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Had Lipo Yesterday--inner, Outer Thighs, and Above the Knee

Hello all! This site has really helped me...

Hello all! This site has really helped me establish expectations after lipo. I had lipo yesterday under general anesthesia. I had tremendous leaking when I got home. I went through about 12 towels to absorb the leakage. My husband that I ruptured one of the stitches. He called the doc and they advised me to put a maxi pad on that spot and press firmly for about 15 minutes. I did this and finally the awful leakage diminished. My garment wa completely bloody. Sorry, it's gross, but thought I'd share my entire experience. Today, a day after lipo, I feel extremely sore. I wish my doc had given me a garment below the knee. I got one above the knee right where they did lipo, too. The inside of the knee was very swollen and protruding out. Luckily, I had a garment I bought years ago to wear under my tight fit wedding dress and after I took my first shower and replaced the gause pads with bandaids, I slipped my old garment on. It was difficult to put on b/c I had a hard time putting it on before the surgery, let alone after. It took me about 10 minutes and I almost fainted a couple times...just from seeing all the brusing and swelling. Last night I hardly slept all. I'm used to sleeping on my side and now I have to sleep on my back. Slept on the couch and got up 5 times to use the bathroom. I've been drinking a moderate amount of water and the color is light but it smells. I dont know if the fuil they injected is coming out of my lymph nodes or if its from all the fruits and veggies I've been eating. For now I can hardly eat anything but fruits and veggies. Those keep me hidrated along with the water as well. I'm just not hungry when I'm not moving around much. I do get up to walk around every 45 mins or so for about 5 minutes or so at a time. When I'm laying down, my legs are elevated-I dont know if they are supposed to be or not, but I'm afraid of the swelling going down into my calves. Hoping this will speed up swelling process. I only took one hydrocodone last night and I will never touch it again. I felt absolutely horrible and I almost fainted several times. I have been taking ibuprofen every 4 hrs or so. Thats to help with the soreness pain and swelling. No other pain besides soreness. I will keep you posted as my healing process continues. I took 10 days off work, and really hope to be able to go to the gym and get on a bike 5 days after lipo. My appt to get stiches out is 6 days from surgery date. I had 6 stitches all together. 3 each leg. They took 3.5 liters of fat and were absolutely amazed b/c otherwise I am very thin. I will post pictures eventually once I can move around more. I hope to be happy with the final results. Any comments are welcome. Thanks!


Day 14: I weighed myself today and I have officially dropped 4.3 lbs!!! I am now at 130 lbs even. My inner thighs still kind of bother me and I still have swelling there and also on the inside of my knees where I had lipo, too. Bruising is starting to diminish, but still darker in my inner knees. Inner thighs are still uneven despite the constant massaging. I am planning on getting a professional deep tissue massage within a week. That's all for now...
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My Inner thighs are not hard,but today I am so swollen in my lower ab area and above the pubic bone. :( I'm staying away from salt, and i'm not sure why I've all of a sudden I swelled. Yesterday is when I actually "felt the fattest" since the surgery. Today, I'm swollen! Its strange. It's equal everywhere, not just in a lump or one place, and that is the only reason I have not yet called the doc.
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I see. My inner thighs are still pretty doughy. When I press in, you can see my finger impressions, so I still keep massaging a lot. Almost 3x a day sometimes (morning shower, then lotion, then lotion before bed). It's getting better a bit as I massage, but still not completely gone. I can feel some hard spots under my skin, but keep working those in with deep tissue massage.

I don't know what you could be experiencing, but remember, my nurse said the peak swelling is 10-14 days post op. I bet it will go down here in a day or two. But yeah, definitely stay low on the sodium. No thanksgiving for me today. :( Definitely no deserts. I am going to bake a buttercup squash for myself for desert today. LOL! As I've said before, I have an addition to that stuff. It's delish!

I was also going to ask you...are your crotch "lymph
nodes or just nodes kind of swollen up??? I thought it was scar tissue b/c its close to where the incisions were by the underwear line, but I'm starting to think it's not that b/c its not right by the incision, it's a little lower. Any thoughts???

I was also pretty swollen yesterday. Worked all day (sit down office job w/ some walking around, but legs were hanging down most of the day), then I went shopping for a couple hours and then it started hurting really bad. Felt hard in my inner thighs and was hard to get in the car. Ouch!!! Better today though...elevating a lot.

Well I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Keep me in the loop of your progress!
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