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Had lipo suction on my thighs and hips 10 years...

Had lipo suction on my thighs and hips 10 years ago and under my arms two years ago. Both procedures were well worth the discomfort. What I learned however, is that weight management and attention to fitness is important. If you gain weight after your liposuction the fat has to go somewhere..and as it will no longer return to in my case, hips, thighs and under arms, it WILL find another place to land. In my case, my rather small waist increased in size, my always slender torso, filled out, my butt got bigger. These things tended to change the way my clothes had always fit. I have become much more attentive to my exercise program and calorie intake and I am beginning to regain the shape I wanted when I had the surgeries.


I had a similar experience. I had lipo on my inner outer thighs and stomach, and then gained some weight over the next eight years. The weight went to my previously slender torso and arms and lower legs. It also went to my butt which I actually appreciate a lot since it wasn't as shapely before.
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