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Lipo Dissolve St Louis, DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF!

This miracle Break through that dissolves fat is...

This miracle Break through that dissolves fat is extremely expensive, causes sever swelling (I gained 15 lbs in 2 days after the injections) and horrible skin discoloration.

They divided my tummy area into 3 sections.  The first injections approx 150 were not painful but the swelling was awful.  I looked 8 moths pregnant.  After 3 weeks I had the side area done.  This part hurt! Aghain swellling combined with diarhea and now terrible lumps have formed that are not going away.

Not wanting to be permanently disfiugure I has the other side of my belly done.  220 injections.  That was 3 weeks ago.  I am a hideous beast.  I have gained a total of 5 pounds and paid $10,200 to have 5 areas. 

I asked for my money back.  I paid in full to recieve a discount but they said that was not allowed.  They said by signing the tretment form which is part of a contract, I had committed to them keeping the money.

I urge anyone out there PLEASE stay away from Lipo Dissolve.  I have painful lumps that after 4 months are still there.  I am discolored permanently and have gained weight!

If anyone has any suggestions on what to do I would love to hear them. 

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I had lipodissolve done on my stomach several years ago. I did have a little swelling for about a week but went away fine and no issue since.
I was always feeling bloated/real tight stomach every day after lunch no matter what I ate or drank and have never had this since.
I only had my stomach done and it cost me i think $300....holy cow on these costs you are all shelling out.
Sorry to hear that it did not work for you but I had great success with mine and was just looking in to possibly doing my thighs before I go on vacation.
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Do you remember if there was a Dr. Imboden involved with this?
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I did lipo dissolve 2 years ago and still have lumps in my stomach Does anyone eles have this and I am wondering what to do?
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Do you remember if there was Dr. Imboden involved in this?
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i just want to say for every woman on this page that i feel so sorry about what happened to you when using lipo dissolve. Am a massage therapist who worked with some of the doctors that has done the treatment on some clients; and i just wanted to say: 1. You all paid to much i am in Ga and here its ranges from 300-1500 per area. I had a man come in and had it done, and within a month he lost 20 pounds. This doctor travels to some clients to teach women/men who are then certified but then has to take a test about the body, he told me that the fig in atlanta was also under investigation or yet closing down because he told one person how to do it and they told others with out licencing them. You are to spread the shot into 2 weeks, shots are to be a soy based, one bottle is yellow and the other clear, so if you have not seen the medicine, that might be selling u a different medicine. But it has worked for me and i made sure of it so you ladies fight until you cant anymore because its your body and your money dont let these doctors make a lot of money off of you! Source: jacinta( massage therapist) also working with a doctor M.D. that perform the service.
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I live in Topeka and went to med assist to have the lipo dissolve, I spent a 1000.00 on three appoints and all three times they doubled the dosage and know since I have stopped I have gained approximatelyu 10-15lbs. Anyone in topeka done this procedure and is there any disputes nationwide with this company?
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Cause a huge scene when you go in for your next shot and complain about it hurting as soon as they get done with your shots.....my last time i was there they put 30cc in my lower abs. I could not sit down after she finished and I had to have a laser treatment to dehydrate my fat cells so it would absorb the solution.....If you cause a scene they will do anything to get you out of there so you dont scare off potential customers.....you will get your money back you might have to complete one area to show your body will not respond to treatments I payed for the swan ($10,000) it included 6 treatments and I went to 9 in my lower abs to prove to them
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I started treatments in june of 06 in Overland Park at the advanced lipo dissolve they changed there name to FIG now.....I also had lost nothing....I feel like it is causing me to gain weight also......Im 24 years old im not over weight and was also a perfect canidate they told me. They talked me into doing the swan program........I requested a refund in feb of 07 and found out the end of march I was approved for my full $10,000 and it could take up to 60 days to recieve.......it is now june 1st 2007 and have yet to see any of my money. They keep giving me the run around. I was told 10 weeks ago my account is in accounting and when my money is credited back to my account they will call me and to stop calling them.....I don't think they acually give your money back....I have contacted the better business bureau and the attorny generals office today so hopefully someone can help me out here.......UPDATE: Finally after 5 months I recieved my money back........after finding out they were turned in the sent the money imediatly!
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How did you get in contact with anyone for a refund. I stopped awhile back the treatments because of the intense pain, swelling, and marks it left on my legs. I contacted them and said I wanted at least the money back for the treatments I didn't end up using because of all my pain. They sent me a letter saying I couldn't get a refund due to I didn't finish the treatments to see results.
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Which Fig location did you go to?  I was going to call for a consultation, but maybe not.
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I went to this LIPO DISSOLVE for a consultation only. They told me they could help me lose inches and obtain tighter skin on my thighs. They had me fill out all the paper work. I did not know I applied for a credit card to have this procurer completed. They wanted to make me an appointment for two weeks. I told them I had Low Blood Sugar and would have to talk to my family doctor. I called them back in December 2006 told them I could not get this done. Per My Doctor.

 In December 2006 I received a bill form CareCredit with a balance of $4000. I called this company to tell them I did not use this card or even have anything done .I was told I would have to dispute this change and they would send me the paper work. Over the next few months between the many many phone calls to collect this debit and the negative reports on my CBR. I finally did get LIPO Dissolve to refund me 3800.00. But now Care Credit is charging me 526.37 to use there service. I in no way feel I owe anything but willing to pay 200.00 if all this mess is cleared up. I do however feel LIPO DISSOLVE is abusing the patience to gain funds. I have filed dispute after dispute now I still owe.

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