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I waited a long time considering having this...

I waited a long time considering having this surgery. I had inquired about this procedure a few years earlier but because of fear I decided I was not ready. Over the course of these past few years I was considering the surgery more and more. I am 48 years old but when you look at me you saw what appeared to be a much older woman. The deep wrinkles and sagging sink around my eyes made me look and feel so much older. I had seen a few advertisements for LIfestyle Lifts over this past year and became curious again about having eye lid surgery. Last December I decided to request a brochure. I also went to their website and read about their services. My poor husband had to listen to me complain about the wrinkles and about how I looked too many times. He kept telling me to go ahead and get my eyes done. Finally in June I saw another advertisement for Lifestyle Lifts this time I decided to call and schedule a consultation in their Little Falls, NJ office. The closest office to my home.

I left LIfestyle Lifts with a ton of information and instuctions about my up and coming procedure. I was told to purchase vitamins and brusing cream. I was also given the prescriptions I would need to fill prior to the procdeure. My procedure was scheduled in two weeks.

Prior to the day of my procedure I was contacted by the office asking a few more questions and just a follow up with instructions and information and what I should expect on the day of the procedure. On the day of the procedure I arrived and was greeted and treated with kindness and care. I was given medication to relax me prior to the start of the procedure. Once ready Dr. Wise and his assistant, Sue welcomed me and took wonderful care of me. I was awake during the whole procedure and I did not feel any pain. Dr. Wise and Sue were always asking if I was comfortable and alright. The procedure took about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. When I was ready to leave, I was escorted to my car and sent home with instuctions and information on how to care for myself until the stitches would come out in 5 to 7 days. I had some minor swelling and brusing all around my eyes but I was not in any pain. From the day of surgery to the day my stitches were removed I did not experience any pain. I went back 6 days later to have the stitches removed. I actually was more nervous over having the stitches removed then I was about the surgery. Sue escorted me and got me and everything set up. Dr. Wise came in to check on me and to say "hello". He stated how pleased he was with how I was healing and complimented me on how "great" I looked! The stitches were removed with no effort. I thanked Dr. Wise, Sue and the staff for taking such good care of me. I continued using the ice packs, bruising cream and vitamins over the course of the next few weeks as I was advised.. All but one small area on my cheek bone remained bruised after two week from the day I had surgery. All of the other areas seemed healed.

Sablebunny, I certainly think that your "after" photo looks quite good. I don't know about any personal affiliations that your surgeon has professionally secured. So, I cannot and shall not comment about him. You indeed sound like a lovely person and I'm happy you are feeling good about yourself. HOWEVER, upon close inspection of your final "after" picture," I do notice that your eye area is significantly lighter (lightened) than the rest of your face. It reminds me of the old saying in the movies, by savvy actresses: something to the effect of 'an actor is wise to become chummy with the lighting directors, while filming a movie!' You seem genuinely pleased with your bleph results. Although, the trademark name, Lifestyle Lifts, is mentioned quite often within your Review! This led me to research Lifestyle Lifts out of sheer curiosity. Yes, you had an eye job at Lifestyle Lifts, although your review sounds more than a bit like an advertisement for Lifestyle Lifts, in general. That may just be my take of your writing, of course. Several years ago, Lifestyle Lifts, via commercial advertising, popularized a specific type of mini facial lift, that, unfortunately was reviewed with poor and short-lived results, by a great many patients, even here, on Real Self. I will say only this--I know not a great deal concerning their affiliated surgeons who do eye procedures. It is impossible for me to comment concerning Dr. Wise. HOWEVER, a warning to the wise: do your research. Even right here on Real Self! Just type in "lifestyle lifts" in the general search box. Be aware of past issues and litigation. As well, naturally, research potential surgeons for all procedures in which you are interested. Surgeons vary, and may well be excellent performing specific procedures. Just bear in mind that KNOWLEDGE IS VALUABLE! Sablebunny, I am happy for you! I simply wished, in this comment, to share with my fellow Real Self members, the necessity to do their homework, and thoroughly! Your mentioning the name, Lifestyle Lifts often, merely prompted me to further look into their history, more specifically, the Lifestyle Lift facial procedure as well as their reaction to unfavorable reviews. My intention was originally innocent and simply due to interest. Good luck and thanks so much for your "review."
You look fantastic! Easily 10-15 years younger!
so did you have a lifestyle lift or bleph?

It has been alittle over three months, so I...

It has been alittle over three months, so I decided to add a few new pictures. I cannot say just how much I love my results. I hope anyone considering having this procedure (surgery) will have very good & positive results!!
sablebunny--thanx for all the pictures. pictures are helpful. is lifestyle-lift the debby boone commercial on tv? did u get eye surgery twice w/liftstyle-lift? first picture is like me with puffs under my eyes but its kinda blurry and i don't see any wrinkles under your eyes like in your second before picture but your puffs are gone. i hate the puffs under my eyes. but i don't want 2 surgeries. and i am not ready for neck lift yet. probably soon! lol.
Hello anon4444, yes, That is the same company. The facility does multiple types of procedures including blephs, like I had. Technically, you would be correct in saying I did have two procedures but performed at one time. As you can see I was very puffy & wrinkled under my lower eye lids. As far as my uppers, I really did not have much that was visible. That is no longer the case. I love my results & how I look. I like the person who looks back at me in the mirror. I wish you good luck in your quest for success & beautiful results!
It sounds like a lifestyle lift advertisement to me to @lydiainnj. For the record you look great, but your review was confusing and led to people commenting about that . Nothing personal, so don't take it as such. You look good and happy-and that is ultimately the bottom line. Lifestyle Lifts has a not so great reputation in many places and leads to skepticism when it is referenced in reviews.
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I liked the doctor from my inital consulation. He helped me to decide to have the procedure. I felt like I could trust him to take care of me. When my husband and I arrived at the office we were immediately greeted and made to feel welcomed. The envirnoment was warm and friendly. My consultant, Daniel was kind and considerate. I explained what I wanted to have done and he explained the services that were offered. I was told that I would need to meet with the doctor to go into further detail about what I wanted to have done and what I may expect to see in results in the end. I was going to have to return at a later date to meet with the doctor, but Daniel was able to check to see if the doctor could meet with me while we were there especially because we had traveled some distance to their office. As it turned out Dr. Jeffery Wise was available to meet us. When Dr. Wise entered the room and introduced himself to my husband and I, I liked him instantly. We talked briefly and I asked him directly " looking at me, what do you suggest I have done"? He quickly responded by say "you need to do something about your eyes"! We laughed and I told him that was the reason I was there at the office. I asked him if he thought I needed to do any thing else besides my eyes and he said "No"! I was pleased with his honesty and that he was not trying to sell me services I did not need. After our consultation, I looked at my husband and he said "if this is what you want, then you have my blessing"! I booked my procedure on the spot. Deciding on having this procedure has made me very happy. I am so glad that I went to Lifestyle Lifts. The entire staff at the New Jersey office helped me in making the decision to go forward with the procedure. I am grateful them all. It has been almost three months since I had my procedure done. Everyday when I look in the mirror, I like the person who looks back at me. I love how my husband says how much he loves the way I look. He is happy because he knows how happy I am. I made the right decision by having this procedure and by going to Lifestyle LIfts. Thank you Dr. Wise, Sue and staff!!!

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