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I'm getting my procedure done with Dr David...

I'm getting my procedure done with Dr David Powell Tomorrow, I'm a little anxious/nervous about the procedure. I'm not overweight, and I do both weight training and cardio training arund 4-5 times a week. My diet is fairly clean, consisting of mainly protein, good carbs and vegies. Despite the hard effort to lose my tummy fat and the stubborn fat in the thigh areas, it just doesn't seem to go away. For as long as I can remember, I've always had a protruding belly, so I look eagerly for something to solve my issue. I've been researching on and off for the past year and came across lipodissolve. The results seem to be 50/50 from person to person and depending on which country and which doctor.

Dr David Powell had been recommended on another review by someone named "South Melbourne" and she said she was happy with her results. Since it seems to be a procedure that alot of people are looking into, i thought I would start doing reviews from day 1. I'll post up a photo tonight so you guys can see the before and then compare it with the afters. Wish me luck!

Today was the first day of treatment. It's been 10...

Today was the first day of treatment. It's been 10 hours since the treatment, it's taken me this long to want to move. The needles were painful, hard to bear. I'm still limping from it because of the bruising and the bloating. Definitely bearable now compared to the first 3-4 hours... I just needed an ice pack around the areas that got treated in order to calm the pain. Difficult to walk and get up.. i'm very glad that i did it on a weekend.. you definitely need time to recover after the procedure. It's not as "bearable" as they say it is, and as you can see my photos i just uploaded. You definitely get bruising. I'm not a girl that bruises easily either. I can deal with alot of pain, but this pain put me to tears. Load up on pain killers cos you'd need it, and make sure u have an ice pack~ I'll check back in in a week.

It's well over a week now, After the first day I...

It's well over a week now, After the first day I didn't need to take any painkillers but If i was to ever do anything different, i would have made sure I had a few ice packs to take with me prior to the procedure so that I could've iced the places that was done right afterwards. Cos icing it helps prevent the bruising and the sooner you do it the better the outcome. I can't say I've seen any results yet, some areas are still a little tender and some areas are still bruised. I have attached a few more photos. Will update again in a week
Looking forward for more of how your feeling. Booked also with same dr on may 10. Now I'm worried can't afford time of work. Areas I'm looking into are thighs and underarms.

Ok, sorry it's been so long since I've updated....

Ok, sorry it's been so long since I've updated. Been so busy with life.. By the end of the 2 weeks all the unflattering bruising was gone, but it was still a bit tender to touch. Sometimes you could really feel it when you lean those areas against something.

It's now 4.5 weeks after the treatment, you can still feel a little pain if you touched it deep enough into the area" and to be very honest. As much as I wish I had some sort of results... I haven't. And if you told the doctor I'm sure he'd tell you something like "Well it helps the process along if you did some exercise and ate lean and minimal carbs. So she mightn't have stuck to a clean diet with healthy regular exercise". Well let me clear that up for you.
I exercise, not just go for a walk or do a few sit ups a night. I have a personal trainer twice a week and train on my own atleast 2 to 3 times on alternate days.. My meals consists of Salads with minimal dressing, any sort of lean protein, mainly egg, fish and chicken and on very rare occasions (when i mean rare, i mean like once every 2 weeks) some sort of red meat. I drink only water and tea, and snack on nuts and fruit and I have maybe 1/4 of a cup of cooked brown rice with my lunch mon-fri. On weekends I have a few cheat meals.
And even though they give you an appetite suppressant after the treatment, I never used it because I felt my appetite dropped since the procedure anyway.

And what makes me wonder is, alot of people who go and get the procedure done are normally not very active people, so OF COURSE if they started exercising and eating a little leaner, changing up their diet a little would help them lose weight. Whether its from the procedure or not, it's actually inevitable. People with higher body fat content loses weight much quicker than people with a lower body fat content. Also remember, i went there to lose the last bits of fat that i can't seem to get rid of with exercise and diet and even that tiny little amount isn't really coming off after the procedure. Maybe I need more than 1 procedure? However, Dr Powell insisted that I only had very minimal to lose so I only need to undergo 1 procedure..

So far, looking at my results, I would say its not really worth $750.00 for the 1 procedure. But alot of people have reported they only started seeing results after 6 - 8 weeks from the day of treatment. So for now, I would stick to undecided and give them the benefit of the doubt.

I want to make this review as real and as raw as possible to help those who are considering this procedure, because I know I really needed it prior to getting the treatment done.

Hope this helps. I'll check in again in 1.5 weeks time =)
I had liquid lipo 6 weeks ago and was going to get lipo dissolve to help smooth out the lumps that are usual in lipo, I'm more smoother now so I'll see. I am told that 6 mths is the max for final results. No with any lipo you don't see instant results because of the swelling. Still haven't seen my friend or spoken to her yet hoping to tomorrow
Hi Anonymouscapli,
Went to see Dr Powell, only I chickened out due to i was still tender from the lipo i had and my friend went ahead and had her upper and lower stomach and her love handles done. She went straight to work and a few hours later ended up in hospital. I was shocked she didn't tell me till almost a week later. I didnt see much improvement, today I spoke to one of her daughters and she wanted to know if her mum had lipo as well since she has lost quite a bit of weight. I'm going to go and see her in a few days and can't wait to see the results. This is now liposuction verses lipo dissolve... Mine was 6 weeks ago and I'm just barely seeing some results and she had it done 2 weeks ago? May 9th and already results. Lol I'll let you knew when I see her
How come you had lipo suction prior to doing lip dissolve? Did lipo suction not give you the results you needed? I always thought liposuction took away everything instantly... I know for a fact Lipo dissolve doesn't take affect till 6 - 8 weeks after treatment, and without a good diet and exercise you won't see results. I mean it did help a tiny bit for me. I did my measurements 2 weeks ago, although i weighed more because of muscle weight, I lost size. I lost 2.5cm around my waist, I'll be doing my measurements again in 2 weeks time to see whether it has gone down more, I stuck to an extremely clean diet and a 5 day exercise routine, so I'm not sure lipodissolve did alot for the results I got. The last 2 weeks after my measurements though, I've been very sick and haven't been able to cook or go to the gym, so i haven't been eating well and haven't been able to exercise or sleep well, normally this combination would make a person fat, but i haven't felt my tummy coming back either so I'll definately let you know my results again in 2 weeks time.
I hope your friend is okay... Could you also clarify, when u say Lipo do you mean Liposuction or Lipodissolve?

It has now been 2 months since the treatment....

It has now been 2 months since the treatment. After the treatment, i went onto a very clean diet and my normal exercise routine and lost 2.5cm. So I wasn't sure whether it was the lipo dissolve or the good diet and exercise. However, the last 2 weeks I got sick and couldn't stick to my exercise routine and good diet. I remember reading about lipo dissolve that after the treatment, once the fat is dissolved, it wouldn't come back. So I thought, maybe I could use this as a test to see whether it really did work. It's unfortunate to have to say, that lipodissolve didn't work for me, and instead of seeing results, i have gone back to how it was to begin with. Hence why i didn't upload anymore photos, because it's the same.
I hope all this helped, and from now the only way that could help me is a really really clean diet and a really really strict exercise routine. Good luck with everyone else out there who are considering this treatment!
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Hi bronzie, the guy I wrote about has offices in Toorak, not far from Armadale. He probably gets together with the local scammers so they can share their stories over lattes!! Who says I'm bitter???LOL

There is a website, where you can name and shame a "doctor", whom is probably only a GP, a local doctor, who is so monley hungry he advertises himself as a 'cosmetic surgeon", well there is NO legal qualification, ANYONE can call them selves one. BEWARE of any dermatologist who calls themselves this, there is one that works in Armadale,Mlebourne, Victoria, Australia, who is only a pimple and rash doctor and advertises 'cosmetic surgey". Be very afraid !!

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