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Hi - my name is Pat. I'm a 53 year old mother of...

Hi - my name is Pat. I'm a 53 year old mother of 3, Grandmother of 1 and "one on the way". I went through a divorce in 2003 and decided in 2005 that I needed breast implants. At 5'7" with an athletic build, my 38B size never "fit my shoulders". I regretted getting them almost immediately. They felt unnatural and I couldn't comfortably lay on my stomach anymore. Plus, I didn't look like "me". Between then and now, I've remarried (married for almost 6 years) to a wonderful man, have 2 of my 3 kids married and am now a very proud Grandmother. When I held my g-daughter pre-explant, it felt 'wrong'. Like I was pushing her against two cantaloupes. With all that said, my left implant deflated in 2011 and I had it replaced in May 2011. In December 2012, it was obvious the left implant was deflating again. I made the decision to have them both removed and did son on May 1, 2103.

My PS did not do a capsolectomy - he said it wasn't necessary due to the fact that they were Mentor salines nor do I have drainage tubes like a number of you other ladies have/had. It was a quick, 1/2 -hour procedure. While I'm glad they are finally out of my body I am worried sick about how deformed my breasts will now look. I took my first shower yesterday after seeing my PS and was disturbed by my right breast (the side that never deflated). At this point, the pocket left behind by the explant is extremely obvious and my breast looks like something shriveled that was stepped on.

I was given instructions to keep a compression bra on for at least 3 weeks so the pocket/space can close up a bit. I'm trying to remain positive but must admit I'm scared.

Did any of you other ladies have breasts that looked like this as well and then got some shape back after time? Not sure what to expect. Thanks SO MUCH in advance, Pat
Hi Pattipie--I haven't had my silicone implants removed yet (scheduled for next Monday), but I know the women here will be sure to have some responses for you.

Work was not as tiring today as it was yesterday. ...

Work was not as tiring today as it was yesterday. Feeling better and better every day. I can't WAIT until I can pick up my 15 month-old granddaughter again and feel her close to my heart!
Me again!! aka Lil Hoots. I did see my PS today. He was not concerned with my concave areas and inverted nipples at this point with me? I guess I will trust in him and the Lord right now! He did have me take off the Merena compression bra, that was very compressed and trade it out for another type he had at his office..The Bra he put me in today is #218 ClearPoint Medical Compression Wear... Classic comfort bra. It is not as tight as my Merena and he wants it that way now I guess. Trusting in his word today. Both the Nurse and the PS today, said that with time, fullness will happen. It's that old fluff Theory, and patience I guess. All I know, is it is hard to have the implants out, and still be waiting for alittle fullness change. I heard some amazing stories today about how time is really key.. Best of luck though to you and your PS will help ease the worries and I am sure it will all turn out with you too! I had the stitches taken out today, that felt great! Best of luck and just know I am nervous too and have been nervous! Sending prayers for lots of rest and healing!! :)

Thanks so much for sharing your story so far! I'm sorry for your anxiety right now, but most women do report that the look of their breasts drastically improves over time. I hope this is the case for you, too. Please keep us posted!

Hello Darling!! I too, am 53..Implants , surgeries, over the past 20 years. They were removed on April 29th... I am still waiting for the fluff fairy. I do know, Ive had to have patience also with the look of my very now tiny Hoots. AKA lil Hoots, It's hard! Now that I am 8 days, it appears, the breasts are wanting to come back to life. My nipples, have been hiding, inverted and I too, have some Concave. It seems, that some fluff has taken place. Private me if you want and we can chat on what we have going on. I could go on and on! I see my PS today, so wondering what he will tell me? I am sure, Patience. Ive been called a Grasshopper, love it, cause it is true. I just want the little gems to pop out! Love the small size, Love the NATURAL, but they are not perky either. My capusles were left in. MY PS said the scar tissue was so deep and thick, he did not plan to remove it unless I had silicone leakage. SO.. I am trying now to just know, we are going to improve! It is slow sometimes I think! Hang in HON.. xxoo

Tomorrow I go to my PS to have the surgical tape...

Tomorrow I go to my PS to have the surgical tape removed - so glad! The little buggers are itching me. I haven't slept well since I had the explant done - plus I've had a headache and jaw ache since the removal. I'm hoping the jaw ache is from being tired and nothing else. The compression bras I have aren't comfortable and dig into my underarms when I lay down. Tonight I'm going to have my husband wrap the orignial ace bandage the doc put on me around my breast/back to give some relief from the bra. I have an all cotton bra on order; can't wait for it to get here!

Anyone else have a lingering headache after the explant surgery? Blessings, Pat
Hi Pat, I had a neck ache for a few days after and would ice it and that helped. I was sore for several days I think from all the tensing up my body did during and just after surgery. Hope it passes for you soon!
It will feel so much better with the tape removed Hon! Most likely the lack of sleep and just having to go through Surgery is causing some sleeplessness. Ive had some of that too! I hope that improves! It will! My PS, like I said below, did not want my Compression bra as tight as I had on. He wanted my Boobies to breathe more! Works for me! It seems to have helped with the droopyness!! Not as inverted as well. Our bodies do wonderful things with time! I am sure it will all improve!! Best of luck healing to you !! aka lil Hoots

9 days post op and I can truly say this is the...

9 days post op and I can truly say this is the first day that I feel back to "normal". I slept GREAT last night. I slept in the ace bandage I was given after surgery instead of the compression bra. Saw my PS today - horrible tape, off, stitches out and told it "looks good". Of course, he told me he'd be glad to "do more implants for me" when I'm ready. *Don't hold your breath buddy* I have a day off from work; the sun is shining, I did light gardening, cooked for myself (I'm a vegan and haven't cooked for myself since April 31st). Life is GOOD!! I am falling in love with my B Cup breasts :-)

I hope everyone is doing well. Blessings, Patti
You sound like you're doing great Pat!! I'm so happy for you, life does go on and get better and better. Glad to hear you finally got a good night's sleep too, have a wonderful weekend! :)
You have a wonderful weekend as well :-)

Happy Mothers Day :-) I had a wonderful day with...

Happy Mothers Day :-) I had a wonderful day with my kids. Treated to breakfast this morning, a walk through the woods and walked hand-in-hand with my beautiful granddaughter - I even picked her up for a short time. She's 25 pounds so I'll probably be feeling sore from that tomorrow but it's worth it.

I hope everyone is feeling well and has had a great day! Patti
Lol you made me laugh out loud with "my breast looks like something that was shrivelled and stepped on" my capsules were left in too and I know exactly what you mean, the day after surgery it was really obvious on the contracted side and kind of a bump over my nipple that made my lower breast look indented and made me worry about nipples caving, so happy it went down after a couple of days and is starting to look much better : ) sorry you had to go back to work so soon that sucks, hope you're still healing well x
You got that right hold your breath buddy lol.
I've always played the "which are real and which are fake" game. Even when I had mine. Not only were mine painful when shower water hit them, they were painful to the touch during sex. SO happy they are gone!
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