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I have always had a bigger waist and muffin top...

I have always had a bigger waist and muffin top even at a size 6 and 5'10. I work out 3z a week doing weights and cardio. My arms and legs and butt have little fat at all. I finally convinced myself to get lip of the upper and lower abs and flanks. I was soooo scared as I had never had surgery before. But am so glad I did it.

I took arnica tablets from vita medica 3 days before and 10 days after. I had little to no bruising which was a nice surprise. I took Bromelain for swelling and I had only minimal swelling. Once I switched to a stage 1 surgical garment from marina vs the bulky binder I could wear the clothes I wore the day before surgery. I am now day 14 and am a size or two smaller on my waist. No muffin top. And I still have some swelling...and a few hard lumps. I know eventually those will go away but even with I am super pleased. When I bend forward there is no fat hanging down that you can grab!!

Pain wise - I had General Anesthesia with LMA and Percocet right after. Then took lortab round the clock for 3-4 days. Had surgery on Fri morning and went to work Tues. I could have went Monday but it was a holidy. I was glad I had the extra day. Sitting made my abs hurt...standing was much better. At day 14 discomfort is minimal.

My sister is a RN and I stayed with her most of the weekend. I highly reccomend that you have someone with you for atleast 24 hours and ideally 48 hours.

I had 3000 ccs removed...not sure if that was fat...

I had 3000 ccs removed...not sure if that was fat and fluid or fat only. I am now almost 8 weeks post op and still am swollen. But no longer have to wear compression garments which is nice. I have also started working out again.
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My consult was very informative and I felt based upon his reputation, clinical explanation and credentials he was the best choice. Also his center is a certified ambulatory center. The CRNA was awesome...I was very nervous and he put me at ease and no nausea afterwards! I elected for Lortab vs Percocet so it could be called in. In retrospect I would have appreciated Percocet for day 2-3. day 3 was the worst for me as expected. Cost was reasonable given I had flanks and upper and lower abs. I did get 10% off a free consult as I attended an open house. His nurses and office staff are very helpful...the first follow up appt was with a nurse.

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You look awesome! Great results.

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Thanks Kate. Yes, I now have a waist!!
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I am curious as to how you are doing now?? I had regular lipo on my abs/flanks several years ago, and while I was satisfied overall, I have this one lump above and to the left of my belly button that drives me crazy... It's not all Tara Reid or anything, but I could see how that can happen. I wonder if Dr. Delozier could straighten this out?? Any current updates/pics/info would be appreciated!! Hope all is well!!
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My right side of stomach has a bit more fat than the left. Not a ton, but slightly noticeable to me. Its smooth though - not lumpy. In retrospect I wish he had taken more off my flanks. To help with this they have been doing Cool Sculpt on the flanks and right ab. My lower abs are amazing. Center and upper are ok. Its hard to know if its excess fat or lose skin (im 36 - no kids). Either way I am still happy I had it done. For your lump I think its worth getting an eval.
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Realself assigned me a new user ID. Laura7726 and rileydog are both "me". Sorry for any confusion.
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Thanks for the info!! It's been almost 10 years since I had the traditional lipo, so I'm sure things have advanced since then. I may schedule a consultation to see what he says. Seems like everything I do turns out "almost" the way I wanted. I'm struggling right now with what I believe to be too much restylane under my eyes. Oh well, thanks again for the additional information!!
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Wow what great results!  It gave you a really nice shape.  I can't believe how well you look right after surgery, it's pretty shocking! :)


Thanks so much for sharing,



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You look great! I am about to have my flanks done, and I had my upper/lower abs done 3 weeks ago. Most of my lumpiness (and discomfort) is located around my belly button...not sure why but I understand that happens to many people. Having had both procedures done, which area seams to be more prone to swelling and lumps? Just wondering what I can expect in my near future.
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Hi LaurieKay1. For me, the flanks swelled and were more tender. I think because its more fibrous...atleast on me. As far as lumps go the abdomen seems to be more prone to lumps on me. I have been doing a lot of massage. I went to my six week post op and no longer have to wear the garment!! I am still swollen though and exercise makes it worse. My dr said that is to be expected.
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