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I will start off with I am 41yrs old and I have...

I will start off with I am 41yrs old and I have always been approx. 110-115 pounds. I have 2 children from natural child birth. And I have never had any type of surgery before this.
I had smart lipo almost 3 months ago. My doctor said I was perfect for lipo instead of tummy tuck since my skin was not sagging and there was only a small amount to remove. I had it done on my chin, bra line, lower back, upper and lower stomach and did fat transfer to my glutes.

After surgery I wore my garment 24-7 but it was loose in the lower abdomen area I advised my doctor about it but he said it was fine.
After week 6 I had alot of fluid build up and large lumps in the lower stomach where the compression garment was loose. He drained the fluid and had some type of heat massage a few times on the lumps.

The lumps did not go away so the doctor decided to do touch up surgery a week ago, and it looks like I will still have lumps in my lower abs. I do deep massages on it but it does not seem to help. My husband was told by the nurse the day of the touch-up that I had alot of scar tissue. I'm horrified thinking I will look like this forever! My stomach looked better before the surgery! I will have to say that I am happy with the other areas that he did though.

What can I do to improve my results besides wearing a compression garment and deep massages? I am willing to try anything!!! As you can see in the picture my stomach molds to clothing and the lumps remain! I also added a picture of about a week after the initial surgery.

Over a year and a half later still not happy :(

over a year and a half later still not happy :(

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Although he is working with me to try and get the results I want he is not getting the results I want and expected.

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I ended with exactly the same problem and it has been years since my lipo and nothing is different or better than it was 5 years ago. I guess I have permanent lumps now. Didn't have any before my lipo. Should never have had it done. I looked alot better before I had it done that's for sure. After my lipo I had alot of fluid around the lipo site just like you did. I'm sure it's all permanent scar tissue now. What a shame. I never thought I would be the one who ended up with problems over this minor surgery I guess you never know what's in store for you in the future. I would really suggest thinking long and hard before you decide lipsuction is what you really want tor need before you do it. By the way I have had quite a few procedures before this one without any problems whatsoever, so it just goes to show.
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Oh wow, thank you for updating after more than a year.  I wish you had better news/results by now.  I wish you well.

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I hope you get this message. I see this was last year, but I am very curious who your Dr. was. I am looking into having surgery very soon and don't want to use the same Dr. you did. Thank you for your help. Heather
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