Lipodissolve Disaster - Just a Few Pounds to Lose

With just had a few pounds to lose and a little...

With just had a few pounds to lose and a little belly,there just was no way I was going to suffer thru surgery and a scar to get that flat belly. Lipodissolve seemed like a dream come true! Even though the injections were painfull and I remained bruised and swollen for weeks after each series (I was told I needed 3)who cares if it works!

The results are horrendous! The pot holes left from the injections were so awful that I will NEVER be able to wear a bikini again.

Has anyone found anything to fix this? I had my tummy done about seven years ago, and the results were horrendous. I eat super healthy and exercise religiously and it still looks awful. So depressing. I tried Velashape, a couple lymphatic drainage massages, and even acupuncture.....nothing made a lick of difference.
Hi, I had this treatment too, but under the name of mesotherapy. I had 4 sessions, 2 in last November, and 2 in December with a very low calorie and No salt diet as the doctor suggested. After the first 2 sessions I lost 7 cm around each of my upper thighs, I didn't have the chance to be measured after the 4th but I became size 36 for the first time in my life. By the way I am 37 years old.. I was happy until around March. Suddenly back of my thighs became like more or less like Jean's belly. And I have loose skin all over my legs. Also I have many many lipomas under my skin which give me pain sometimes. Now I am having endermologie, and lymphatic drainage massage. I hope they help as well as they can.. I am really depressed and don't know how to deal with this feeling..I'll post if I get any little change by these procedures..
Try vasershape to fix it. My dr tells me she has lots of patients that use vasershape to fix lumps left from lipo and lipodis.
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This product should be banned in this country. I was not informed that it was not FDA approved, nor was I made aware of the deformities that could result.

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