It is day the 3rd day after surgery and of course...

It is day the 3rd day after surgery and of course I am still swollen and bruised. I must say, before liposuction I read all these reviews online and saw a lot of bad reviews even though MY doctor guarentee'd me otherwise. First Id like to say, if you are overweight and unhealthy in any way do not do this procedure. I had my hips, butt, thighs, inner thighs and knee cap fat (yea apparently that exists) done. I am 22 years old, have ABs but I come from an Italian family where I inheritED wide hips therefore, any inch of fat shows. I run 3-5 miles a day and i go to the gym 6 days a week and im vegan. Trust me im not skinny minny but im very fit. I was 5'5, 145 before surgery with a lot of muscle.

These people on here who are complaining about recovery, they have more bruises than me in 6 weeks than i do in 2 days. IF YOU WEIGH A LOT OR ARE OVER WEIGHT AND UNHEALTHY recovery and the experience is going to be A LOT HARDER. (get a personal trainer and nutritionist before getting liposuction and be patient with results, LIPO IS NOT A QUICK FIX)

So, i am in a lot of pain but expected worse. If you have great friends and mother like i do you will be okay. Lots of laughs and lots of jokes. My friends call me NipTuck or Cripple since I can't walk, I waddle (remember i had MANY AREAS DONE)

Okay, well i made it out of surgery but when i got home I tried to pee on my own(ohhh trust me, you'll be peeing all day, every 20 mins). I also lost a gauze bandage and tried changing it on my own (8 incisions). BIG MISTAKE, I JUST HAD SURGERY. I got reall lightheaded felt like i was going to vomit so i got down on the floor and hugged the toilet. Well, before i knew it i was sweating and having convulsions. My mother rushed into the bathroom dragged me out naked and i was incoherant. I was pale, my lips were pale, i was unresponsive and had a very VERY low pulse. Thank god my mother was a nurse and she knew to have me keep my eyes open, breath slowly, put me in front of an air condition, etc). It was my blood pressure that dropped. Eventually my blurred vision came back but it was the scariest experience of my life. DO NOT BE ALONE! DO NOT go number 1, number 2 BY YOURSELF! DO NOT BE INDEPENDENT, YOU CANT DO IT ON YOUR OWN, I TRIED AND ALMOST DIED. IF i was home alone, id be dead not from liposuction but from STUPIDITY!


Go to the local health food store (whole foods) and pick up ARNICA MONTANA tablets, it is a homeopathy therapy treatment. Take it 2 days before surgery and 5 after. It is for trauma, bruisiing and swellintg. WORKS WONDERS, ask your doctor.

-DO RESEARCH, find out as much as you can and talk to your doctor. I had a list of questions for my doctor. He is the number one doctor in (Connecticut and New York/NYC). Regardless of their reputation you hold on money, no question is stupid. I am vegan and take a lot of suppliments. Suppliments interact with anastesia, make sure you give them every one you take.

-GET A PHYSICAL. I didn't have one for years. It is your responsibility to get a yearly checkup. You need your heart and lungs checked. (Kanye West's mom died to irresponsibility and not listening to her internist about a heart condition)-

-Have gatorate, g2, whatever electrolyte enhancement. You need fluids. I made my nightstand a pharmacy the day before surgery. G2, cups, gauze, medical tape, medications, etc.


-IF YOU CAN, BUY A BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR. I check mine daily. Make sure you have a thermometer, you will get low grade fevers (anything past 101 call your doctor)

Oh! come on its not that bad. I got mine done from hips and inner thighs I guess 2 kg of Fat, which is a lot minus the water content. I blacked out in the toilet because I decided to immediately go to he toilet after the operation since the drip in my arm caused the urge, however I could not urinate because my bladder muscles were not responsive after the general anesthesia but in 10 minutes I regained composure. The nurse gave me Lasix that enabled somehow my bladder muscles to contract but in spurts of small contractions so I urinated every 10 minutes for the next one one hour. I was good to go in 12 hours.I kept padded sheets to absorb blood+water oozing at night. I felt ready for office in a weeks time.Pain I tolerated well. A friend dropped me home. I stayed in my room mostly. Told my parents two months after surgery. I never put weight on in that place again, but other places yes. So over all it was a relief and I pray for my Doctor who served as a boon for me. Be mentally strong that's all you need.

I am interested in having inner thigh from knee to groin, outer thigh, and lower abs. I am a professional dancer and these areas no matter what my training have always been a problem. I would like to know how much the bruising will be and recovery for real, since I have to schedule when I am not in training, what is level of discomfort. Also price that is the going rate for Long Island.

what doctor did you go to?
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