Liposuction of the Arms

I would consider myself someone that is in the gym...

I would consider myself someone that is in the gym often and wanted my arms to be better sculpted so I decided to have what little fat I had left in my arms removed. It's only been 33 days since surgery and I have not been able to get back into the gym yet but soon. I am really looking forward to pumping up my arms and seeing the real results come to life.

I am very happy I had it done although I am bummed that I am losing my established muscle fast. It takes 30 days to lose the muscle and will take me 60+ days to build it back. But I do think in the long run I will be happy with what I chose to do.

The downsides to having liposuction done to my arms is the garment I had to wear for the first 3 weeks was awful, I am tall so my arms are longer than usual and it did not fit right, it irritated my elbows so they became raw. The other thing I disliked was it was visable to everyone since the strap came right across the collarbone. So needless to say I didn't want to leave the house. My arms are still a numb and VERY stiff as though the muscles and tendons shrunk so when I bend my arms or lift them it is very painful. I can't complain though I did choose to do this.


Don'T Do It! Read all of the comments above, including the one I posted post-op!
My arms aged me at least 10 years! They ended up looking very saggy and wrinkled!
I have since gone to a different surgeon and had them tightened and they look better (not as good as they did before the lipo-but definitely better.)
I now have solid scars underneath my upper arms and under my underarms, but they only show when I lift my arms.
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Hi, sorry I'm three years late in joining the convo, but I will give it a go in posting this anyways... Has anyone experienced sag post lipo? I am 25 and wanting to get arm, upper back, and arm pit lipo done but I have the tiniest bit of sag in my arm pits and I'm worried that this could result in skin sag post-op... Any advice from your own experience? Thanks!
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Well my results are really good, I'm happy. But if you already have some sagging then I'm not sure it will work...but your 25 so it's possible. I would get a free opinion from a plastic surgeon. I only have 2 small scars on both arms.
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Choose a Dr. that will take just a little more time to answer your questions and offer up some new things to think about. A Dr. that makes you feel rushed is never going to work to benefit you. But, if you don't ask your questions then they can't be blamed for not being able to read your mind.

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