story with any more friends?

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Thanks! Actually, I have told a couple more friends. The reaction I got from both is that they had no idea, and would never have known. They seemed genuinely happy for me =) But I still will never tell the friends who talked badly about their acquaintance who had it done. Guess we're just not that close!
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