Lipomas Cut out of Arms and Legs

I get these on my arms and legs. They do not hurt...

I get these on my arms and legs. They do not hurt but look ugly, especially as they grow larger.

Getting them cut out was simple. My Dr injected me with local pain killer and they were cut out within 5 minutes for each one.

It was so simple, I wished that I'd done it years ago.


Was there much scarring from the removal? I have many lipomas myself and am thinking of getting them removed.
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I've added a picture from my iPhone of the most...

I've added a picture from my iPhone of the most noticeable scar. The whitish scar is in the middle of my arm. This is far better than the half of a grape sized lipoma lump that was there before. A higher resolution camera would show the scar more, but this is a pretty accurate representation of what it looks like day to day.


How many did you have cut out?
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i have lipoma on my arms legs and stomach all in total 26 of these lumps seems to be every where and dont know what to do about them didnt know what insurance i could get to cover it to get them removed and i really want them removed some hurt sometimes i need help someone write me back oh i am 23 male oklahoma

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I have blue cross, I pay $30 copay and then my insurance pays for most of the cost but I still pay about $200 to have it removed. I would COMPLETELY recomend at least getting the ones out that hurt. I had one on my forearm that sat on a nerve causing me pain all the time. Once it was out I was 100% relieved. You wont regret getting them out. Im going in on Tuesday to get another one out on my outer Bicept.
Dr. Bruce Allen in San Mateo. (650) 342-9491

Dr. was fast and his incisions left little to no scars.

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