Liposuction Hurts Like HELL but I Look Great!

Had tumescent to my upper arms, abdominal, hips,...

Had tumescent to my upper arms, abdominal, hips, flanks/back, and chin. My biggest complaint was waking up from the anesthesia - that was horrible. Today is day 3 from the procedure and I feel like i got hit by a bus. My muscles are very weak in my abs, and arms.

I'm wearing my compression garment which is a tight girdle, and power pantys. I have gauze wrapped around my arms. The gauze feels good around my arms. I took a shower today by myself and can move around okay enough. But it hurts to sit or lie down. This is not extremely painful but if you've ever had a C-section it's almost what it feels like when you come home from the hospital - all swooshey and achey. When I loosten up the girdle and pantys to pee - my muscles ache.

Yesterday (day 2) was gross. My husband took off my bandages to redress them; i'm not squeemish but this was disusting and the smell of blood was overpowering. Make sure you have someone home with you on DAY 2 or whatever day your surgeon recommends you change the bandages because YOU CANNOT DO THIS ALONE!!!!

THe day of the procedure the marked me up the the markers, made me sign forms then wheeled me into the dr's OR. I got some sleepy causing IV meds and woke up alright but when the side effects hit me - shivvering uncontrollabley, the cold/freezing feeling, and inability to talk coheriently for about 30 minutes - i was pissed off. All the while the dr's assistants are wrapping you up in gauze, pads, etc. After about 1hr in recovery i went home and had a MC'D's milikshake. The best thing i could have done (nurse recommended it). It filled my belly, felt good on my throat. I was SO thursty during day 1 and 2. I was up every 20 minutes having to pee and drank lots of fluids but the feeling of not feeling thursty took about 2 days to go away.

Will i do this again - I don't think so only because i think physically this was more thyatn i imaginged. BUT -I LOOK GREAT!!! I do not have the fat rolls on my back anymore. My stomach - though looks like swiss cheese gone greenmolded and blue, is flat. I no longer have a double chin.

I look forward to going out of the house tomorrow and increasing my activity level - SLOWLY. And yes, i took the painkillers. They helped day 1 and 2. TOday i'm on regular tylenol.

Good luck.

Dr. Robert Cattanni

He is a very nice doctor and from my results very capable

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The tummy tuck and lipo is probably the best decision I've ever made in my life. There was pain afterwards but nothing unbearable. I'd do it 10 times over again and the results are absolutely astonishing. Don't scare yourself reading everything online. You won't regret it if you find a good doctor. Do your homework. Don't go for the cheapest route or with who does the most advirtisements. Good doctors don't need advirtisements, their patients and results speak for themselves. Good luck!
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At least your honest about it. I've been debating about liposuction in Chicago just in my inner thighs but I'm scared it's going to hurt super bad. I could deal with some muscle soreness but I just don't want to be stuck in bed not being able to walk pain.
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It's not that kind of pain at all. You'll be sore but you'll walk fine. The pain is during the procedure itself. Afterwards you'll just have the lingering soreness, much like when you work out too hard at the gym.
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I've had lipo twice now. Six months ago I had lipo to my stomach and flanks while having a tummy tuck. I also had my upper arms done. The lipo just left me with soreness, like muscle aches.

However, yesterday I went back for lipo on the dog ears of the scar and to have my bra roll done. This was done under a local and OMG!!! Yes, it hurt. I'd say only about 1/8 of the the time the procedure was painful but that was agonizing. I was prepared for discomfort but not for that much pain.

That said, I have to say I am very pleased with my earlier lipo with the TT and hope this latest bout will be as successful.
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I had a microfat transfer and they took everything out of my stomach. I haven't pooped in days and this girdle is making me itch all over and is killing my back. HOWEVER, my stomach is flat and my lips look F A B U L O U S!!!
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I had the same experience after waking up after my surgery. My god it was awful and I don't want to go back just for that experience. I believe it's because there was too much anesthesia or something like that. I was such a mess and I was also extremely emotional. I had my lipo 8 years ago and now I want to go back to get my arms, back and love handles done. My other reservation is the incision sites for the back and also whether my rolls will actually be gone. My doctor said I have good skin tone, I'm young and I should be fine but I don't want to get two scars on my back and still have rolls. How does your body and skin look now?
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how the pain on your back? im getting a tummy tuck done and im thinking about getting the lipo done on my back fat
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