Very Happy! Lipo in San Diego Well Worth It!

I'm a 46-yr old female who struggled all her...

I'm a 46-yr old female who struggled all her life with a little fat always deposited in the same places (hips, thighs). I was a sprinter years ago, which allowed me to develop muscular legs but since I no longer spring (ha!) little bits of fat would happily occupy the former muscule space. I notice my butt sags (used to have well developed muscles) and to run the fat off was becoming a daily crazy challenge. It was hard to juggle hours at the gym and work. My three kids are now on their own and it seemed like the right time to remove the stubborn areas. I don't really gain weight, so I figured lipo would round things out better and my diet is still quite good. I still run about 5x/week about 3.1 miles and do weights here and there.

I started lining up consultations. Some cost as much as $200. I went to a good variety of providers: very well known plastic surgeons (NY and CA), lipo clinics, and a few that I didn't know much about but had good consumer reviews. After all was said and done, I had the procedure on January 18th. I had my love handles, hips, outer thighs, and inner knees done. I was also alone as my husband's flight was cancelled and staying at a hotel (part of my job when I travel anyway).

Maybe its crazy but I am glad I actually wasn't at home! I would have been lazy and not willing to move much! 48-hrs later I flew 3,000 miles home and today is the 12th day and I feel good. I have one site still draining, but the bruising is improving. I was able to drive home and even get to the pharmacy. It was very crazy in that trying to get in and out of the compression suit was futile and changing the dressings was pure hell. I also had to get wrapped up again to get to the pharmacy to buy more pads and a pair of crutches.

The first night I spent sleeping maybe 2hrs on my back. The next day I did go to work very very slowly, and leaked everywhere but I was very motivated as the following day I had to pack and fly home. Somehow all of the distractions passed the time quickly. Once at home finally it was easier to wrestle with the garments and finally, today, I am feeling better. Still a little lumpy, bumpy and numb but overall happy I did it so far! I will try to figure out how to post more pix!

2-weeks post op now. My hips are still swollen but...

2-weeks post op now. My hips are still swollen but I finally stopped leaking! Other than it is a bit weird, the side that leaked is the best. I can't wait to start exercising again tomorrow and run off my uneven butt. I could ultimately get a butt lift but usually exercise takes care of it. I was told the lipo on that area would make it worse (sagging) so we'll see. The pictures aren't great but the bruising is getting better and of course, thanks to my 3 kids, I look like a stretch mark factory. I have no plans for bikini's ever but still glad to contour everything.
Pacific Liposculpture

Pacific Liposculpture was the most responsive, flexible, incredibly caring group of the 9 consults I had. Rod Davis's bedside manner is the best. He takes the time and care to explain and discuss everything and answer questions. The facility is lovely, the price has no hidden fees (garments, medication, etc all included), the staff is wonderful, the follow-up care is awesome. I highly recommend Pacific Liposculpture and Rod Davis to anyone considering liposuction.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Good question.... I'll see if I can find pics .. ill let u tell me what u think.
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how many inches were taken off ur waist?
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It hurt some but it wasn't the end of the world .. occasionally it burned in the injection areas ... It burned like a harsher vaccination .. other than that it felt like soreness from a hard butt work out. No pics of my own .. sorry ... Those are still at my Dr's ofc.
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That sounds fantastic! I would love to do the enhanced booty thing. I am about 5'7 1/2" and about 145 lbs. I had a breast lift and tummy tuck a couple of years ago and love it! The lipo is the icing on the cake! Agreed... it's your time now! Doyou happen to have a before/after shot of the booty butt transfer? Did it hurt?
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I mean... booty fat transfer... :-)
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My booty looks like my usual shape but with added volume on top. Super juicy! ;) it created its own stir here in Vegas ! Haha I'm 38 with 4 teen kids and had a nice body to begin with considering ... But now, its to a better level of smooth curve.. love my boobs too! Went from a small empty C to a full D (525 ccs). I'm 5'7 140 lbs. With my children almost all in college, its my turn to think of myself ! Loving it!
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Very little discomfort at this point and just a small amount of black and blue still on my inner thighs (though I was not terribly black and blue to begin with). I did not get a massage as my PS said it was unnecessary because he left my incisions open; he proved to be correct. I do think my skin is a little looser on my back flank from the lipo and although I have read that the skin will tighten over a 6 month period, I am not sure that will happen for me as I am 51. Even so, I am still thrilled I had this procedure because I feel my waist is more defined. Wow... you must be thrilled with your boob job too... how does your butt look with the transplant?
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And Congrats! Happy ur results were excellent... Any skin discomfort at 6 weeks ? Did u get any massage after to help with aches or skin texture ? Ur skin readhere nicely ? I'm afraid ill have saggy skin here or there ...
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Transumbillical boob job is inserting implants via belly button .. less downtime and the best part is no scars on the breasts !! Jus a small incision on the belly button like when u get a tubal ligation . :)
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That's fantastic! What a great idea to add fat to the butt! I'm glad it wasn't terribly painful. I am now about 6 weeks out and very happy with the results. What is a transumbilical breast job?
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Had my procedure! Transumbillical breast job ans Lipo of the flanks , back and some abdomen ... Adds the fat transfer to the booty too .. why waste my fat! Haha. Results are amazing! I'm 3 weeks post op yesterday and already in Vegas for the weekend. I'll take it easy on the dancing tho, jus in case. Pain wasn't as bad as I heard . Occasional moments but I stayed doped up for security. I kept waiting for the real pain but it never showed up.
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Hi Owings,
I am now 2 weeks out and doing great. The pain is very bad at first, but I was only on the narcotics for 2 days. I then managed it with tylenol.

For me, the flanks has been the most painful. My thighs felt black and blue sore the first week but not too badly.

The flanks hurt when I move in certain positions, especially at night. I would describe the pain as searing, but it is also fleeting because believe me, I adjust my position immediately.

It almost feels like a tearing pain; but everything gets better daily. I am most comfortable wearing the compression garment.

I think my results are pretty good... I can't really tell, but from everything I've read it will continue to get better over the next several months.

Good luck with your decision and let us know how it goes.
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I keep reading the pain is awful with lipo .. how bad was it for you ? They describe it as an intense burning sensation that can't be controlled ... True ?
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You look awesome, please keep us updated as your results progress!

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I had flanks, inner and back thighs. Reading these reviews has been amazingly helpful though many of them scared me enough to call my PS 2 days ago to consider canceling. He was encouraging enough so I followed thru with procedure. I have NO idea how anything looks but will take more pix today and eventually post. Hasn't this site been great? I have learned so much, including to consider this a "be patient and wait" procedure!

Yesterday about 6 hours after surgery, I had my daughter help me change dressings, but kept garment on. I have NO idea how I misread written instructions which clearly states to wait 24 hours and THEN change dressings and garment! Must have been the drugs ;-)

In any event, when we lifted dressings off, real blood dropped onto floor; and a lot of it! We quickly put new gauze over the areas to absorb it, but I am continuing to soak thru my dressings and garment.

Do you think this is normal?

I cannot believe you are 46 with your figure; you look much younger.
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Hi Greana - the drugs must be really good! I look like a train wreck but thanks! I bled all over the hotel. I thought they would think its a mass murder so I had to spend another hour cleaning up! It was about the craziest thing I did but the time went by fast because I was stuck alone and had to get a lot done, work, and travel. My husband's flight was cancelled and I went through with it anyway! I did learn to change everything in the showers. I think filling up a tool box with gauze, tape, scissors, pads, more pads, good and leave it right by the shower. I oozed out onto everything, so I wore clothes that didn't really matter much. I learned a lot on this site, but if I ever do it again, I'll be much better prepared. My hips are still swollen so I hope that continues to go down and later today I'm going to walk on the treadmill finally! I have to fix my butt on my own. I bought a few garments - 3 Spanx and one full body stage 2 suit from Marena. Today was the 1st day I could squeeze into that! Good luck!!!
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You look amazing! I had liposuction this am and feel great but am draining like crazy!
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Good luck! The first day was awful! I leaked everywere! I spoke too soon, my right leg is still oozing two weeks later! What areas did you ave done? Take Care!
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You look great so far! Keep it up! :)
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