Wish It Never Happened!!!

I bought a package of five lipodissolve treatments...

I bought a package of five lipodissolve treatments. I go to the gym regularly, but like most women, I just wanted a flatter stomach. I had my first treatment five months ago and my abdomen continues to be bloated and worse than it was before the procedure. Now, I suffer from an upset stomach all the time. A short time after my lipodissolve procedure I had kidney stones, coincidence or not, you decide. Before the procedure, I had a little bit of fat on my abdomen, now I have so much that I had to buy all new clothes. I am so upset with the results. I had another treatment on my hips and the swelling never went down. I obtained a refund for the remaining treatments. I wouldn't wish this on the devil. Now, I need to find a good malpractice attorney. Yeah, it sucked that much!


I got lipodissolve about 5 months ago with a very sketchy doctor. I am still very swollen and my stomach is very hard in the area now... not just lumps but completely hard! I have got to a few plastic surgeons who have said it may he ruined and that the needles I was injected with were incredibly too long which could have injected my muscles, causing them to deteriorate or be ruined. They have also said the hardness may not be the fat that will dissolve but rather scar tissue that will be permanent! Lipodissolve was the worst decision I've ever made! I will also be getting a malpractice lawyer but my main question is does anyone know of a procedure to reverse the effects now?? Maybe a procedure to remove scar tissue or help repair muscle? I'm probably screwed but am looking everywhere for an answer!
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Christina, I am so sorry to read about your experience. There are measures that you should take. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, a complaint with the Attorney General's office, a complaint with the Food and Drug Administration, and file a complaint with the State Composite Board of Medical Examiners. I am also larger now than before I ever had a treatment which leads me to think that the procedure is not completely safe. If it is, then why are so many people having negative side effects. Some people have reported that as much as a year later they still have swelling. I have gotten very concerned that I made a decision that could potentially have long term side effects (the thought of some of the effects scare me!!)
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After having three sessions of lipodissolve in my stomach area i started getting bigger i tried working out longer as recomended by the Doctor.It has now been over 2 years ago i received these my stomach is bigger then it has ever been,I weigh more now.I have had such severe gas and bloating,no energy(though I still work out)It helps,would like to know if any one else has had simarler expieriences and if there is something that can be done to reverse this
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