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Do Not Do Lipozap - Costa Mesa, CA

I recieved Lipozap and it is horrible. I now can...

I recieved Lipozap and it is horrible. I now can not wear a bathing suit, i have lumps and bruises all over me and they will not even respond to my phone calls. It has ruined my body. I am waiting to file a law suit. Do not do Lipozap.

I did the same mistake. I signed up for 4 areas (upper arms, upper and lower abdomen and bra back line)It was close to $5K. The first treatment was horrible and painful, the pain subside after 2 days. The next treatment was for my arms, by the time I got to my car, I was in so much pain that I painted in my car. I called the nurse and suggested that I stay home and call her again in 2 hrs to follow up. To make story short it was too much pain. So I went for the 2nd treatment for upper and lower abdomen and the level of pain and discomfort was the same as the first treatment. I called the office and told them that I would like to cancel 2 out of 4 areas because I didn't think I could take the pain. I documented each time I called, they gave me different contact names to call but no one return my calls. Finally they told me that I need to send email and that my claim will be processed. Again, no response. I was persistent, bare in mind that I stopped going for the other treatments all together due to the poor customer service I was getting. So finally, I called CareCredit, I explained the situation, supply them with documenttion and copies of email I sent for the past 2-3 months. Next thing you know after 30 days, I got a mail from Care Credit telling me that since Lipo Zap failed to respond to them w/in the 30 day limit, they fully refunded all charges. The next day, someone at Lipo Zap called me, yes, a live person called me. This person gave me a guilt trip that I received some of the treatments and I should pay for it - I told him that was my offer to them in the first place had they listened to me in the first place. I said on my claim that I will pay for all treatments received and cancel 2 out of 4 areas but since they neglected to respond to me the whole matter was resolved by Care Credit. I told him that if he has something else to say, call Care Credit direct because I had nothing more to say. I feel pain around my arms and lumps in different places to this date but... nothing more I can do but learn my lesson.
Hi Desa Roberson, So have you try to get the money back from carecredit or have you contact them to arrange for not making anymore monthly payment to them? How do you go about?
dipute the charges and you should get a full refund
Costa Mesa facility

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