Had Lipodissolve Done Yesterday, Husband 2 Days Ago.

I am 43 and my husband 47. We work out/exercise...

I am 43 and my husband 47. We work out/exercise pretty regularly and eat healthy. We both have stubborn belly fat (my husband has the love handles) and decided we would do this together. My husbands experience--actual injections were not painful but immediately afterwards he had stinging pain. He took advil to manage the pain and after about 2 hours post procedure he was comfortable but he was swollen. The next day he was able to work out (5 miles on the treadmill at the gym) and said the first 15 minutes were uncomfortable because his stomach was swollen and sore. He is not a bruiser but does have several bruises on his love handles and none on his stomach area. He worked out again today with minimal discomfort. I had the procedure done targeting my lower abs and I didnt think the actual injections were all that bad but within a couple minutes after receiving the injections it was stinging pretty bad. The stinging was pretty intense and lasted approximately 10 minutes but after that I felt OK. I took some tylenol when I got home (2 extra strength) and was comfortable. I was able to clean the kitchen and do light household work without any issues. I did have alot of redness and welts come up at each of the injection sites. (I had 12 injections) I also had alot of swelling last night where my stomach was quite distended. I drank several glasses of water to help flush out my system. I have sensitive skin and bruise easily and I already have bruising in 3 of the injection sites. I was able to work out today doing crunches and weights without any issues. My stomach is tender and feels like muscle soreness but nothing that interferes with my lifestyle. I would like to mention that I went to a board certified plastic surgeon who has been in business for at least 15 years at his current location. His nurse (RN) is the one who administered the injections and did say she was specially trained in lipodissolve. I was also told by the RN to NOT take advil or any anti-inflammatory medication because the inflammation is a desired effect of lipodissolve. She also said to drink plenty of water and massaging the area is also good to help disperse the agent to the fatty areas. I am 5'3", 120lbs, waist 28.5 and lower abdomen 32 inches. I will continue to post our experience and results here. No changes will be made to our diet and exercise routine.
hi! I am also interested in the doctors information can u please post it?
Hi! I am totally amazed and thrilled with your story! I have been considering this procedure for months. I'd like to have my thighs done. I too am in houston and would love to know the name of the doctor. I don't know if you can reply with it here, but my email addy is: {edited} Congrats on your success! It is very encouraging! Editor note: you must join RealSelf so you can be contacted privately. This requires free registration for an account. When registering you must opt-in to receiving private contacts (a check box).
Its been 10 days since our second treatment and we both are pleased. I think this was definitely worth it. My beginning measurements on Jan 18th were 120lbs 28.5 waist 32 lower abs. Today Feb 12th the measurements are 120lbs 26 waist and 29 lower abs. My husband has noticeable improvement in both his waist and love handle area and he is also satisfied. We both agree that we dont need any further treatment. I may post one more time in about 2-3 weeks because they say it takes a full 6 weeks to see the total effect.
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