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I had my 3rd treatment for my lower abs 2 weeks...

I had my 3rd treatment for my lower abs 2 weeks ago. I can see a difference. Not huge, but a difference. I could actually after the 2nd one. The treatments seem to be getting easier too. the first one was a bitch. Hurt and swollen like 6 months pregnant! i was mortified! they said some swelling.. not you will swell beyond all normal human shape! I thought to myself "fantastic... i had lippodissolve and now and 6x as fat!" but they were right it went back down. Its so weird. First stings and swells, and then feels like its filled with heavy clay, then goes to lumpy and finally like your filled with little frozen peas, and now i keep feeling occasional tack like pokes under the skin. But the second time they used a topical freeze spray and that helped quite a bit with the pain of the actual injections. Feel free to ask me questions. Sarah
Ok! So i have completed all 6 recommended treatments for one area (lower abs)... I started out at 127lbs. Unfortunately I didnt measure myself.... (if you are starting do that!) I have actually gained weight since starting - been eating what my boyfriend eats *rolls eyes* if only i had his metabolism! So I am now at 134. BUT what the good news is here? even though i am heavier by 7 lbs. I look thinner. The results are supposed to be fully visible by week 12 after the last procedure. I think i am at like week 2-1/2. I wouldnt say the results are as effective as liposuction... BUT i would say pretty damn good! And i dont have scars or possible poke marks like you do with lipo. Once ALL the swelling goes down, and hopefully also with teh change in diet and going to the gym as i am at week 12 ill be back at my starting weight, and Ill post a before and after pic for you all. All in all, considering cost, pain, time, days going to work with pants that dont really fit lol, id say it was worth it. Someone was mentioning that they were doing this above the recomended BMI for fat loss. Id love to cheer you on... but i think you are going to be disapointed. The only reason i could see doing this in that case would be if, like me, you had one area, that was just shaped weird due to genetics (i had little bumps of fat on the sides of me like my pants had been too tight all my life or something) it will work for body sculpting, but for fat loss? you are going about it the hard way! diet and go to the gym. its less painful and cheaper!!! (and no i am not being mean... i was at one time 180 lbs!). Hope all of this helps someone hugs and feel free to ask any questions. Sarah
Hi Sarah, I've been contemplating this procedure for some time now and just want to let you know that your comments have been really helpful in giving me an objective viewpoint. I thikn i'm going to go ahead and try it out on my saddlebags. Thanks. Nena

Hello thebrunettblond, I am so happy for your results, I also live in Fort myers and I would like to ask you with clinic you did the treatment ? thank you for your hellp

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