Everything was excellent except the results least...

Everything was excellent except the results least so far.

Tomorrow is week 7 after tummy lipo.

I'm 46 yrs. old (no kids) and was in excellent athletic shape before the procedure. I am stuck with what my doctor says is "loose skin" just above my belly button but it does NOT look like loose skin and it feels very tender.

I am desperate and devastated that these results might be permanent. HELP! She was Board Certified highly recommended and procedure was done in hospital under general

The same things happened to me and I am only 26. I now have very low self-esteem, I make excuses to stay away from the beach or anywhere having to wear a bathing suit. I excercise like crazy to try not tighten my abdominal area but nothing helps. I don't have the financial means to correct the lipo I ha done and I am scared that it might come out worse. I know exactly what you are going through
Update: It is three years later and I look the same. I am certain the doctor was negligent and greedy. A poor result means a potential returned client for tummy tuck. I never wanted a tummy tuck and I don't want one now. That is major surgery and I don't want a scar that cuts across my whole body. I continue to do research and the claims that the results are due to poor skin laxity in older patients is a crock. The poor results are from a poor surgeon end of story. A skilled surgeon knows not to touch the area above the belly button. I also never asked for this - only for a below the belly button touch up. It may be easy for some on this service to say just go back for more surgery...I don't have that kind of disposable income. I did my research before I found a doctor, she is board certified and made all kinds of claims on her site. Never again...and such doctors should be ashamed of themselves as they know what they do...
I'm sorry for the what was done to you, Lipowmn, I too was highly recommended to a board certified surgeon who lied about the surgery he would perform in every conceivable way, he damaged my structure so intensely that Reconstruction was never an option for me from the moment I got out of surgery convulsing and in excruciating pain. Btw, if you can locate the Yale article, I'd really like to see it. i searched for it, to no avail. Thanks,
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I'm not sure of the results yet, it all hinges on how things end up

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