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I had a great experience with smart lipo and...

I had a great experience with smart lipo and regular lipo and wanted to share the details. I had my inner thighs, outer thighs, and hips done a few days ago. I was really worried about being in terrible pain due to reading the reviews on this site, but that did not happen for me and a few days later I'm comfortable although still a bit sore.

I had reg lipo AND smart lipo on inner thighs, and smart lipo on the other areas. Regarding pain, I was awake and in a bit of pain shortly after the procedure but nothing terrible. In fact, at no time have I been in terrible pain. I did not have extensive fat removed (overall im about 20 lbs over my ideal weight) so I dont know if that had to do with why I wasnt in a lot of pain. I took vicodin and am still taking it, but I only need half the recommended amount. My soreness level was uncomfortable and not like a workout the first two days- it was more extreme but I could get around fine, just needed to walk a bit slow. I could not have gone to work at a regular job and I still feel (4 days later) it would be a little much to be at a reg job yet, thats my opinion.

The inner thighs where I had the reg lipo are a lot more sensitive then the smart lipo areas.

Now the fun part- I could see a different right away and I was happy and it's getting better. I was told 3 months until I see the full results.

I know everyone has a different experience, but I wanted to provide the details because I was very nervous due to what I read on the net and my fears were unwarranted.

Another important detail is I went in thinking that smart lipo really can do exactly what reg lipo does- and that is simply not the case. Smart lipo is great but it works on smaller amounts of fat- my Dr. carefully explained that it would basically take all day with smart lipo to do what reg lipo could do in half an hour.

My Dr. did a combo of smart and reg lipo on my inner thighs because I had more fat there then on my outer thighs and hips- and he also used smart lipo there for the skin tightening effect. He explained that if he removes too much fat, the sagging could become an issue so the smart lipo after reg lipo was a good idea.

Dr  was very thorough, a great doctor, and his staff was informed and helpful at all times.


Hi~! Two months later update- Im really happy, but I think if I do more I would go with the reg lipo- the smart lipo definitely made a noticeable difference but not as profound as the reg. My opinion is go for a combo of both reg and smart lipo if your dr. suggests it. I was swollen for at least a month, I didnt even realize it, but you can expect the swelling takes a while to go away. I hope I can say my drs name? {edited - the doctor's name appears above the treatment review in the provider field} I think that he is brilliant because he didnt take too much fat out- while Im not as thin as I wanted to be, I understood after going through the prodcedure that I would have had saggy ugly skin if my dr had taken out as much as I wanted- and then I would have had to had a lift- not good! My dr carefully explained why he doesnt want to take too much out-and Im happy with the results. The key is excercising as well as getting lipo to get that nice streamlined shape, just lipo wont do that so I want to make that clear to all. If you get some fat removed via regular lipo, get the smart over the area as well to tone, and afterwards tone, its possible you wont have to worry about sagging. I havent had as much time to excercise as I would like to, but I can say the new shape of my legs is going to look really nice once I put in the effort, without the unwanted saggy skin. They look more defined and curvy, nice! Just another hint- lipo does absolutely nothing for cellulite, you probably all know this but I can confirm it and Im going to get velasmooth or velashape ( I forget the name) eventually. This procedure was very,very easy for me compared to a really painful breast aug I had months previously. Everyone has to be smart and make good decisions about risks becuase lipo does have complications at times, but I simply had a very good experience. I really think smart lipo is best for very small areas of fat, like lets say you had a nice tummy but you want the six pack look. It can help define, but as for massive fat, no way, it just cant do enough to help. Hope this helps good luck to all!
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I would consider having SmartLipo combined with suctioning (power-assisted lipo) on the same areas. This is the best combination to achieve the smoothest results, consistent volume reduction and tightest skin compared with any other technique. I would NOT have traditional lipo performed when SmartLipo is available to assist in achieving the best results. If a provider is against SmartLipo, it's probably because he doesn't offer it yet...
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Hi Island girl, I am planning to get my abs back and hip area. I am not sure what type I should get done. I live in NC as well. So who was your Dr? It would be a great help as this fat is driving me nuts. Thanks!!
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