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I have had two Lipodissolve treatments with no...

I have had two Lipodissolve treatments with no results. I have actually gotten larger. I am very discouraged and depressed.

My last treatment was so bad that I cannot even think about going back for my next one. I was not told when I was given the numbing cream that it had to last all 3 treatments. I thought I would be given a tube every time I had a treatment. I didn’t learn until after my first treatment that the tube had to last me all three treatments. So I had to divide the remainder of the tube for two more treatments and it wasn’t enough.

It was so painful I thought I was going to pass out. I didn’t experience that, the first treatment, because I had used over half of the tube. I was not able to leave the spa after right after my treatment, because I was in so much pain.

That night I woke up with terrible abdominal pain. I broke out in a sweat that left me wringing wet and I had diarrhea that I would not wish on my worst enemy. I passed out on the bathroom floor. I came very close to going to the emergency room. I had diarrhea and abdominal pains after the first treatment also, but not quite so severe. I was told that I might have loose stools, not diarrhea that would totally drain me.

I am embarrassed to tell anyone that I am even doing Lipodissolve. Anyone would think I was stupid and foolish to spend that much money, to experience pain, sickness and enlarge my abdomen.

In fact I think I am stupid and foolish

I hav had lipo-dissolve done on 11/13/2009, this was my first treatment. i experienced swelling itching and lots of swelling. For the first week i looked like i was 5 months pregnant. Now it has been 2 weeks and i am still slightly swollen. i have no regrets yet i feel like it it working but i wll have my next treatment on 12/05/2009. my stomach feel tighter like it it working but i will keep you posted cant wait to see if it really works!!!
I had the procedure done yesterday, on my lower abdomen( I am 5'9 and weight 138- I have undergone this procedure soley for the sake of sculpting my abbs and getting rid of baby fat that never would dissapear) and I must say that the actual shot its self is painless, but the chemical that is administered is quite uncomfortable, and had me sweating. The number of injections administered with one treatment on my abbs was 26 shots. It was very painful for around fifteen minutes. An hour after the procedure the burning was completely gone, and the only discomfort was instant soreness, along with SWELLING. The swelling is awful, not painful, other than a little tender, but I look huge, as if I gained 20 pounds, but as always, swelling will dissipate. I am scheduled for another appointment in four weeks, followed by one more treatment four weeks after that. So far, I can't say much whether or not the procedure works, but I do hope for the best.
Hi there, Well I can definitely say that 5 weeks later, lipodissolve did what it was supposed to do and that is melt down some fat. It's strange because the little pocket at the bottom of my cheek is still there but the look of it is reduced if that makes sense. Lipodissolve shrunk it but did not eliminate it. I'm not unhappy with the results but then again I'm not blown away either. I would rate it as a little above satisfied. However, I can see that if I were to do it a second time that I would risk losing the shape of my face and I will not do it again. I don't regret doing it though. At this point all I can say is that it may give one person exactly what they want or need and for another it could be disastrous. I had very realistic expectations and achieved very realistic results. It is definitely "something" but certainly not any kind of a chisel and tone type effect either. It makes me think that a lot of the complaints coming from some people about getting no results or having to go too many times might stem from the fact that some doctors may indeed be diluting the strengths of this stuff to cover their butts. I mean seriously, I know my clinician drew it full strength right out of the bottle and 6 tiny shots on the right side of my face caused it to swell like a melon and shrink the tissue down oh let's say by a 7 out of 10 rating. It IS a potent chemical. Perhaps some doctors are taking a better safe than sorry approach, I don't know. The potential to create real harm is most definitely there though. If it is costing somebody thousands of dollars and putting them thru continual cycles of swelling with barely any results... I'd be very upset too. My nurse did mine for free without blinking an eye or seeming like this stuff cost a fortune, so what does that say? I've read some spending up to $7500. No way! I will say that I was prepared to spend up to $200 to try it once though just due to the fact that there is a cost to doing business by providing me any option at all. If I did, I would've been okay with it in relation to the results. Once again, for myself, I'm not unhappy, I'm content and accept that for my look, this is as good as it can get without starting to look like some kind of experiment. If I had some strange kind of lump or an uneveness to my face though, I would definitely go back and ask to receive the lipo shot again directly in those areas causing that problem because I know it would drive me crazy. I'm glad I can just say that I will be leaving well enough alone at this point! P.S. I also pointed out over and over again with my finger the exact area I wanted treated so that there was no misundertsanding about what I wanted.
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