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I have had several cosmetic surgeries and have had...

I have had several cosmetic surgeries and have had botox, restoline and juvederm injections with absolutely no complications. I am a healthy 41 year old female and was told I was a good candidate since I worked out regularly and just needed those stubborn abs and love handles taken care of. I am alergic to NOTHING. After my first and only treatment - the shots were the easiest part... within 1 hour or so, had a lot of swelling in my lower abdomen (which is the only area that was treated as it was my first time, with a low dose of the stufff) My eyes started to swell and I contacted the facility - they were completely unconcerned and when I asked them if they ever had any one with these symptoms they said NO - but take come to the office. They were 1 hour away so I said it was too far - they they said to take some benedryl... my swelling got worse and I went off to the emergency ward. I called fig on the way there and again they seemed so unconcerned with my condition. I got to emergency and they gave me benadryl and 2 other pills to help me out... they were not familiar with what was in the injections and had to call fig. This is only day 2 but I am so swolen from the bottom of my ribs to the bottom of my "girl area" its laughable. The only good thing is that I received my refund this very next day. Otherwise, I would have sued the pants off of them. I had to provide them with the proof of the emergency visit. Each time I called, the girls (nurses, etc) seemed like they could care less about what I was going through and were in a word, rude. WORST THING I HAVE EVER DONE - AND BABY... I'VE DONE ALOT!
I'm so glad I read these informative posts. I was doing research to see if I wanted to have these treatments-- THANKS TO ALL OF YOU I am NOT going to get it done. Just some extra time in the gym & pool! Thank you guys so much for helping the rest of us avoid the pain & hassles you are all dealing with! I'm going to tell my mom & my girlfriends, too, as we were all talking about it together. I hope all of you feel better soon, and good luck with refunds & possible class-action suits? Keep us informed & updated on how recovery goes! ~~gr
I too go to the FIG in ATL. I just had my third treatment the other day, and I can already notice a difference. I am an active person and was just looking for some touch ups in the lower, upper and loves on my abdomen. I swell really big for the first 2-6 days, but I keep a compression garment on 24/7 for those days except to shower and that helps tremendously. I also experience some pain but take tylenol and take it easy for it to reduce over the first 48 hrs. After the first 48 hrs it is completely gone, maybe just a little tender to touch and that is it. I also have gotten a couple of bruises from this but they disappear quickly. I am so excited to see what my next three visits bring me in results, because with the first three I am already down 4lbs. :):):) I am so happy about that. I am sorry to hear about all of you guys bad experiences but there are truly some success stories with the procedure! :) I will keep you guys updated.
I was a pt at fig, and it took a few treatments to see results. I had 6 treatments actually before stopping. I too had swelling, pain and tenderness, but they say these are all normal events. It all went away, and I am left one size smaller. I am happy with my results. It is alot of money to spend, but I'm glad i went with that instead of liposuction. I've read some people complaining about adverse reactions......an allergy is rare....and for someone with a medical condition, it's my understanding that fig has to get medical clearance before administering their product. I'm a nurse, so I've seen many adverse reactions to drugs. PCDC is no different, any time you receive a medication, there is always a risk of side effects. In fact, it states that very clearly on their informed consent. I had my procedure in Atlanta, and it was reviewed very thoroughly with me. I hate that some of you have had bad results.....but there are some of us out here, that are happy!
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