Liposuction of Abs, Flanks, Inner Thighs and an Umbilical Hernia Repair

I had my surgery 4/12/2012. I had an umbilical...

I had my surgery 4/12/2012. I had an umbilical hernia repaired and liposuction on the same day. So far my recovery is going well. It was rough for the first 2 days but today which is the 3rd day went better. My belly button area is the most painful right now because of the hernia repair. I am restricted from carrying anything over 5 lbs and I have a 2 yr old at home. It's been challenging but my husband is so supportive. I took my compression garment off today to take a bath and finally saw some results. It looks good so far but I don't want to get my hopes up yet. I want to post before and after pictures but I'm not sure how to do it. Once I figure it out, I will post.

Day 6 - Lots of swelling and bruising in the lower...

Day 6 - Lots of swelling and bruising in the lower abdomen area. Compression garment is so uncomfortable and my belly button area where I had my hernia repair is the most bothersome of all. There's alot of fullness in my abdomen now and I've also started my period, so I wonder if that's why I look and feel so bloated.
Had a post-op appt yesterday with my plastic surgeon which was short, he just looked at a small area on my side to see if the incisions were healing nicely and that was it. He said that the swelling is normal and final results could take up to a year. Then he said he'll see me in 3 weeks.
As I read in alot of the reviews here, I just have to be patient now...

As of today I am still undecided if this surgery...

As of today I am still undecided if this surgery was worth it. I do fit my clothes better but I still have a bit of a pooch in my lower abdomen area and the area around my belly button is not flat but very uneven, there is a slight bulge towards the right of my belly button. My doc said I would have to wait 6 months for the full results and then see if I need any revisions from there. I most definitely will need that revision! But I have to wait til October or so. Maybe it would be worth it if the surgery cost less than the $5500.00 I paid.
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Hang in there! I had a TT and lipo of back and thighs and hernia repair on May 8th. Its been four weeks and thought I'd look and feel amazing but slow recovery. Give your body time is what I'm learning!
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Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Please keep us updated on your results as they progress!

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