Lipodissolve Was Worth It

I had my first treatment of lipodissolve done...

I had my first treatment of lipodissolve done exactly 1 week ago. I am still a bit swollen and tender, so I am unsure if it made any difference yet. I read thousands of reviews, articles, etc. before deciding on the procedure. It was a local ad on the radio that convinced me to have it done.

I am 41, not overweight at all, but have a couple of small problem areas due to having 5 children.  I developed a small pooch around my belly button (called a doughnut) and the skin on my abdomen started sagging a  bit. This is the area I had treated, with plans to go back for my love handles and possibly the back of my thighs(cellulite).

The procedure itself is not painful or even uncomfortable. My doctor pinched my skin while inserting the needle and all I felt was the pinch.You don`t really feel the needle or the fluid being injected. My doctor did explain to me in advance as to what I should expect after the injections... and everything she said that would happen, how it would feel, etc. was right on target. I guess my experience wasn`t nearly half as bad as others because I knew what to expect.

After the injections, my skin became warm and red and swollen. A few hours after the injections, I had to take some Tylenol and lie down on my back for the rest of the night. My abdomen felt like I did a billion crunches, got repeatedly kicked in the stomach and my skin felt very tight. I was unable to walk or even move for 2 days. I also became slightly light-headed and nauseous the night of the procedure. 

The following day, the swelling became so great that I looked as though I was 8 months pregnant. I took Tylenol every 4 hours to keep the pain at a minimum. Pain might be the wrong word.... extreme soreness, probably comparable to having a c-section. The following day, some of swelling subsided and most of the soreness went away, but it still felt as though I was badly bruised.

My skin was VERY sensitive... the thought of someone or anything touching me made me cringe. Also, the swelling migrated to my pubic area and genitals. If I hadn`t have been warned about this in advance, I would have freaked out!  I found it to be slightly uncomfortable and very itchy, but humorous. Since then, the swelling has leveled out and remains slightly puffy, which I was told will last for about a month or so. The soreness is gone, but my skin is somewhat sensitive. I was also told that this would last for a while and it`s best to constantly massage the area. This has worked significantly in regards to reducing the sensitivity.

I have no bruising, even though I`m usually prone to bruises. I was told that drinking lots of water and keeping hydrated helps eliminate the bruising problem. I also have a few hard lumps deep under the skin. This too, I was warned about and was told that there really isn`t a need to massage them... they will eventually dissipate over time. As of right now, I can`t visibly see the lumps... only feel them  when I press into my skin, so they don`t concern me.

From what I know and have learned.... this procedure isn`t meant as a weight loss miracle, it doesn`t remove large areas or pockets of fat and it doesn`t help much for the appearance of cellulite on the legs. There`s a seperate treatment for cellulite removal which involves snapping the large bands of fat with a needle and then injecting the lipodissolve. I believe( if I remember correctly) the ideal candidate for lipodissolve is one who`s body/mass index is less than 30. Also, the only time anyone should be lying down for the lipodissolve injections is if their abdomen is being done. Fat and cellulite disappear when you`re laying down, so it becomes very difficult for a doctor to evenly inject those areas.

Before i had my injections, my doctor had me stand up and then outlined my problem area with a marker. Once laying down, the doctor pinched up small sections of skin, injected the solution and moved to the next section... a couple of centimeters over. She stayed within the outlined area, moved very quickly in a circle pattern and didn`t stop until the last injection. I had 6 syringes of solutions injected in approx. 5 minutes!

As I said before, I plan on going back for more injections even though the recovery was very uncomfortable. I guess that at $250 per area, it`s worth it if it works and the soreness is just something that you have to deal with. There`s no such thing as pain free surgery! Child birth isn`t fun either, but women keep going through it and the end results are worth and pain or discomfort. If it doesn`t work, oh well. It`s not like I wasted thousands of dollars.

Hope all of this info helps! P.S.Regarding the hard lumps, my doctor did say that the lumps were really common on the outer thigh area, especially if the person was lying down during the injections. Her assistant told me it`s helpful if you use a heating pad on the area starting 2 days after the procedure and then deeply massage the lumps. I haven`t tried it, so I can`t say if it works.

It has been 3 months and my skin is STILL sensitive and I have large lumps and pain and dark patches and dark sunk in bands that go around my thighs. I have had only one treatment and I am afraid to have any more.
I had the same experience. My issue was my lower and upper ads. After 3 births and a hysterectomy, then a hip injury which left me sort of immobile for many years without a cane, I had increased weight in the area. After years of every diet, exercise program I could do without pain to my leg, I felt I had no other option but surgery. I had my first injection(s) 4 days ago. I felt (as my Dr. described)"like a nest of bees in my belly". The next morning, I did have some swelling and heat in the area treated, but I noticed significant decrease in size of my lower abs. By the 3rd day, I comfortably wore a skirt without looking like a small refrigerator. I hadn't worn a dress in 6 yrs! I am still very sore. But I feel better, stand straighter, and with the loss of weight my leg does not bother me as much. (I have been in constant pain for years 24/7). I lost 3 lbs the first day, 2 lbs by the 4th. So 5 lbs in 4 days. As with any procedure I have had done (birth, hysterectomy) I found getting up right away and getting back to work was the key. Kept my mind off the pain and with the movement, it significantly assisted my treatment. My Dr. said most of my issue was lack of follow-up after my hysterectomy and mine was a hormonal problem which can lead to weight gain. With my treatment (4 more injections 2 wks apart) he also prescribed: the cream, vicodin, lymph stim liquescence, and phosphatidyl choline which I take twice a day) and lots of water, I carry a water bottle with me at all times. I do not expect to be a walk way model after the treatments. Nor do I expect painless procedures. As my favorate movie quote is "Life IS pain, Princess!!" I do recommend this procedure, but do not expect a 6 pack without additionally working out, there will be pain, (for heavens sake your injecting foreign objects into your system). But it is a good jump off. I did it to be comfortable in my own body, and to assist me in being able to work out without pain. My procedure was $300.00 a treatment.
me too. I got my first treatment yesterday and I'm still swollen and painful
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My doctor recieved her training in France and Brazil. She has a great, very warm personality and really seems to know what she`s doing. I`m terrified of needles and started to panic when I saw the syringes, but she was very comforting.

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