Had Procedure Done 3 Hours Ago....not As Bad As I Expected!

I did my research, including looking at this...

I did my research, including looking at this message board, so I was expecting things to be a lot worse than they actually were. My impression was that the problems described here seemed to be with someplace called Fig and their staff; so I took a chance and tried it at another place called {edited}. Before the procedure, I met with a consultant who fully explained everything to me, including the worst of the side effects and typical side effects. She did not downplay any side effects and made sure I understood that there will be swelling and bruising. She gave me instructions on what types of foods/substances to avoid a week before the procedure and then two days before the procedure. I followed the instructions closely. Today, a nurse practitioner went over everything again, gave me a physical and went over my medical history information again. She did not give me any type of pain medication. She explained that lidocaine (sp?) was mixed in the solution and there really wasn't need for it. I still expected pain, so I was nervous. She "mapped out" the area while discussing with me to make sure we were on the same page (I had my "flanks" done). I braced myself for the pain I was expecting after reading this board, and I was very surprised to find that the sensation was a pricking feeling, but nothing that made me clench my teeth or tense up. I stayed pretty relaxed the entire time. Shortly after, I started feeling an itching/burning sensation where I was injected, which I was told was normal. I was lucky enough not to be sick or even "woozy". I drove myself home with no problem and ran a couple of errands. It's been about 3 hours now, and I am continuing to feel this itching/burning sensation. I took a look at the injection site in the mirror. It looks like I have hives or stings where I was injected. I did notice that a few of the places where I was injected are starting to look like they are going to bruise. I was told all this is to be expected, so I'm not freaking out. I actually took the afternoon and tomorrow off work because I thought I would need to, so we will see how it goes. From what I've heard, I may start swelling up and feeling more pain later. I will post again tomorrow and give an update. Note: The $4000 is for a large area for six sessions AND a small area for six sessions Editor note: you must be contacted privately to discuss a specific practice or practitioner. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
I am going in for my third treatment next tuesday. I have lost about 2" from my flanks. I am dieting and exercising according to the guidelines given to me by my service provider. I am also working out with a trainer and seeking nutritional advice thru a registered dietician. I have had some discomfort from my second series of injections but it subsided after a few weeks. I'm sorry to hear that so many people are having a hard time with this procedure. My service provider told me it was going to be uncomfortable and I was going to hurt. She also told me to drink plenty of water and resume exercise within two days. All I can say is get over it. I hope that you did not expect this to be a comfortable joy ride or an easy way to lose weight. It is not an EASY ANYTHING!! Just remember what Dolly said in 'Steel Magnolias' "There is no such thing as natural beauty!"
My consult went well and I even saw some before and after pictures. I spoke with two people at the office who had the procedure done and are extremely happy with the results. They both plan on a few more treatments when their finances can handle it. Advanced Care Wellness has treated hundreds of women and only 3 that the receptionist could tell me we're satisfied. One is coming back for more treatments, my understanding is that one treatment wastn't enough. The other two didn't see the results they were expecting. I'm scheduled for 2 treatments, one on April 18th and the another on May 30th because your not supposed to have the same area treated within a month of each other. Each treatment is $250. I will see how the first two treatments go along with a workout schedule and consistent eating habits to determine if a 3rd treatment is necessary. I'm planning for better looking thighs, given having had a 5 year old and a 2 year old. Not to mention a honeymoon to Hawaii after 7 years of marriage. Wish me luck....
WOW!!! After reading these comments, I'm confused. My cost is $250 per area. At most $1000 the nurse told me. I can't believe how much money has been spend by so many......I go for a consult next week and will be anxious to discuss what I have read here.
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