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On my upper and lower abdomen. Easy- took only a...

On my upper and lower abdomen. Easy- took only a few hours out of my day. Pain- minimal, a fair amount for about 2 days after, then started to feel sore, like a long workout in the following week. As of the end of the 2nd week, I feel 100% better. Entry points do NOT seem to be scarring badly. Very kind staff; and clean yet comfortable environment. I'll try to post photos later- I am younger, and my skin snapped right back into place.

Well it's been a year of disappointment my stomach...

Well it's been a year of disappointment my stomach settled irregularly. Now I am 20 years old and by stomach looks gashed and lumpy. In the initial appointment the doctor said he'd revise it- but since then he has not answered the phone, and ignored my emails. I was a great customer paid in full, and feel like I am too young to have to look like this.
Did your doctor instruct to wear a compression garment or to get lymphatic massages? I know that these are the standard post-lipo requirements with traditional lipo, and I wonder what role they play with laser lipo.
I had the same thing happen... lumpy and jacked up - my skin is too tight for a tummy tuck but this is a mess.

Iam 64 and I am very healthy. I was wondering about my skin sagging if I have the lase lipo suction around my middle only.

John A. Hatherley M.D.

Didn't the fulfill the promises he made.

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