Liposuction Ruined my Body

A few years ago i had liposuction and although i...

A few years ago i had liposuction and although i keep a healthy lifestyle and excersize my body is worse than ever. I retain water worse than ever, my legs have gone to jelly and are all lumpy in my inner and outter thighs near my buttox, my legs are covered by cellulite now which i never had, and my waist now is different colour to the rest of my skin slightly but still noticeable and its bulgy, and my lower abdominal is really stretchy and when i sit it's like rolls which i've never ever had,and im starting to see cellulite on my upper abs which is weird and i cannot shift it, i've tried everything. Im also doing lipodissolve at the moment on my legs and its working to remove cellulite and water retention and give back my shape but its still so expensive and bloody painful. I've spent 4,400 on lipodissolve already to fix the liposuction and the sad thing is they say most of their customers are unhappy liposuction customers. Anyone who has been through this please help me
I am also extremely unhappy with the results of my liposuction. To be honest, I don't really know why it was done in the first place. In my opinion, nothing went right and, for me, I believe and feel that I was in the hands of the worst possible Doctors that I could have found myself in. It has not only ruined my body it has ruined my entire life. I believe it looks very evident that I have experienced extremely botched results. After talking to other people, many who have had lipo and many who have not, as well as other plastic surgeons, I have been able to confirm through their opinions and expert opinions that my results are horrific, tragic and devastating. In my own opinion, and theirs, I look like I have been butchered. All the Plastic Surgeons that I consulted with have also confirmed that, in their opinion, I was thin, fit and was not a candidate for lipo for a few reasons. Many also advised that people will come in asking for surgery to have their body look similar to what mine did - they have all expressed to strongly feeling that lipo should have NEVER been performed on me. I went to the Carlotti Center in Scottsdale and feel very strongly that I was lead to believe they were Board Certified Plastic Surgeons only to discover, after all of the damage was done, that they are not. Biggest regret of my life! I put my trust in Doctors that I now realize I couldn't trust - if I could go back knowing what I know now, I would have made the decision to run fast and far from the Carlotti's. What Doctor did you use? Were they Board Certified Plastic Surgeons? How many areas did you have done? Were there any areas done that you didn't consent to as well? How are you doing now? Are you in physical pain? For me, in addition to the deformities, irregularities, unnecessary scarring, asymmetry, skin discoloration and other damage I feel I suffered, I am in excruciating pain daily. My skin feels like it is being set on fire from the inside out and it has been suggested to me that damage has mostly likely been caused to my nerves, muscles, connective tissue and other delicate and important internal structures. I'm so very sorry this has happened to you! This is a little bit of my story - I don't want to include too much at this time. I would love to hear how you're doing and offer any support and have the opportunity to ask you more questions. Take Care!
I am so sorry for you:(
What was your initial weight and how much fat have they removed from your legs? Do you eat meats? They have a lot of saturated fat in it. That may have contributed to the problem.
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